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New pets from the Wrath beta

Our favorite Hunter (although BRK comes close), Mania, has had some help from the Wrath beta, and has now updated the great Petopia with all the new pets seen in Northrend so far. No penguins yet, but there are some great new bears in there, and some awesome wolves (is it just me, or are wolves underrated as pets?). Unfortunately, there are no new families up yet, but Mania says updates are coming, and of course Wrath is still in beta anyway.

She's also got a Beta pet FAQ up, with everything you'd ever want to know about being a Hunter in the beta, from pet talents to "exotic pets" (the real ones, not the ones BRK dreamed up for us).

It's going to be an exciting time to be a Hunter in Northrend. Pet versatility makes Hunters one of the most interesting classes in the game, and it looks like Blizzard is set to open it up wide in the expansion.

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Mania on the Growl change

Mania is quickly becoming the voice of choice for analysis on Hunter changes, and her latest take on the Growl changes recently released in the patch 2.4.2 notes is no exception. From what Mania can see, Growl's threat isn't scaling with Hunter Attack Power at all, but Blizzard claims it is, so she's chalking her findings in that direction up to faulty data. What she does determine, from both her research and Blizzard's posts on the subject, is that the change here has nothing to do with Hunter's RAP or AP values -- it only has to do with the pet's AP values. Before, if pet AP got a bonus, so did Growl's threat. After 2.4.2, any bonus to pet AP won't affect Growl's threat.

So Hunters who routinely get their pet buffed are probably going to feel this change a little bit (though in most situations where pets get group buffs, I'd imagine Growl would be turned off anyway, in order for the tank to control threat). And Hunters who use boars, of course -- as Daniel explained, that extra AP from Charge doesn't work for Growl any more. Mania doesn't stop there, however -- since we know now that the only thing affecting Growl is the Hunter's Attack Power, she's determined to figure out just how much AP can scale Growl up (she's guessing it starts at 1955, we'll see what she comes up with).

Of course, some players have found that this works pretty well -- especially MM Hunters, who generally have more attack power (thanks to talents which increase it), have no problems with drawing aggro away from their growling pets. Blizzard's reasoning on this may have been solid -- to make the abilities of the pet rely on Hunter stats, not any temporary pet buffs. Hunters with Boars won't get that nice burst any more, but Hunters with a high RAP will do just fine.

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"A challenge based on an influenced probability reliant on time investment"

What is that crazy assortment of buzzwords in the title of this post, you ask? You already know-- you probably spent a lot of time playing it this weekend. That, says Drysc, is what WoW is.

When Nickleplate of Bloodscalp posted the perennial question of why we're still stuck killing n boars for x eyes, Drysc responds with a pretty insightful (some might say cynical) comment: we're doing it to waste time. Why doesn't every vulture you kill drop a tailfeather to collect? Because quests are designed to take time to do them, and to reward you when you invest that time.

Now, I hope Drysc doesn't really think that about this game-- saying quests are designed to steal free time is like saying Jack Bauer defeats terrorists because the script says so. Jack Bauer defeats terrorists because he's Jack Bauer, and we're completing quests because in WoW, we're heroes and that's what heroes do. We aren't really "waiting for those eyes to drop"-- we're supposed to be collecting them to save a village or earn a new faction's respect so we can better save the world.

But leave it to Drysc to rain on the parade. Most players, I think, want and get more out of WoW than just a simple timesink-- they want to have fun with (or play against) friends, experience building a character in a story, or simply develop a strategy (... on how better to obtain boar eyes, maybe, but a strategy nonetheless). I ask for more than "a challenge based on an influenced probability reliant on time investment" from WoW, and most of the time, I get it. Do you ask for more? And do you get it?

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Liverless boars and other Azerothian freaks of nature

People have long noted that quests to gather animal parts usually have illogically low drop rates. There are enough hoofless zhevras, talonless harpies, eyeless buzzards, and brainless basilisks running around Azeroth to confuse a whole university of evolutionary biologists. ("Hey, maybe they knew adventurers were killing them for their horns, so they evolved illusionary horns! Huh? Huh?") Strangely, bosses always have their organs, but only if you're on a quest for them. Maybe that's how they got to be bosses, because they weren't randomly missing their hearts and ears and such.

The lore's explanation for this is that when you're fighting the beasts and demons, a lot of their organs get squished into an unusable state. So if you don't find a horn on that satyr, you chopped it in half with your sword, and if you don't find a brain in that ogre, you used Mind Flay one too many times. This works for most things, but one of the Hellfire Peninsula quests really tests this idea.

You're supposed to return orc blood to an apothecary. A warrior guildmate of mine got extremely frustrated by the low drop rate, and asked, "I'm hitting these orcs with an axe. Shouldn't there be blood all over?" Try as we might, we couldn't think of an explanation for it. A mage might have fried up all the blood with a fireball, and maybe a warlock or hunter's pet could have drank the blood before the character got to it (ew), but a warrior can't really do anything to keep blood from being unusable.

Can you think of a reason why the blood might not have been there? Have you run into anything as confusing as this while looking for various body parts?

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