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Rounding up Brewfest

Brewfest is upon us, and for those of you who missed out on the festivities last year, we're rounding up all of the events from the first ever Brewfest 2007, as well as the previews we have for this year.

Brewfest 2007
  • Check out the tips and tricks for completing the quests and earning tickets.
  • Read up on how players spent their Brewfest last year, including what they purchased with their tickets and what their overall goals were.
  • Check out the reader poll that assessed how much of what people wanted out of Brewfest was actually achieved.
Brewfest 2008

Gallery: Brewfest

Ram Racing outside Ironforge Beer GardenRam Racing outside Ironforge Beer GardenTauren Brewfest Reveler at Thunder Bluff Beer GardenTroll Brewfest Vendor at Undercity Beer GardenForsaken Brewfest Reveler at Undercity Beer GardenBrewfest Beer Gardens - Undercity

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Around Azeroth: New and improved Shatterspear Village

Reader Sparticatina of Ysera sends us this excellent shot of a new take on Shatterspear Village (otherwise known as the dancing Troll village hidden away between Moonglade and Darkshore). In my humble opinion, the scenery is much improved by the addition of Gnomes, thanks to the Brewfest beer goggles!

Do you have a unique shot of Azeroth or Outland that you'd like to show off to the rest of the world? Tell us about it by e-mailing a copy to, with as much or as little detail as you'd like to share with the world!

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More Brewfest brouhaha

Brewfest!While some Brewfest events are hotfixed, others are stubbornly refusing to work without a full server restart. Community Manager Drysc spells it on a late night forum post. The short version, for those whose eyes aren't up to extensive reading after last night's festivities, is this:
  • Dark Iron attacks are disabled for now. The large number of people using the /wave emote during the twice hourly event was causing many to crash repeatedly.
  • Blizzard will reinstate the attacks before Brewfest is over as soon if they figure out a work around to the crashing problem..
  • Ticket rewards for other Brewfest activities have been increased to compensate for the lack of Dark Iron generated tickets. The Barking quest reward increases from 15 to 40 and the Keg Delivery quest increases each keg to 3 tickets (and can be done every 12 hours.)
  • Until the Dark Iron attacks are brought back, "Complimentary Brewfest Samplers" acquired by /waving are disabled (confirming the /wave emote/crashing problem)
  • Brewfest Goggles which were implemented with a temporary duration, will be permanent. A duration timer will show until the next patch, but can be ignored.
  • No /wave or emote is necessary to complete the Barker quest. Just be on the Riding Ram and pass close enough to the flags.
  • In a separate thread, it was confirmed that the Pink Elekk's quest is NOT a daily quest. Some players were able to do it twice due to a one-time reset.
The servers will be getting a rolling restart this morning at 5:00am PST. We'll have to keep an eye on the forums to see what got fixed and what's still bugged.

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