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Breakfast Topic: Dude, where's my ram?

It's morning. You wake up in a groggy haze, your mouth tasting like coal and cheap beer. Staggering outside your hut, you rub your eyes in disbelief as you notice something missing. Something large, furry, covered in pieces of barrel and horned. Wait --

Dude, where's my ram?

Another Brewfest has come and gone. Sadly, we'll all have to wait another year for endless rivers of cheap beer, luscious beer meats and hilarious hallucinations. Holidays are always a great chance to mix up your usual routine, so we ask: Were you lucky enough to pull a mount from the cold, dead clutches of Coren Direbrew? Did you get your Brewmaster title? Did you even care?

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Brewfest extended by two days

Hot off the forums comes word from Bornaak that Brewfest, that celebration of things like drinking, throwing mugs at invaders, and killing an unwashed Dark Iron Dwarf in hopes that he drops a kodo has been extended two days to October 5th. If, like me, you've been farming him for days only to pass the Kodo to your wife because, well, you love her and want her to be happy (and also you know you're doomed if you don't) then you'll celebrate additional chances to whack him in hopes of Kodo. Or deadly beer stein. Or maybe you just like doing Ram Riding, or got a late start on your tickets. Whatever the reason we can all celebrate the extension of this, our yearly excuse to go back to BRD and kill a dwarf to steal his lucky cha... er, I mean trinkets.

Now get cracking, make every second of those two extra days count. Complete your Achievements, get your loots, whatever you need you have more time.

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Breakfast Topic: It's Brewfest Time

Good Morning, and welcome to Brewfest, everyone! All aspiring Brewmasters, brush off your Ram riding skills and prepare for some fun. If you need a refresher on how to race those Rams, check out our Ram racing tips from last year. This will be one of your main sources of tokens, so you'll want to make sure you're good at it. For a quick rundown of how to get each achievement, you can read up on our Overachiever's guide to the 2009 Brewfest.

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Brewfest is still a bugfest

Brewfest makes me ker-razy!Brewfest bugs continue to infest the live servers. Despite a rolling restart of all the realms this morning, the Barker quest is still bugged on many servers. Blizzard is aware and is currently trying to unravel the latest mystery glitch.

Blizzard was increasing the ticket reward for the Barker quest to make up for disabling the Dark Iron attack quest. If they can't get the Barker quest to work properly, they are going to have to think of another plan. There is only a limited amount of time to gather tickets for players who want the permanent rewards. CM Aeus on the European servers nixed the idea of the event getting extended.

Oceanic realms are also having Brewfest problems of their own. Because the servers are hosted in a different time zone, the Brewfest events didn't go live at midnight, but many hours later. Blizzard is aware of the time discrepancy problem and is looking into ways to avoid it in the future.

For players who intend to do the Barker quest when it is working, Blizzard has pointed out that /waving and /yelling are not necessary. You simply need to get close enough to the flags while on the Riding Ram. The quest updates using waypoint triggers, not emotes.

One bit of good news: the always excellent WoW Wiki has a page up on Brewfest listing quests, rewards, etc. This may help answer many questions players have such as, can I get the Ram quest before L40? (No.)

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More Brewfest brouhaha

Brewfest!While some Brewfest events are hotfixed, others are stubbornly refusing to work without a full server restart. Community Manager Drysc spells it on a late night forum post. The short version, for those whose eyes aren't up to extensive reading after last night's festivities, is this:
  • Dark Iron attacks are disabled for now. The large number of people using the /wave emote during the twice hourly event was causing many to crash repeatedly.
  • Blizzard will reinstate the attacks before Brewfest is over as soon if they figure out a work around to the crashing problem..
  • Ticket rewards for other Brewfest activities have been increased to compensate for the lack of Dark Iron generated tickets. The Barking quest reward increases from 15 to 40 and the Keg Delivery quest increases each keg to 3 tickets (and can be done every 12 hours.)
  • Until the Dark Iron attacks are brought back, "Complimentary Brewfest Samplers" acquired by /waving are disabled (confirming the /wave emote/crashing problem)
  • Brewfest Goggles which were implemented with a temporary duration, will be permanent. A duration timer will show until the next patch, but can be ignored.
  • No /wave or emote is necessary to complete the Barker quest. Just be on the Riding Ram and pass close enough to the flags.
  • In a separate thread, it was confirmed that the Pink Elekk's quest is NOT a daily quest. Some players were able to do it twice due to a one-time reset.
The servers will be getting a rolling restart this morning at 5:00am PST. We'll have to keep an eye on the forums to see what got fixed and what's still bugged.

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Brewfest tips, tricks and total tickets

Brewfest tips and tricks!As Blizzard hotfixes the broken Brewfest quests (Pink Elekks is hotfixed already), Community Manager Drysc has been posting with helpful information for holiday participants. Player Rizz wanted to know how many tickets she could acquire in one day. Drysc's estimate:

15 tickets from "Bark for the Barleybrews!"
Twice a day (every twelve hours) you can do the "There and Back again" repeatable quest, 2 tickets each barrel, you might average 20 tickets? I'm not sure if there's an actual maximum but I do know you can't go forever.
Then every hour on the half hour you can get up to 25 tickets with the Dark Iron attacks.

So theoretically if you do everything you possibly could in a day and got the ticket amounts listed above: 355

This of course doesn't count any of the one-off quests.

Then Drysc responded in a separate thread with some helpful tips on finishing certain Brewfest quests:

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