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Breakfast Topic: Old school questing

Mankrik's Wife
In the WoD beta, if you choose to put a Barn on the first available medium plot in your Garrison, as I did circa level 92, you immediately receive a quest from the NPCs there to head to Nagrand and trap an animal. So off I went, west out of Shadowmoon Valley, through Taladar and toward Nagrand, seeking my quarry. This was a mistake. All roads in Taladar lead to Shattrath, and Shattrath is under siege by both level 100 Iron Horde soldiers and demons of the Shadow Council. If you try to run south around Shattrath, you'll end up in Auchindoun, also overrun by Shadow Council demons and a load of other nasties who are way above level 92. Once you've finally made it into Nagrand, you'll discover that it's a level 98-100 zone. Oops.

After many deaths in Nagrand, I finally managed to successfully trap a clefthoof and returned, bruised, battered, but at least triumphant, to my Garrison, where I vowed never to set foot in Nagrand again for at least another five levels, Barn resources be damned. Upon reciting my tale of woe to sympathetic colleague Liz Harper--who went through the same thing when she too chose to put a Barn in her Garrison--I realized that I felt almost like I was picking up my swim form quest in Moonglade as a level 16 night elf druid, only to find that half of the amulet I needed was off the coast of Westfall. I had the same sense of apprehension about the unknown zones I had to head through, frustration when I found I wasn't quite up to the task, and eventual elation as I managed to finish the quest anyway. I thought, "Would I want this kind of questing experience to be a regular WoW feature again?" Is the fist-pumping moment of triumph worth the reckless blundering through two zones full of red-leveled, hostile mobs? Honestly, I'm not sure. What about you? Would you be eager to rise to the challenge, or frustrated to be handed a task so far beyond your current means? How old-school do you want to go?

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Breakfast Topic: No two birds are not on fire

Flaming Gryhopns
The above screenshot stands, to me, as the funniest one I have ever taken. Eagle-eyed readers might recognize the location as the flight tower in Nethergarde Keep, with some colorful flames added to make the Blasted Lands extra unappealing. Without spoiling things too much, the flaming flight tower is part of a series of introductory quests in Warlords of Draenor. Apparently those poor gryphons still haven't got the memo that they are literally on fire. They're just hanging out in their straw beds, cool as cucumbers, while they presumably burn to death in the onslaught. What's the use in having the power of flight if you won't even use it to not be on fire?

I have seen many odd and interesting things in my time in the World of Warcraft, but I think that this one right here takes the cake--so far at least. I mean, who knows what Warlords of Draenor has in store? What are your best, most bizarre moments in WoW, and what would it take to top them?

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Breakfast Topic: Bizarre WoW dreams

Versions of Garrosh
The other night was a first for me--I dreamed about WoW. In all my years playing, I have never had a dream about the game. There have been plenty of daydreams during boring meetings or classes, mind you, but never an actual bona fide, I'm-asleep-and-my-brain-has-gone-to-play, dream. Until now.

My husband and I are going to visit family over Christmas, and the flight for the first leg of our trip was delayed by a couple hours. We were already due to come in late, so we ended up arriving even later, and by the time we got to sleep in our hotel it was after midnight. I collapsed in exhaustion, and promptly fell into the World of Warcraft. According to my sleep-brain, the minipet for the Warlords of Draenor Collector's Edition is going to be a caterpillar-like creature composed of little Garrosh torsos, their heads bobbing along like a grotesque Stegosaurus spine, with amputated arms for legs.

Not gonna lie, guys, I am already disappointed that this won't be the case.

Have you ever dreamed about WoW? If so, what did you dream? And which dream was the weirdest?

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Breakfast Topic: Does LFR impact raid design?

