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BlizzCon attendees to receive free Virtual Tickets

BlizzCon Attendees will receive free Virtual Tickets
If you're attending BlizzCon this year, you may have already seen the massive schedule of events and panels for this year's convention. In addition, you may have quietly wondered to yourself how exactly you were going to see absolutely everything you could while you were there. The bad news is, there is absolutely no way you're going to be able to physically attend every panel. The good news is that Blizzard is now providing free Virtual Tickets to all attendees as part of the goody bags, so you can catch up on any panels you may have missed after the convention is over.

If you've ever attended BlizzCon in person, you've probably experienced the existential dilemma caused when a must-see panel overlaps with a can't-miss tournament or other essential event. Since we can't grant you the power to exist in two places at once, we're instead giving BlizzCon 2013 attendees access to Virtual Ticket online streams so they can catch replays of the stuff they might have missed after the show. This year, the code in attendees' goody bags that unlocks the BlizzCon 2013 in-game goodies will also unlock the Virtual Ticket, allowing you to view on-demand replays of the events on the Main and Panel stages for up to two weeks after BlizzCon. You'll only be able to apply the code to one account, so keep that in mind before you redeem it yourself (or give it to a friend).

There's nothing more frustrating than having to choose between two really cool panels, so it's nice to see that Blizzard is offering this as a bonus for people attending the convention. Now, instead of having to make the difficult choice of which panel to miss, attendees can wrestle with the question of which panel they'd like to see live, and which they'll check out when they return to the comfort of their own home.

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BlizzCon schedule revealed

BlizzCon schedule revealed
The news is coming thick and fast today, with the announcement of yet another name change for Blizzard All-Stars, now Heroes of the Storm, and now the Blizzcon schedule and map have been revealed.

It's all viewable on the official Blizzcon site, and I don't know about you but I'm getting really excited now. There's a live Arena tournament going on throughout the show, as well as a live raid on the Saturday morning, and they're not holding back with the WoW information, as 12.30pm on the Friday is a "WoW -- what's next?" panel. Not to mention panels on Heroes of the Storm, on Hearthstone, Diablo, and a ton of live StarCraft action and panels taking place too.

Of course this is all viewable on the Virtual Ticket, and you'll also get the ability to watch on-demand versions of every panel and tournament. But what takes your fancy? I'm really excited to learn anything at all about Heroes of the Storm, and to watch the live matches, it's the Blizzard release I've been the most excited about for some time. So how about you? What's really got you going? And of course, WoW Insider will be doing our level best to bring you to-the-minute liveblogs and updates of the event as it unfolds.

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