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How to go to BlizzCon 2014

Hooray -- BlizzCon 2014 is officially coming to the Anaheim Convention Center on November 7th and 8th. That may seem far off, but if you want to head out to BlizzCon this year you need to start planning now, because tickets are going on sale in May. And if you want to get a ticket, you'll have to act fast because they tend to sell out in minutes.

So just how can you get to BlizzCon this year -- and do you even want to? We'll take a look at your options for going to BlizzCon or keeping up at home -- as well as what it's going to cost you.

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BlizzCon 2014 on the way?

Sharp eyes over at MMO-Champion discovered a small change to a page on the official BlizzCon site yesterday. The Terms and Conditions section of the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket page has been updated to read BlizzCon 2014 on the header title. At this time, there doesn't appear to be any other adjustments made to any page on the site -- not even in the Terms and Conditions itself, which still lists the year as 2013.

While this is by no means any kind of a definite confirmation that we'll be seeing another BlizzCon this year, it's the first sign we've seen of another event happening. Statements made at a panel at BlizzCon 2013 indicated that Blizzard very clearly didn't want to take another year off from the event. This year marks not only the tenth anniversary of World of Warcraft, but the twentieth of the Warcraft franchise -- which is more than enough reason to throw another convention, even beyond the multiple games being released this year.

Although we don't have any real confirmation, information about BlizzCon is usually released in the spring -- so we might just be hearing more about the event soon.

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Anaheim Convention Center expansion will be ready for BlizzCon 2016

So far, Blizzard has kept BlizzCon close to home at the Anaheim Convention Center, even as the number of people wanting to attend has skyrocketed. But there's a chance BlizzCon could get a little bigger in the future, since the Anaheim Convention Center is about to start on a new expansion, adding an extra 200,000 square feet -- bringing the total size of the convention center to 1.8 million square feet -- set to open by fall 2016. The addition will sit on Katella Avenue and match with the towering glass structure of the rest of the convention center (and you can check out concept art on the OC Register for a sneak peek).

This should make the new space available just in time for BlizzCon 2016 ... not that Blizzard has announced BlizzCon 2016 (or BlizzCon 2015 or BlizzCon 2014) yet, but we can hope.

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Patch 5.4.2: New chimaera mount video

Adriacraft is at it again, digging through the patch 5.4.2 files and bringing you video of a new mount, discovered in the most recent patch to the PTR. It's simply named the Chimaera 2, not the snappiest moniker, I grant you, but it's just a filename for now. And, of course, it could reflect the fact that it has two heads. Could it be the Iron Chimaera mount that had concept art previewed at BlizzCon? Wouldn't it be great if the idle animation was the heads fighting?

Of course, with any new mount the question is always where will it come from? If it's the Iron Chimaera it seems very likely that it's in-game at least, rather than a microtransaction item. Maybe it'll be a rep grind, but those mounts often come in two colors, or are faction-specific. Perhaps a boss drop, then, from a raid, or maybe it's something I wish Blizzard would do more, a mount that simply has a world drop chance off rares or mobs. Like they did with the dinosaurs and the Zandalari Warbringer rares, or similar.

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Breakfast Topic: Should there be a BlizzCon next year?

BlizzCon main stage
So, I heard that some convention or other happened earlier this month, and apparently it was kind of a big deal or some junk.

Oh, whoa, look at that: It was a big deal! More than 20,000 people attended the two-day affair, and many thousands more no doubt bought virtual tickets. We learned about a new WoW expansion, an upcoming Diablo expansion, an online card game, an upcoming movie -- heck, we even learned about an entirely new game based around cooperative team PvP. There were contests, tournaments, live bands and a guy in a red shirt. Wowhead and WoW Insider threw a party, and oh my dear lord so many people came.

Was it all worth it? Undoubtedly. The amount of excitement, community buzz and media coverage coming out of this conference was absolutely incredible, and it was a transformative moment in Blizzard history.

But is it worth doing again next year?

Making BlizzCon happen takes an absolutely stunning amount of time, energy, money and resources. In the weeks -- no, months -- leading up to it, people up and down the Blizzard company ladder have to stop what they're doing in order to prepare for the convention and then make it all happen. Designers, developers, artists, community managers, you name it: Their work becomes increasingly consumed by BlizzCon, which means it becomes increasingly not consumed by, you know, their actual regular jobs making and managing the games we so deeply love to play (and complain about).

