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Breakfast Topic: Some fights are weird

Every single time I tank the Klaxxi Paragons fight, I think to myself This is a really weird fight. Between it being a council fight with nine bosses (three active at a time) and with it completely negating AoE (every time one dies the other two that are up get healed and a third one drops in) plus the stacking buffs that make it a bad idea to leave any one of them up too long, and each one adding new mechanics that need to be dealt with, it's just a weird fight for me to wrap my head around. I can grasp some fights just fine - Spoils, Norushen for instance - that have strange mechanics. But while I can tank Paragons just fine, I don't pretend to grasp the fight as such. It's a weird fight, I don't really get it.

Any fights like that for you? Not just asking for SoO - did you find fighting Kologarn weird, back in Wrath? Was Cho'gall a mind-twister for you? What fights make you just throw up your hands and say 'whatever, let's get this over with' the way Paragons does me?

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Breakfast Topic: I hate you, Maloriak

I solo Maloriak every week. Every week he fails to drop my hat, so I have to come solo him again the next week. I hate this for two reasons - Maloriak is an intense pain to solo, with many awful mechanics that make me curse and swear, so having come back and do it again is bad enough by itself. But I also hate Maloriak for more intangible reasons. It's been two plus years since Maloriak was relevant in any way, and yet here he is, still stymieing me every week. I hate the way the cauldrons are randomized, so I never know if I'm going to get frozen in place for 20 second and then he'll get a fire cauldron and melt me to death while I'm completely unable to do anything. And I hate that ridiculous end phase, while he's putting a healing over time spell on himself while punting me up in the air and setting the ground on fire and swarming the room with adds.

I hated Maloriak when he was relevant even though as a warrior tank in Cataclysm I was well suited to tanking his adds - even though I enjoyed tanking adds on fights like Nefarian and even Spine of Deathwing, I hated them on Maloriak. I just hate everything about you, Maloriak. And I'll see you next week, since you didn't drop my hat again.

Got a fight you really hate, but can't seem to get away from?

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Breakfast Topic: Olympic WoW

goblin versus worgen
Even if you're not following the sports, there's no way you could miss that the Olympics are happening. Who would want to miss a worldwide spectacle of heroes and some of the finest athletes on the planet? They're beautiful, amazing, and downright breathtaking. They're also a big interruption to a busy schedule of dailies, farming, and raiding.

Of course, we're pretty deep in a pre-expansion lull, so that interruption isn't nearly as bad as it could be. (Thanks to Blizzard for not dropping Warlords in the middle of the Olympics.) Still, if you're trying to wrap up some goals, these Olympic fever could be pretty frustrating. At least you have plenty of random commentary and chatter during which you can squeeze in a little farming time.

Are you playing WoW during the Olympics? Are they playing on a second screen? Have you had to cancel a raid or take a brief break to see one more ski run? Has the games had any effect on your game at all?

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Breakfast Topic: What do you want to see under the tree?

Winter Veil
Grandfather Winter tends to bring some epic gifts. Whether we're talking about exploding cars or exploding balloons, there's always been something with a little bang and boom under the tree. But that makes me wonder what we should expect this year. In a world thoroughly soaked in pandas, beer, and scions of fallen warlords, what could be under the tree in 2013?

Of course, we know that Warlords of Draenor is lurking around the corner. Could there be a TARDIS? Maybe a DeLorean, ready to soak up the gigawatts and launch us into a new adventure? Or perhaps something a little more father afield: is this the year we see an exploding submarine?

Regardless of what it ends up being, we can always hope and dream. That's what the season is all about, after all. So, what do you hope to see under the tree this year? Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the wonderful, creative season for everything it's worth.

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Breakfast Topic: What's your biggest fan moment?

BlizzCon 2010: Ghostcrawler
The funny thing about being a WoW fan is that you don't just walk away from the game when you log off. Oh, sure, some people just play a few hours a week, and don't spare another thought for Azeroth while going about their business. But, honestly, just among us: don't you spend a little extra WoW mind-time outside of the game? You see that weed in the corner of your yard and think, "Yeah, my herbalist could use it."