Breakfast Topic Does LFR impact raid design
A few days ago, the player Camaranth started a thread on the tank forums examining the number of tank swap mechanics in raids. While the discussion is a good one, there's a reply written by Snuzzle not far down the thread with an interesting observation. "I think the reason we are seeing so many encounters designed with tank swaps in Mists," he/she writes, "is that fights are being designed with Raid Finder in mind ... They need both tanks to have a job to do. Tank swaps are the way to do that (because) most everyone can instantly understand (them)."

LFR might not be the only reason for that, but I think Snuzzle has a point. Encounters have to be programmed with the knowledge that Raid Finder groups will always have two tanks, 6 healers, and 17 DPS, no guarantees on class composition, and the knowledge that coordination will realistically be minimal. I don't think it necessarily reflects on the skill of the players concerned so much as the inherent disorganization. Under the circumstances, it would be extremely difficult to program an encounter like, say, Kael'thas or Teron Gorefiend or High King Maulgar, and have it remain somewhat close to the normal and heroic versions.

I don't know whether LFR actually does have a serious impact on raid design, but it's certainly an interesting question. In related news, the LFR version of Siege of Orgrimmar was nerfed recently for reasons I think all of us can guess.

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Breakfast Topic: Quality of life

spirit healer
Recently I haven't been playing much WoW. It's not because of any disinterest in the game, in fact, I'd love to be playing much more of it. Unfortunately for me though, with patch 5.4, WoW's system requirements finally became too much for my system. I can still putter around leveling toons -- as long as I stick to deserted areas and don't run in groups -- but I can no longer raid, even in small 10-mans, and things like Battlegrounds or the crowded Timeless Isle are completely out of the question.

As my system was sliding toward digital geezer-dom, I didn't necessarily realize what was happening, because that kind of decline occurs slowly over time. I did begin to notice that WoW was becoming more frustrating for to play, but it was a little while before I put my finger on exactly why. For a long time, I thought I was finally just getting to the point where I no longer had interest in the game, and I contemplated quitting. This made me sad, because I have a lot of good friends in WoW, and I didn't want to want to quit, if you know what I mean. Nonetheless, I figured that was where I was headed.

So when I realized that it was poor performance making me unhappy playing the game, and not the game itself, it came as somewhat as a relief. I ordered some necessary new parts that should speed up my machine, and I expect them to arrive this week. For the first time in a long time, I am once again eagerly looking forward to playing WoW for the sake of the game itself.

Have you ever had a moment like this, readers of WoW Insider? A time when you thought you were unhappy in WoW for one reason, but it turned out to be something else entirely? Was this a good realization? What did it take to breathe life into your playing experience again?

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Breakfast Topic: Have you ever won the Fishing Tournament?

Rise and shine, folks! It's a bright and sunny Saturday morning, and there's a Kalu'ak Fishing Derby to be won!

Winning the contest is simple ... in theory. Once the contest starts at 14:00 server time, fish in every pool in Northrend you can find until you get a Blacktip Shark. When you get it, bring it back to Dalaran. There's a lot of luck involved, but the contest is definitely winnable, especially now that it's been out for over two years.

The derby offers some pretty sweet rewards. It's the only place in the game where you can obtain an heirloom ring. (You could opt for boots that increase your fishing skill by 15 instead, but who'd ever choose that instead?)

Do you participate in the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby? Have you already won your Dread Pirate Ring prize? Or is the random nature and high competition level of the contest simply not worth your time?

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Breakfast topic: Quest detritus

Anne talked recently about all the bits and pieces that tend to accumulate in a packrat's bank vault, and I'm one of the guilty parties. I'm a hardcore collector of feral staves, tier sets, tabards, and assorted items that I just can't bring myself to delete (Seal of Ascension -- seriously, why do I still have this?). Unfortunately, the tendency carries over into quests as well. Over the course of doing Loremaster, I knocked off most of the older quests littering my log, and now I'm left with two. One's a nightmare to finish -- The Good News and The Bad News, which is part of the Scepter of the Shifting Sands line and an enormous pain in the ass due to the 10 Elementium Ores required. I've resigned myself to the quite-likely possibility that it'll be there for months to come.

