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WoW Board Game Review

For any of you out there looking to get your hands on the new World of Warcraft Board Game, a fellow blogger has posted a review of the game over at her site.

The game sounds like it may be fairly enjoyable, from the review, but one thing leapt out at me: an $80 price tag? I don't know if this is correct or if these are the prices in some remote corner of Zanzibar, but if that's the case, then I think I'll stick with the video version. It's cheaper, and I don't have to expend the energy to pick up all those dang cards....

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More Blizzard Board Games on the Way

Fantasy Flight Games, the makers of the World of Warcraft line of board games, are apparently happy enough with the franchise to announce two expansions for the game, to be released later this year. One will be a smaller add-on with some new card sets to be released in July, with a full-blown expansion to follow in the fall. A Starcraft game is also planned for release, and you can read more details about the games in the full story here at ICV2 News.

I haven't played a board game since the last time I set up my nephew's Mouse Trap set just to watch it go off, but I have fond memories of playing the old TSR Dungeon board game, that was sort of a D&D lite that your parents might actually play with you. I might should check one of these out sometime...if I can find anyone else geeky enough to play with me...

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