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Armored Bloodwing, Blossoming Ancient now 35% off

If you've been wanting to add to your mount or battle pet collections, now might be the perfect time to do so. The Armored Bloodwing and the Blossoming Ancient are on sale for 35% off this week in both US and EU shops. The Armored Bloodwing on its own is pretty cool -- it's the only bat mount players have access to. As for the Blossoming Ancient, it's not only a nice addition to any pet battle team, it also changes its appearance according to the seasons.

Players looking to purchase the pet or mount should check out either the US Shop, or the EU version. For US buyers, the pet is now $6.50 and the mount is $16.25, and for EU buyers, the pet is EUR 6.50, and the mount is EUR 13.00. But if you want to take advantage of the sale, you might want to hurry -- the prices are only good through June 3.

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Blossoming Ancient pet added to Blizzard store

Blossoming Ancient
If Withers, the Ruby Sapling, and the Teldrassil Sapling just aren't cutting it in terms of tree pets for you (and how could you not want another tree pet? I'm stumped at the very thought!) then you're in for a treat. Blizzard has just added the Blossoming Ancient to its digital store for $10. The Blossoming Ancient is a miniature version of the great Ancients that protect and guard Azeroth's forests and natural landscapes. If you don't think it's cute enough on its own, get this: it changes with the seasons. You can check out previews of the seasonal forms on the purchase page.

If you haven't yet made the foray into digital pet purchases, now might just be the time to branch out! ... Okay, I just really wanted to make that pun. As with all digital pet and mount purchases, the Blossoming Ancient will be available to all the characters on your account. Take good care of your little Ancient, hero of Azeroth!

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Phat Loot Phriday: Blossoming Ancient

Phat Loot Phriday Blossoming Ancient
The miniature ancient crossed its arms and disapprovingly glared back at Throgg. For his own part, the orc sat on his heels, kneeling to stare intently at the tiny wood creature.

"The new rule," Lolegolas sighed, "is that every time you make me ask 'What are you doing?' then you also have to buy me a backrub."

"Little elf," Throgg complained. "It's happening."

Just quickly enough to see, the Blossoming Ancient's white, faded leaves burst with vibrant green. Small flowers appeared on its branches.

"Wait, did that just... is it blooming?"

"Blossoming," Throgg countered. "It's Blossoming. Ooh! Look, a flower!"

"Where did you get it?" Lolegolas asked. "That's awesome, I want one."

The ancient gave Lolegolas a huffy, annoyed look in response.

"It seems like you'll have to get it from the Store," Throgg answered. "But I think it's worth it."

"Absolutely," Lolegolas said. "Completely worth it."

The Blossoming Ancient huffed and walked his flowers on down the road.

Item Note: Details are scarce, but so far, it does seem like you'll get this guy from the Blizzard Store.

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