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WWI '08 Notes from the WoW Q&A Dev Panel

The Q&A panel from the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational is about to begin. We'll be bringing you live updates on the latest tidbits and bombshells the devs have in store for us. Check after the jump for a minute by minute description of what's being asked and revealed.

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Blizzard unveils Diablo 3

Despite an entire week of misleading ice and blue-lit eyes that was supposed to make people think it was the Lich King, Blizzard unveiled earlier today one of the most anticipated game releases in a long time, Diablo 3. It wasn't the best kept secret, as the week leading up to the event had the entire gaming community buzzing with rumors (and hopes) of a sequel to one of Blizzard's big three properties.

Diablo is one of Blizzard's most popular properties, along with Warcraft and Starcraft. The first game in the series, a dark fantasy role-playing game, was released in 1997 to much critical success. Its sequel, Diablo 2, was released in 2000, with equally glowing reviews. Diablo received a 9.6 on GameSpot's review, the highest score on a PC game to date. Diablo 2 holds a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the fastest selling computer game ever sold, with more than 1 million units sold in its first two weeks of release. It still holds the record to date.

At the Worldwide Invitational, lead designer for Diablo 3 Jay Wilson, formerly of Relic Entertainment and designer on Warhammer 40K Dawn of War, spoke about the game. The latest sequel will be a 3D hack and slash with an isometric view, with at least one familiar class -- the Barbarian, an interface with health and mana bubbles. The game world will have destructible environments and quest or story events, "more so than previous games." Alongside the old (yet new) Barbarian class is the new Witch Doctor class, with spells and a pet mechanic. Diablo 3 will also see the return of Deckard Cain, one of Diablo's most popular characters.

Update: The official site is up, with screenshots, artwork, and the cinematic and gameplay videos. And oh, a kickass picture of Tyrael. Stay a while, and listen!

WoW Insider is on the ground in Paris at the Blizzard Invitational bringing you the big announcements and latest Wrath news as it happens. Check out our latest coverage!

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Liveblogging the Worldwide Invitational opening ceremony

We're here at the Blizzard's 2008 Worldwide invitational in Paris, waiting impatiently for the opening ceremonies to begin so we can finally quash the endless speculation about Blizzard's splash screen. We'll be reporting to you live as the ceremony continues, so read on!

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A first look at the Worldwide Invitational

Though Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational has not yet begun (though there are only a few hours to go!), WoW Insider has been checking out the Paris scene and hunting for any clues on Blizzard's next move. (We brought our magnifying glass and everything!) We haven't found any -- even after extensive interrogation of US CM Nethaera -- but we have managed to get a good look at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Check out what's happening by travelling along with Turpster or visiting our Worldwide Invitational gallery!

WoW Insider is on the ground in Paris at the Blizzard Invitational bringing you the big announcements and latest Wrath news as it happens. Check out our latest coverage!

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WoW Insider's coverage of the Worldwide Invitational 2008

WoW Insider rocked it during BlizzCon last year, and we're prepared to bring you the same kind of coverage during the Worldwide Invitational in Paris this weekend. We've got folks on the ground blogging live (that's the view from the hotel room to the right there), we've got folks back here at WoW Insider HQ to keep an eye on the rumors and speculation, and we've got a whole host of information for you to browse through up already, so that you can know what's happening in Paris even before it happens.

Our coverage of the opening ceremony will begin tomorrow, Saturday morning, at 5:45am Eastern (that's when it starts in Paris at 11:45am CEST). We'll bring you liveblogs of as many presentations and developer panels as we can, and all weekend, we'll be posting video of the event. Our correspondents have their eyes peeled for all of the Blizzard luminaries (Chris Metzen, Samwise, and of course that Warlock guy -- he's always at these things), so you'll see what we see. And what would an event be without swag?! We'll have lots of it, so even if you are in Paris, keep an eye out for us, and if you're not there, stay tuned afterwards -- you never know when we'll turn some con swag into a contest.

It's going to be a terrific event. Look for some on-the-ground information later today, and be ready tomorrow morning to experience the WWI on WoW Insider, whether you're in Paris or anywhere else in the world. It's going to be a terrific event -- we can't wait!
WoW Insider is on the ground in Paris at the Blizzard Invitational bringing you the big announcements and latest Wrath news as it happens. Check out our latest coverage!

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Blizzard posts Worldwide Invitational schedule

Blizzard has posted the official WWI schedule on their page, and there aren't a lot of surprises -- lots of tournaments, a few developer panels, and of course the requisite costume and dance contests (no soundalike contest this time around?). The opening ceremony starts everything off Saturday morning at 11:45 (that's Paris time, of course, which is 5:45am EST), and that's when we'll hear about whatever announcements Blizz plans to give us, whether they be new Wrath information, a new Diablo game (cross your fingers!) or a completely brand new IP.

One interesting thing is that the Nihilum live raid is an officially sponsored event -- for some reason I thought that, like their other events, it was an unofficial look at the high-end content, but it's right there on Blizzard's official schedule, and will likely be on their stage as well. That's an interesting connection between some of the game's best players and the actual developer.

It's almost here! Stay tuned for Worldwide Invitational news right here on WoW Insider all weekend, of course -- we'll have people live on the scene, and anything we know all weekend long, you'll know too. More details on our coverage are coming up soon -- it looks to be a terrific event in Paris, and we can't wait to see what Blizzard's got planned for us this time.

WoW Insider is on the ground in Paris at the Blizzard Invitational bringing you the big announcements and latest Wrath news as it happens. Check out our latest coverage!

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Blizzard's splash screen changes for June 27th: A "Lost" penguin and Death Knight imagery

Good Morning everyone! It is now June 27th, and as expected, Blizzard's splash screen has changed yet again to reveal more of the mystery behind what they may be announcing at the Worldwide Invitational, which begins tomorrow. What exactly they're announcing is still up in the air, but there have been some interesting revelations, especially concerning the mysterious purple monster everyone's been wondering about.

The new graphic, named ice5.jpg, doesn't seem to have changed the cracking ice much, but what has changed is the "eyes." There's now very little doubt that they are glowing eyes instead of snow flecks, and to be frank, they do look remarkably like the eyes of Arthas the Lich King from underneath his helmet -- although the ethereal feel of them and the strange ridges being formed in the vapor are also very reminiscent of the Protoss. Whether these ridges indicate Arthas' helmet or the face ridges of a Protoss or a demon might still be up for debate, but this overlay of Arthas on today's splash screen by Zach is very convincing -- the eyes match up pretty much exactly. Hopefully, we'll know for sure who it is tomorrow.

In addition, the new rune, located just above the breaking ice, is that of a snowflake, which brings to mind the Frost tree of the Death Knights (even if the frost rune shown on the official Death Knight page doesn't quite match up). Tipster Allen notes that the new rune looks a lot like a Norse Bind-Rune, specifically one known as a compass or the "Helm of awe," which is often used for invulnverability -- perhaps a Lost Vikings reference, or a nod to the Viking-like architecture seen in many screenshots of Northrend?

All This new imagery would seem to be a killing blow of sorts for a Diablo 3 announcement, but it is also worth nothing that the new frost rune is in the correct area for the Pentagram theory to continue to apply. In addition, all 5 runes have lit up, so if you weren't able to get a good look at them before, you certainly can now.

What's really sort of interesting, though, is what our purple monster friend reveals, which I'll discuss after the break.

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