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Activison faces lawsuit, says MMO market is "insurmountable"

Two bits of news about soon to-be-Blizzard's-overlords Activision: first, a group of investors are apparently planning to sue Activision about the whole merger thing, apparently saying that Activision didn't do enough to cash in on the deal. They're complaining that in the deal with Vivendi (Blizzard's owners), Activision settled for an "unfavorable minority poisition." The company hasn't responded yet, but if this lawsuit goes forward, we could find out a whole lot more about the exact terms of the deal between the two companies.

And for their own part, Activision is thrilled to be in the business of Warcraft: Activision CEO Bobby Kotick sees MMOs as an "insurmountable product category," and says that if they were competing with WoW, they'd have to toss at least half a billion to a billion dollars into the deal, and even then they wouldn't be guaranteed success. Which means that at this time, in this market, Kotick says that companies entering into the MMO market are basically throwing money away.

Can't say we're surprised that the CEO of the company that now owns WoW says it's unbeatable, but as you know by now, EA and Funcom (Warhammer Online and Age of Conan's publishers, respectively) surely disagree. We should see who's right by the end of the year.

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Video interview with Bobby Kotick, Activision Blizzard CEO

Here's a short interview with the CEO of (now) Activision Blizzard Bobby Kotick with an official inside view on the merger that recently combined the Guitar Hero company with the Diablo and WoW company. He's definitely still speaking from an Activision viewpoint (he disses Rock Band, which would be unacceptable if he wasn't actually publishing their main competitor-- Rock Band is awesome), but he lays out how the deal was a great idea for both companies and how Activision is looking toward the future of game publishing.

It's also interesting to hear him talk about the three major innovations in gaming recently-- interface innovations (such as the Wii controller or the guitar for Guitar Hero), social innovations (not just in MMOs but in terms of tournament and organized play), and production value, which is definitely something both Activision and Blizzard know about. The woman interviewing needs to learn how to interview rather than interrupt, but as a CEO, Kotick sounds like he knows what he's talking about. For now, anyway, Activision Blizzard seems to be in good hands.

[Via incgamers]

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