The other one, much like the stuff clogging my bank, is something I can't force myself to drop. Echoes of War sent people to the original version of Naxxramas, and was required for the tier 3 questline. Incredibly enough, it was even shareable when Wrath came out, and our early Naxx raids at 80 had a good laugh over it. But I'm afraid to turn it in -- not just because the follow-up quest probably isn't there anymore, but also for some reason I don't think I can articulate very well. If I turned it in, I guess I'd feel like another little piece of old Azeroth was gone forever.

Do you have any quests like this sitting around in your log, and what keeps you from turning them in?

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Breakfast Topic: What are your plans for Love Is In the Air?

The yearly holiday Love Is In the Air went live today, and with it a host of new features -- a new boss in Shadowfang Keep, several revamped achievements, and overall a lot of spit-and-polish on a holiday that had been extremely frustrating to many players in 2009. Last year, your ability to get the meta Fool For Love done was entirely dependent on dumb luck over a 5-day period. Blizzard's looking to blunt the impact of RNG this time around by extending the holiday and introducing a much less painful means of getting the achievements.

So what are your plans for Love Is In the Air? Does your main already have the meta from last year, or were you among the unlucky souls doomed to keep getting the same candy drops? Are you planning on hitting the new boss in Shadowfang Keep? And are you, like me, just ecstatic that you don't have to spend days hoping for a Peddlefeet pet to drop?

Note: A few of us were around as soon as the holiday went live, and our FAQ on Love Is In the Air and OverAchiever on the holiday's achievements have now been updated to reflect the 2010 event. They'll be expanded later today with more information on the holiday questline and the new Shadowfang Keep encounter.

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Breakfast Topic: What do you do while waiting for LFG to pop?

Every so often, an email comes along the tip line that really gets the writers talking, and we received one such email last night from our reader Zikko, who was curious what people did while they were waiting for the Dungeon Finder to assign them a group ("Guess this only applies to DPS," as he/she observed). While Zikko usually does dailies, watches TV, or farms mats for cooking and fishing, he/she wondered whether anyone had hit upon a better way to pass the time while the Dungeon Finder went on the search. I include the writers' individual comments below, not just because it's a nice "slice of life," but I also think it's a good peek at how different peoples' experiences can be depending on the roles they play:

Matt Rossi: I have time to inhale a couple of times during the LFD queue.

Allison Robert: To amuse myself, I start counting, "One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi..." from releasing the mouse's left button on the Join Group option and the queue popping. However, I am likely to discontinue the practice, as my brain is having increasing difficulty remembering what comes directly after three. It starts with an F. I know it does.

Alex Ziebart
: When I'm queueing on my DPS, I tab out and play a different game for 15-20 minutes. On my healer, I brace myself so I don't get whiplash zoning into a heroic so fast.

Eliah Hecht
: I have about enough time to cross my fingers hoping it's not Old Kingdom again.

Robin Torres: I tend to my farm in Country Life.

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Breakfast Topic: Why aren't you playing ____?

All of the recent discussion surrounding what people are planning for their Worgen and Goblin characters got me to thinking about the ingame races that just don't get that kind of love. It's no secret that certain race/class combinations are underplayed (witness, for example, the ingame hell of finding a Dwarf or Orc rogue for Turkey Lurkey), but some races are just massively underplayed, period. If Warcraft Realms is at least ballpark accurate, then Humans are roughly 5 times as popular as Gnomes, Dwarves, and Trolls at 80. Draenei are twice as popular at 80 as Gnomes and Dwarves, and Blood Elves have a chokehold on the Hordeside population. Zardoz's Armory Data Mining (fast becoming one of my favorite WoW sites) did a breakdown on class, race, and gender populations as of November 4th, and the results are pretty illuminating. In case you're wondering, Dwarves, Orcs, and Tauren are the least likely to be female, and Draenei, Blood Elves, and Night Elves the most likely (although Draenei are the only race in the game to have a female majority). The most played combination in the game is the Blood Elf paladin, and the least-played are the Dwarf rogue (I for one am shocked) and the Troll warrior.