That's why I've loved BlizzCon. I get to enjoy all these little fan-squee moments when I meet Ghostcrawler or get to shake hands with Wowcrendor. And while I narrowly avoided naming my daughter after WoW, I'm afraid my loyal hound is saddled with the name Sylvanas. (Makes for awkward veterinary trips, let me tell you.)

My biggest fan squee moment was the first time I walked onto the floor of BlizzCon and saw that immense status of an orc riding its worg. It was this odd moment of fan service and love for the game, and I'll always carry it with me.

What's your biggest fan moment for WoW? Did you meet someone? Encounter a guild member in the wild? Or did you, perhaps, label a loved one with an Azerothian name, forever marking them as the offspring of a WoW player?

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Breakfast Topic: Because I do

Breakfast Topic Because I do
I was having a discussion the other day with someone who really really hates transmogrification. It just irritates the heck out of him, to the point where he argues that it has ruined gear visual design and made everyone look like patchwork abominations. Obviously, I'm probably the least receptive audience for this argument he could have chosen. Still, at the end of his rant, he asked me a question which I think is worth answering here - "Why do you even like this joke of a feature?"

My response was the title of this Breakfast Topic, ultimately. I like transmogrification because to me, it's fun. It's fun going out and getting just that perfect model for the look I'm trying to create, whether that's to match up a set, or to deliberately clash with a set. I like putting together theme outfits I'll probably only use once (like the above set in muted blue/white/grey above) to match colors or just because it strikes my fancy. But most of all, I like transmogrification for the exact reason my friend hates it - it adds nothing to character power. It doesn't add numbers or make you a better player, it just allows you to choose your own look. I don't think it's constrained the design team in any way - it just means their work will be on display longer.

And that I need a lot more bag space, of course. That doesn't really need to be said.

So now I ask you - what do you completely love despite other people's disdain for it, or hate even though everyone else seems to love it?

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Breakfast Topic: Does LFR impact raid design?

Breakfast Topic Does LFR impact raid design
A few days ago, the player Camaranth started a thread on the tank forums examining the number of tank swap mechanics in raids. While the discussion is a good one, there's a reply written by Snuzzle not far down the thread with an interesting observation. "I think the reason we are seeing so many encounters designed with tank swaps in Mists," he/she writes, "is that fights are being designed with Raid Finder in mind ... They need both tanks to have a job to do. Tank swaps are the way to do that (because) most everyone can instantly understand (them)."

LFR might not be the only reason for that, but I think Snuzzle has a point. Encounters have to be programmed with the knowledge that Raid Finder groups will always have two tanks, 6 healers, and 17 DPS, no guarantees on class composition, and the knowledge that coordination will realistically be minimal. I don't think it necessarily reflects on the skill of the players concerned so much as the inherent disorganization. Under the circumstances, it would be extremely difficult to program an encounter like, say, Kael'thas or Teron Gorefiend or High King Maulgar, and have it remain somewhat close to the normal and heroic versions.

I don't know whether LFR actually does have a serious impact on raid design, but it's certainly an interesting question. In related news, the LFR version of Siege of Orgrimmar was nerfed recently for reasons I think all of us can guess.

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Breakfast Topic: Do you contribute to your favorite WoW database site?

Wowhead Uploader
You know that site you use every day to learn about quests and where things drop? All of that data -- who drops what, the percentages, the map locations -- comes from players who take the time to collect it and contribute. The more people who contribute, the more accurate the data. These lightweight addons collect the pertinent information in the background and upload when you exit the game.
  • The Wowhead Client will let you collect data for Wowhead and upload it at your convenience
  • The WoWDB Profiler addon works in conjunction with the Curse Client to contribute to WoWDB
Do you contribute to WoW database sites?
Yes450 (20.8%)
No1415 (65.5%)
I'm going to start295 (13.7%)

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Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite minor character?

Sasstromancer Darnarian
Everyone knows the major characters in WoW -- Thrall, Jaina, Varian, Garrosh, Vol'jin, Tyrande, Illidan, Moira, Sylvanas, Shandris... well, you get the idea. There are a lot of major players! But there are even more minor characters, when you think about it. All those named NPC questgivers, chatty city citizens, or profession trainers. There are lots of memorable characters among these small fry. Asric and Jadaar come to mind, for example. Also Chromie, the world's greatest bronze dragon-gnome. There's that jerk who strolls around the mage district in Stormwind, claiming that there are free drinks to be had at the Blue Recluse (LIAR). And who could forget Cro Threadstrong and the Fruit Vendor? Or Griftah? Hakmud of Argus always makes me laugh.