In 2012, the awareness of how much work they had to do on their games, and their desire to meet the demands of their players (and perhaps their shareholders and corporate boardmembers, too), led Blizzard's top brass to cancel BlizzCon entirely. If they hadn't, it's very likely Mists of Pandaria would have been released many weeks, even months, later than it was.

So. Given how much BlizzCon takes away from Blizzard employees' regular duties, which would you rather see: Another convention next year, or a potentially faster release schedule for new games, expansions and features? What if BlizzCon always occurred just once every two years, but lasted for three or four days instead of two?

Or is there some other kind of happy medium? (Besides cloning the entire Blizzard company directory.)

Should there be a BlizzCon in 2014?
Yes! Bring on the BlizzCon!2989 (49.9%)
Nah, let's skip a year and bring it back in 2015.2821 (47.1%)
I've got a better idea entirely, and I'm gonna post a comment about it, just you wait and see.185 (3.1%)

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Can't get enough of BlizzCon? Check out the post-BlizzCon swag sale!

If you've spent the week lonesome for more BlizzCon excitement, then some shopping in the BlizzCon store may be just the thing. This is the same loot that was available in the store for virtual ticket holders and on sale at BlizzCon itself -- plus some extras from BlizzCons past -- but if you missed anything, you can now pick it up online even if you don't have a virtual ticket. Unfortunately, some things are sold out -- like Hearthstone tshirts and mugs -- but there's plenty of loot to go around, like Warlords of Draenor tees, the Lil' Chen plushie, and the epic purple lanyard.

So if you still have cash to spare after BlizzCon, there's shopping to be done! If there's anything you want, you should act fast, because supplies are limited.

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WoW Moviewatch: The Road of War

The Road of War was Fablesim's entry into the BlizzCon machinima contest. It features orcs, war, and the inevitable road to it. See what I did there? I couldn't escape the notion that this video was a sort of apology or love letter to Garrosh, but that could just be because he was such a popular character at the convention. I think it's interesting how terribly relevant this video is to the overall themes of the new expansion. Warlords of Draenor, and all that. Check it out and let us know what you think!
Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an email at

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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: All we know so far from BlizzCon

Every week, WoW Insider brings you The Care and Feeding of Warriors, the column dedicated to arms, fury and protection warriors. Despite repeated blows to the head from dragons, demons, Old Gods and whatever that thing over there was, Matthew Rossi will be your host.

Let's go over some things we learned this weekend that will have an effect on us as warriors (as always, keep in mind this is all subject to change):
  • We learned that there will be new level 100 talents (which we'll go over)
  • Hit and expertise are gone, baby. In their place are will be new stats like movement speed and Cleave, which will act like the Siege of Orgrimmar trinkets we've seen that allow either damage or healing to chain to other nearby targets.
  • Also gone? Dodge and parry as stats on gear. We will still be dodging and parrying, but not via gear itemization. Also also gone? Reforging. A lot of gear changes, in total.
  • There will also be changes to armor itemization to make it easier to share gear between classes and specs. Plate will switch primary stat based on your spec, so all plate with be strength plate unless you're a holy pally (which you aren't) whereupon it will switch to int plate. Plate is plate now.
  • You will be able to choose one character and boost it to level 90, be it a new fresh level 1 you roll as soon as you get Warlords of Draenor or an old alt you left by the wayside. Did you stop playing in Wrath? Your level 80 can skip those 10 levels. Since we know a lot of people have rerolled other classes, this could be useful to get some warriors back in the saddle.
I don't pretend that this is all we'll end up finding out, but it's enough to start talking about.

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The Queue: A rising tide of blood and iron that will wash over this world... and all others!

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi is already getting his 'Maraad and Yirel kick everyone's asses' fan script written.

Tell me you don't hear Grom belting that out (I am absolutely convinced the cinematic is in Grom's voice) and immediately get pumped up. I get pumped up, and my sympathies are entirely with the draenei. Man, this expansion, it's the Robert E. Howard expansion, guys. Remember how apathetic I was about the farm in Mists? Well, I am totally excited about the garrison concept. It's so ancient D&D to me, I can't even tell you.

When Grom says "Our bond is iron, our will unbreakable... who will stand against us?" it's all I can do not to yell We will in a ridiculously over-excited yawp. I am completely marking out for this expansion, and I don't even care. Let's go to Draenor. I'll drive. Yes, the draenei is driving. No, I'm not going to crash anything. Even if I do, shut up. Onward to Karabor.

Guys, I am seriously on the edge of writing draenei fanfic here. You don't know. Let's answer some Queue questions before I start writing a ten part Maraad story.

grayknights asks:
Reforging: is getting rid of it while also getting rid of hit/expertise overkill?

