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Rumor: Mists of Pandaria box revealed

Mists of Pandaria box cover revealed
Mists of Pandaria is getting ever closer to release. You know this since just about all of the zones have been opened for testing (Jade Forest being the exception), and raids are accessible to groups. You know what another indicator is? Completed box covers being leaked. This is a leaked photo making the rounds, not from an official source.

Read more to view the box in full glory!

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Wrath shipped to stores, copies being sold early at 7-11

We're getting multiple reports that Blizzard has shipped Wrath of the Lich King out to stores -- one of our readers in Australia ordered the CE and actually got his edition shipped to him already (the game will install, but won't run yet), a few Gamestops around the country have confirmed that they have copies in store (though not for sale yet), and a few people have told us that they've already picked up their copies at 7-11 (notorious for suddenly selling games, and then very recently selling them early).

So odds are that you might be able to grab the game early from stores that are breaking the street date, but it does appear that Blizzard hasn't actually flipped the switch on the expansion, and likely won't do it until tomorrow evening. We'll keep an eye out for more places Wrath may have already popped up.

Update: Thanks to one of our readers for sending along the pic of his Wrath box and the receipt above. The game is indeed shipped and being sold, though Blizzard is saying Northrend won't be available until Wednesday evening. Another reader picture of a purchased game after the break.

Are you ready for the challenges that await you in Northrend? WoW Insider has you covered with our 8-day guide to Preparing for Wrath. Also, check out our feature on AddOns new, old and outdated and Essential AddOns for Wrath written especially with the expansion in mind.

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Rumor: Wrath of the Lich King Collector's Edition box

Here's some good Wrath of the Lich King rumor-juice for you tonight. Pictured to the right is what has shown up on the internet as a Wrath of the Lich King Collector's Edition box. I for one think it looks real. It was posted on the Paladin Schmaladin blog two months ago, although reader Allen just tipped us to it this evening.

The poster over there notes that the box comes from her friend Gene, who supposedly works at a printing facility. Gene couldn't get one out of the printing factory, so instead he snapped an image of the box with his cellphone.

Through Paladin Schmaladin, we're also told that the printing press had the WotLK box orders pushed back four months. This could be an indication that Lich King will be coming out later than expected, although since Blizzard hasn't really announced a release date, we'd probably never know the difference.

Nonetheless, enjoy your nightly WotLK rumor. It looks to be a good one.

Click the image for a larger high-res version.

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