Nonetheless, I think my all-time favorite minor NPC has to be Astromancer Darnarian (perhaps more appropriately titled Sasstromancer Darnarian), from the old Shattered Sun Offensive dailies. Grumpy Darnarnian gave you a quest to attune a magic crystal so he could keep travel open between Quel'Danas and Shattrath, and he wasn't shy in letting us know how ungrateful we adventurers were for his efforts, either. Don't you know how hard it is to create and maintain a portal? Who do you think he is, Scotty? No, I will NOT "beam you up" at the drop of a hat, thank you very much!

Do you have a favorite minor NPC, quest giver, or vendor? Who is it and why? Tell us all about it!

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Breakfast Topic: The achievement pie-in-the-sky

Ever since "the Insane" title was announced and implemented into World of Warcraft, I have wanted to complete it. I leveled a rogue, for the Ravenholdt requirement. I started collecting Black Diamonds and Darkmoon cards--for this was in the days pre-Cataclysm, when the Shen'dralar were required and the Darkmoon Faire was much less forgiving, rep-wise. I set my jaw. I squared my shoulders. I flexed my typing and clicking fingers. And I accomplished precisely squat.

I mean, there was my master's degree to finish, and then I was moving, and then I had a new job, and then... well, any number of excuses got between me and this achievement. But no longer, my friends! I have, at last, set myself to killing oodles of Booty Bay residents, and though I was well down the hated rep bar with the Bloodsail, I'm now approaching the required Honored. After that I'll have to turn back to the Steamwheedle Cartel and start that long grind, but at least I'll have the motivation of wanting to have my flight points back without having to worry about hordes of angry goblin bruisers swarming my way. My only regret is that, thanks to my laziness, I missed out on the chance to be exalted with the Shen'dralar, and now I have all these useless diamonds. Sure, it makes it easier now, but I really like their lore. I have no one but myself to blame.

Which are your "pie-in-the-sky" achievements? The ones you've told yourself that, of course, you're definitely going to do that one, you really want that title/mount/pet and you're totally getting started on it tomorrow. Have you actually gotten around to getting it done, or is it still on your check list, ink fading forlornly into an index card? Let us know in the comments!

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Breakfast Topic: Oh right, I forgot about you guys

Breakfast Topic Oh right, I forgot about you guys
So confession time: I just now reached exalted with the Netherwing.

To be honest, I completely forgot they existed. I was working on their rep grind back in Burning Crusade, but it was terrible (as all BC rep grinds were) and I just lost interest in it when Wrath came out and there were all sorts of new cool mounts to get. The bar was half-way to exalted, but every time I looked at it (not very often) I imagined grinding that last 10,000 or so rep over the course of a week and I always, always came up with something better to do with my time.

Wrath faded to Cataclysm and the Netherwing were ever further from my mind. Rep grinds in the here and now had my attention, with more and better quests and generally a much less onerous feel to them. The Netherwing was the furthest thing from my mind.

Anyway, with patch 5.3 out I discovered that Netherspite now drops Netherwing eggs. And with that one little change, since I'm in Kara killing him almost weekly anyway, I suddenly found myself motivated to get that final bit of rep to exalted. I still hate the Netherwing quest, but at last, I'm exalted with the Netherwing and riding my new Azure Netherwing Drake (that's not him, it's just too cool a shot to not use). So here's my question for you: anything you forgot to do over the years?

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Breakfast Topic: What did you get done?

Breakfast Topic What did you get done
While everyone commemorates Memorial Day in their own way, more than a few of us find ourselves with a few extra hours during long weekends to clock some WoW time. You might prefer the battlegrounds or you might prefer to get a little extra LFR raiding done. If you're especially studious, you might spend some time with our video content, boning up the important parts of patch 5.3.