Not having stats with hard caps that need to be reworked everytime you get something new seems like it would allow Reforging to operate closer to its original intent.

To be honest, when I first hear that reforging was gone, I was a trifle upset. I like reforging. I like dumping all that haste into crit for my fury set. My hope is, they take this opportunity to improve how stats work so that every stat is at least somewhat valuable to as many as possible. With dodge, parry, hit and expertise all gone and reforging gone, we're basically going to be playing the stats Jenga game the way we played it back before Cataclysm, and I remember back in Wrath just flat out not using certain gear because it had the stats you didn't want. If they can improve how stats interact, then hopefully we won't need to reforge. I've decided to be optimistic for now.

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Warlords of Draenor: The Story So Far

So by now, we're all digesting the announcement that the next expansion is Warlords of Draenor, and it involved a trip to a Draenor not destroyed by Ner'zhul and his portals, not corrupted by Gul'dan and the Burning Legion, but rather one of aggressive (some might say savage) orc warlords attempting conquest of an untainted, untamed world. All that stands in their way are the besieged and beleagured, but still defiant and intact draenei civilization - and a few heroes from another world.

That would be us.

But how did we get to this? How can Draenor be intact when we know it got blown up by Ner'zhul? Here's the overview of how we're going to go confront these Warlords on their Draenor.

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BlizzCon 2013: NVIDIA shows off ShadowPlay and G-Sync

While at BlizzCon, we took the time to check out the latest offerings from video card giant NVIDIA. And while a high-end graphics card can certainly improve the look and the framerate of WoW and other games, we were intrigued by a couple of new features NVIDIA was showing off: G-Sync and ShadowPlay.

G-Sync is a new way for your monitor and your video card to talk to one another -- and though they aren't on store shelves just yet, you can expect monitors from brands like Asus and Phillips to have G-Sync built-in by early 2014. What's so important that it would be worth buying a new monitor for? G-Sync addresses framrerate differences between your monitor -- which refreshes at a fixed rate -- and your video card -- which doesn't. When your video card tries to send data to your monitor more quickly -- or more slowly -- than your monitor wants, you'll see graphical stuttering or tearing. Monitors with G-Sync work with your graphics card to keep things in, well, sync for a perfect graphical experience -- whether you're running at ideal 60FPS or dropping down to 20FPS in a crowded auction house.

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BlizzCon 2013: Diablo Lore and Story Q&A

The universe of Diablo has a surprisingly rich backstory, and on the first day of BlizzCon, some of the writing team for the new Reaper of Souls expansion sat down on the panel stage to answer attendee questions. Many of the questions dealt with those little minutae and side characters of the world lore nerds (such as myself) love so much, but there were also fun and interesting insights into Reaper of Souls and future stories in the Diablo world.

Q: Could we have a failure cinematic if we die to Malthael?

It would be too expensive and time consuming, and would require dropping other features. That said, the team is considering special events if you die or fail, but can't promise or reveal anything on that front yet.

Q: While Bul'kathos appears to be the main Barbarian hero, the Immortal King set refers to someone called Worusk. Who is the true supreme Barbarian and who is Worusk?

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BlizzCon 2013: Warcraft movie panel liveblog

Welcome back, folks! We'll be liveblogging the Warcraft movie panel, which is set for 4:00 pm EST/1:00 pm PST. We're pretty curious to hear about what's been done so far, because there hasn't been a lot of solid information floating around, so this promises to be an interesting panel. Join us past the cut.

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BlizzCon 2013 in pictures

If you're not on the BlizzCon show floor yourself, there's no reason you need to miss out on the action -- and all without having to trek around the show floor, because we've done the trekking for you. We've covered the show floor from corner to corner and braved the crowds outside the convention center to get photos of all the action. So if your virtual ticket hasn't given you enough of the convention-going experience, browse through our gallery to see just what it's like to be on the ground at BlizzCon. And if that's not enough BlizzCon for you, check out our BlizzCon 2013 Guide for all of the latest news from Anaheim.

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The cosplay of BlizzCon 2013

We've already seen the winners of this year's costume contest, but that's a long way from all of the cosplay that there is to see at BlizzCon. Just wandering around the show floor, you'll encounter plenty of talented cosplay -- and the occasional Deadpool, because Deadpool canonically fits in any universe. So without further ado, here's some of the very impressive cosplay we've run into in and around the convention center this year. And stay tuned, because we're sure to run into more costumes and cosplay during day two of BlizzCon.

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