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Breakfast Topic: What are you thankful for?

It's Pilgrim's Bounty, folks, and that means that it's a time for family. A time for friends. A time for giving. A time for mercilessly slaughtering hundreds of thousands of helpless game birds. And a time, of course, to be thankful. While you stuff your polygonal face with potatoes, pie, and, of course, the ol' bird, remember to keep that in mind. So, on that note ...

What on Azeroth are you thankful for this Pilgrim's Bounty? What's warming your heart besides cholesterol?

Me, I'm thankful for heirloom items. I'm thankful for The Art of War and Judgments of the Wise. I'm thankful for Predatory Strikes and Lightning Overload. I'm thankful for my readers and my faction leaders.

And you guys? How about you? Pass the gravy and let us know.

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Breakfast Topic: The best city for shopping

This discussion site we linked the other day, Epic Advice, is humming with activity, and full of interesting queries and answers about the World of Warcraft. Like this one: which city is the best for running to and from the bank and the AH (the question-asker also wants to get the mage portal in that circuit, but for the purposes of our discussion, we'll assume you're on a bank alt, so no portal necessary)? In terms of speed and ease, which is the best capital city to set up shop in?

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Breakfast Topic: What do you think of new race and class combos?

One of the big things announced at BlizzCon were the new class and race combinations. These were originally datamined from patch 3.2.2 and include everything from Gnome Priests and Goblin Rogues to Worgen Druids. I'm especially excited about the last one.

For years, the race you played has been indelibly linked with the class and defined how you play the game. Say, for example, you like playing Night Elves, you're limited class-wise to rolling Druid, Priests, Hunters, Rogues and Warriors. On the other hand, if it's a specific class then you are sometimes limited to a particular race. So Draenei are the only Alliance race which can current become Shamans while the same is true, Horde-side, for Blood Elves becoming Paladins.

From a lore perspective, there is little preventing any of these combos. This is especially true as Azeroth expands and the game evolves. But readers, this is new territory for us, as WoW becomes more open. What do you think of the possibility of lore-centric or even playable class and race combinations?

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Breakfast Topic: Your favorite BlizzCon announcement

Well, BlizzCon is over and done with, and what a crazy two days it's been! The official announcement of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, new races, stat changes, new raids and dungeons, new progression paths, guild leveling, the beautiful Tricia Helfer as Kerrigan in StarCraft II, the Diablo 3 Monk class ... my brain is positively swimming in new stuff. There was something for everyone here, except maybe those hoping for new info about the next-gen MMO.

So, I asked you guys a few days ago what announcement you were waiting for at BlizzCon. Some of you got your wishes, looks like! What was your favorite announcement made at BlizzCon? Anything got your blood pumping? Some special phrase into a microphone that warmed the cockles of your heart? Don't be shy. We all fell a little in love this year. Let the world know, and be at peace.

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Breakfast Topic: Would you change your faction?

Earlier this week we reported on Nethaera's stunning revelation that faction changes were in the works. Yeah, I was just as amazed. It might just be an idea at the moment, a work in progress which we might not get access to until a patch or even the next expansion. The logistics are mind-boggling. Would this be a literally blending of species into factions so Humans could join the Horde and Taurens the Alliance or would your character literally be transformed into another species? How exactly would the lore work around that? We've had character customisation for a while now and the ability to change gender but changing faction and possibly even species. That a whole new kettle of fish.

So, constant readers, in the wake of this bombshell I'm very eager to know what you think. Does the very idea of changing faction seem contrary to how the game works? Would you consider jumping factions? Would you rather see characters choose whether to become Horde or Alliance? Could you change your very species to join the opposing faction? From a lore perspective, how do you think would this work and, indeed, does it need to have a basis in lore? After all no one questioned the gender change. What do you think?

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