If you managed to snag some bonus Azeroth time, what did you accomplish? I actually curled up with a few of the books, finally getting around to reading first-hand about Jaina's troubles and travails. I know, I'm a horrible blogger for taking this long, but I really enjoy reading when I take time off. I save the good stuff for then. But what about you? What did you do?

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Breakfast Topic: What peripherals do you use to play WoW?

Breakfast Topic What hardware do you use to play WoW
I started a bit of a discussion on Twitter yesterday, rather by accident, by talking about trackpads and their use to steer your character in WoW. I was writing outside, on my laptop, and wanted to log into the game to check something. It took me an age to steer my character over to the flight path in the Shrine, hop on a kite and head over to the PvP vendor to verify what I needed to check, and I momentarily glanced back to my first ever day playing WoW, when I used a trackpad. Man, that was hard. I quickly graduated to a normal mouse, and then onto a Razer Naga, and have never looked back.

As far as keyboards go, I'm still searching for the perfect one. I play on a laptop, and love the shallow travel, small reach and flat keys of my laptop's keyboard. I have a couple of external ones, so that I can play on a larger monitor, but haven't yet found one that replaces the laptop keyboard for sheer comfort and speed. The closest I've got is a Logitech super-flat keyboard. I'd use a Mac keyboard if all the keys weren't in the wrong places.

But how about you? Do you use a trackpad? External mouse? External keyboard? If so, which ones? And are you the mysterious, as yet unseen player who has played WoW on one of those mice that is a little rubber joystick in the center of the keyboard?

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Breakfast Topic: What type of character would your mother play in WoW?

Happy Mother's Day! I suspect that many WoW Insider readers are probably not mothers themselves (though surely some of you are), but I do know most of you are human, which means most of you have a mother or two. As such, I thought I'd use the day to ask this question: what would your mother play in WoW? Would she be a paladin? A warlock? Would she roll as a gnome or a tauren? What about her spec?

To answer the question myself, I really had to consider all the angles. Generally I think of my mother as being very kind and nurturing, but I've also seen her stand up to people three times her size and threaten the neighborhood bullies with a gaze of death when I got picked on as a kid. All in all, I figure she's probably a druid since she's fairly attuned to nature and can make anything grow. She'd probably go main spec kitty DPS (she has her moments of being super sneaky) and restoration as her secondary spec. As for what race she'd be ... I see her more as a night elf but I know she'd pick tauren since the cows are so cute.

My stepmother, on the other hand, would totally go dwarf elemental shaman. Granted, she'd probably also have four level 90 alts and a bunch of battleground achievements ... She's pretty hardcore when she gets into stuff. She's told me herself that she'd get addicted if she ever started.

So, what about your mothers?

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Breakfast Topic: Which is the hardest class to play?

Rogue header
I have been informed by The Management that the answer to this question is a rogue. This is probably objectively true. Rogues are a finicky class to play. Gearing can be an inordinate pain, with new pieces of gear often requiring complete regemming and reforging for optimal DPS output. Rotations, priorities, and situational attacks are also quite complex, and I have a lot of admiration for accomplished rogues. I have a rogue myself, and if I'm away from her for even a few days, it takes me a little while to get back into the rogue play style groove. However, I cannot truthfully say that a rogue is the most difficult class for me. My main is a druid, and I have played feral spec since I started WoW (though I raid and run dungeons mainly as Restoration - I prefer healer queue times, who doesn't?) so roguish game mechanics are pretty familiar to me. No, to me, the hardest class to play would be a death knight.

I have never been able to make sense of death knight mechanics. I can recite them: abilities consume runes, which produce runic power, which is necessary for other abilities. In practice, though, when I play a death knight it always eventually boils down to button mashing, which is not fun at all. So, despite having rolled a death knight at least three or four times, each in an attempt to finally stick with the class, I've given up. Death knights and me, we just weren't meant to be.

I still don't understand why, though, because honestly the concept behind both death knight and rogue mechanics is really similar! It doesn't make any sense that I'd be perfectly at home with one class but not the other. What gives, brain? I feed you and give you sleep when you need it, the least you could do is be more consistent in your virtual-world data processing, okay?! Alas, I cannot change the natural order of things, and death knight mastery will likely remain my World of Warcraft white whale. What about you, fair readers? What is the hardest class for you to play?

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