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A bot farmer commends Blizzard anti-botting measures

"Andeasdr" on the official WoW forums claims to be an American bot developer who works "for companies that cheat at WoW for a living." Apparently he is deeply bothered by all the complaining players do about botters lately. He claims that Blizzard is doing a lot to fight botters such as himself, banning 8 of his personal accounts and 200 of his company accounts, as well as dealing "lethal blows" to popular botter programs. He says we don't hear about Blizzard's efforts in this arey because they have to keep a lot of it secret. Finally he tells us how much he loves Blizzard games, tells us that Blizzard is one of the best companies when it comes to fighting botters, and thanks them for all their hard work.

If all that seems odd to you, you're not alone. Lots of people in the thread call him out for hypocrisy and contradicting himself. He not only plays a game that he loves and then hurts it at the same time, but he commends Blizzard on a job well done when he's the one that they're trying to put out of business. Some flatly say that he doesn't make any sense and that they don't believe him at all.

He replies to these accusations: "yes, it does seem hypocritical and conflicted, because it is. Struggling between what you're good at and what your concious says you should do is always quite the dilemma. I have my excuses I tell myself when I got to sleep at night, but doesn't change the fact I still know it's wrong."

After the first couple pages of his thread, however, he gets into the usual "your logic doesn't make any sense because your dumb" type of argument with other posters, and that's my main reason to suspect he's just a troller wondering how much he can get people to believe about his identity. Still, whether he is the real thing or not, I do believe that Blizzard for doing a lot of behind-the-scenes bot-fighting that isn't easy for them to discuss publicly. What do you think?

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Are gold sellers the key to WoW's continued success?

On Monday, Blizzard banned several thousand accounts found using third party programs to fully automate killing and looting, aka botting. These programs are largely used by gold selling companies employing farmers to speed up the rate at which they can supply gold to the many buyers out there. But a columnist at the Lightspeed Ventures site has a different take: he proposes that gold sellers are actually the independent application developers that are integral to the success of any online venture.

No matter where you fall on the gold farmer debate ("they ruin the game" vs "they fill a need the developers refuse to acknowledge"), you have to stop and think about this particular premise. Lightspeed, a venture capital company that funds technology companies, asserts that any platform needs three critical elements to succeed.

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Blizzard suing WoWglider creator

I know what you're thinking: haven't I read about this before? You've probably read something similar, but we've moved on to the next phase of ligation: the counter-suit! Back in November MDY Industries, the creators of the automation software WoWglider, was suing Blizzard over an alleged attempt to prevent the distribution of their software. MDY wanted a court to assert their right to create and distribute WoWglider. And now Blizzard is fighting back with a lawsuit of their own. Besides asserting that the sale and promotion of WoWglider violates both the World of Warcraft EULA (end user license agreement, which you re-agree to each time you install a patch) and TOU (terms of use, which you agree to when creating your account), Blizzard claims that...

Blizzard has suffered damage in an amount to be proven at trial, including but not limited to loss of goodwill among WoW users, diversion of Blizzard resources to prevent access by WoWGlider users, loss of revenue from terminated users, and decreased subscription revenue from undetected WoWGlider users.

And Blizzard is asking not only for MDY to stop selling and distributing WoWglider, but also that Blizzard be given all rights and titles to the application, the source code, and all sales information. And while I'm not a lawyer, I think someone just got pwnd by Blizzard's legal department.

If you are a lawyer, or if you just enjoy reading dense pages of text, you may like to see the full text of Blizzard's counter-suit and MDY's initial complaint.

[Thanks, Prissy]

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Guildwatch: Black Temple or bust

After a short hiatus (due to a lack of endgaming on the part of most guilds), our much-loved and much-hated column Guildwatch is back in all its rumor-filled, grats-giving, petty guild drama glory! Here where, every Tuesday, you can see who's winning, who's inviting, and who's cheating.

And don't forget, if you've got a tip on a guild that has drama happening (anonymous tips welcomed), is downing the 25-man stuff already, or is recruiting for Karazhan, let us know at Click the link to read the return of GW!

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WoW Glider suing Blizzard

In case you're out of the loop, WoW Glider is a 3rd party application that automates all major aspects of gameplay. You set the parameters and it starts farming loot, experience, reputation -- whatever you'd like. This is, unsurprisingly, against Blizzard's terms of service -- those things you have to click agreement to before you play the game after every patch. But this lawsuit isn't just about whether or not WoW Glider breaks the terms of service: it's about whether or not Blizzard has the right to kill the distribution of WoW Glider. WoW Glider's complaint suggests Blizzard has been attempting to strong-arm them into stopping distribution based on alleged copyright and DMCA violation -- and WoW Glider's makers are jumping in with the first lawsuit, which (and, no, I am not a lawyer) seems to be asserting their rights to distribute WoW Glider and telling Blizzard to back off. Lawyers and non-lawyers can read the full text of the complaint and chime in with your own opinions below.

[Thanks, Baratrill]

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To /afk or not to /afk...

Right now, at least, I'd recommend not.

It's hard to walk into a battleground these days without noticing at least one player who's not doing anything but sitting quietly near the battleground entrance gaining honor and reputation. Perhaps they're using a bot or perhaps they're watching a movie and occasionally pressing the space bar -- either way, they're a nuisance at best. And when this post showed up on the customer service forums, I couldn't help but be surprised. Because while Blizzard would previously take action against players using bots or hacks to prevent them from going AFK during a battleground, now they seem to be prepared to act against any players "who are not actively participating" in a battleground. The wording is still very vague, but this could mean a crackdown on AFK players -- regardless of method.

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WoW Moviewatch: More fun things to do with bots

This Bluwolfe person is quickly becoming my favorite priest with these amusing mind control videos. Here's another video of him tormenting a poor bot that doesn't know well enough to fight back - watch and learn!

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WoW Moviewatch: Fun things to do with bots!

I've seen a lot of obvious bot players in my day, and alas that my priest is on a PvE server and thus cannot have the kind of fun that this priest did. But, hey, at least I can watch the video and laugh.

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More on macroing...

Blizzard has recently made an official statement on the use of programmable gaming peripherals - and the timing makes me assume that it was inspired by this story, which has been making the rounds on the forums.  But the statement is vaguely worded - in short, hotkeys are okay, but automation that allows a player to conduct repeated actions without paying any attention are not.  However, I can quite well sit and tap my shadowbolt key (and occasionally my /assist tank macro - a completely in-game creation using the default UI) without even watching the screen if I wanted to.  Not that I'd play very well that way, but in a group I could frequently get away with it.  While I understand the need to eliminate botting, I wonder, as an average player, where one draws the line between acceptable and unacceptable levels of macroing.  It sounds like it's still going to be a judgment call on Blizzard's part.

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