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WoW Moviewatch: More fun things to do with bots

This Bluwolfe person is quickly becoming my favorite priest with these amusing mind control videos. Here's another video of him tormenting a poor bot that doesn't know well enough to fight back - watch and learn!

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WoW Moviewatch: Fun things to do with bots!

I've seen a lot of obvious bot players in my day, and alas that my priest is on a PvE server and thus cannot have the kind of fun that this priest did. But, hey, at least I can watch the video and laugh.

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Breakfast Topic: Fewer Farmers?

I wrote a while back about an odd lack of farmers on my own realm at the time. And, with yesterday's additional account closures, I wonder if other realms are starting to see similar relief. Will Blizzard's continued efforts against the gold selling community really have a long term impact on the game's economy? Or will the farmers simply continue finding new methods to avoid Blizzard's watchful eye?

I personally think it will be a constant battle on Blizzard's part - but if they stick to this sort of approach, they can make farming sufficiently difficult that it may become a less lucrative business. But that's a long-term view - the important thing for current players is how are conditions today? Does your realm seem to be lacking in farmers since all of these account closures?

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More on macroing...

Blizzard has recently made an official statement on the use of programmable gaming peripherals - and the timing makes me assume that it was inspired by this story, which has been making the rounds on the forums.  But the statement is vaguely worded - in short, hotkeys are okay, but automation that allows a player to conduct repeated actions without paying any attention are not.  However, I can quite well sit and tap my shadowbolt key (and occasionally my /assist tank macro - a completely in-game creation using the default UI) without even watching the screen if I wanted to.  Not that I'd play very well that way, but in a group I could frequently get away with it.  While I understand the need to eliminate botting, I wonder, as an average player, where one draws the line between acceptable and unacceptable levels of macroing.  It sounds like it's still going to be a judgment call on Blizzard's part.

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An Interview With a WoW Bot Programmer

One of the reasons I enjoy WoW is because of the human and social interaction built into it. Grouping, questing, and raiding is one of the more fun aspects of the game, despite sometimes running into some pretty annoying group members.

So I've never been tempted to use one of the many bot programs available out there. Despite being explicitly prohibited by Blizzard, many people continue to use bots to level up their characters automatically, or to farm for gold, or to execute otherwise impossible maneuvers in the game. For instance, there's a hack that allows you to teleport to anywhere in the game, including normally off-limits areas and areas still under development.

TG Daily has a pretty interesting interview with Mercury, the programmer for the bot called WoWGlider, which allows you to level up your character with minimal effort. The bot is programmed to fight monsters and mobs in the game by itself and collect the loot.

I won't ever use a bot myself since I don't want to risk being banned by Blizzard, but I can understand why many people would be tempted.

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