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WoW Insider's Brewfest Giveaway!

It's Brewfest time-- the Dwarves of Azeroth are completely soused (oh no wait, that's every week), and we're also partaking in the drinking activities here at WoW Insider-- don't worry, we're all above 21. Well, level 21 anyway.

The crew at DC Unlimited also want to join the fun, and they've sent us this terrific Thargas Anvilmar, one of their Warcraft action figures, to give to one of you lucky readers. He's a striking Dwarf Warrior wielding a mean two hander and wearing a full set of Tier 5. It's the perfect piece to add to your Warcraft toy-- whoops, excuse me-- collectible collection. And it's not even set to be released until October 24th, so you get a chance to win it early!

To enter, just throw a comment on this post by Friday, October 12th, telling us what your favorite drink is for Brewfest. It doesn't have to be an alcohol of some kind-- tea is brewed, but then again, only sissy-pants High Elves drink tea. Whatever your drink is, put it in a comment on this post (one comment per reader, US only-- sorry, we've got to ship it to you, age 18 and up), and we'll choose one randomly on Friday to win this great toy-- sorry again, Action Figure. The comment must be left by Friday at 3pm EST. You can enter only once and only one winner will be selected randomly to win the figure (valued at $30). Official rules are here. Good luck!

Update: Time's up! Check your email if you entered-- we're choosing one comment randomly to win the figure.

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Dark Iron attacks finished for the year

It's sad, but true -- the Dark Iron Dwarf attacks that I certainly considered to be the most entertaining aspect of this year's Brewfest event are gone for the duration of the holiday. CM Vaneras tells us the bad news:

They have successfully been driven back for the remainder of this year's Brewfest holiday, but we've intercepted communique being transferred within their spy network, and they are recouping their losses with plans to return next year with an even greater presence.

However, the rest of the Brewfest celebrations are continuing until next Tuesday -- with barking quests and keg delivery quests, you still have a chance get enough tickets to win fabulous prizes.

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Is Brewfest easier for Alliance?

Yozozo claims on the forums that he is able to complete 17 keg runs for the Alliance version of the There and Back again quest for Brewfest and is backed up by others who say they complete an average 15 keg runs per attempt. On the Horde side, 11 to 13 seems to be the average for the high achievers.

I've run the quest on both factions, and it does seem easier on the Alliance side even though the Horde version has more apple barrels. Is it shorter? Is there a better time bonus? Are the goblins wearing Dwarf masks a handicap? Or is it just perception?

I definitely think the Barker quests are easier on the Alliance side. The Ironforge course is in a complete circle without any backtracking and you can jump down the mountain a bit to cut the circuit short at the end. You have to backtrack a little in Orgrimmar and there is no shortcut to the Horde quest-givers.

What is your opinion? Is there an Alliance bias for the Brewfest quests or are the Horde just worse at motivating Rams?

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WoW Moviewatch: A new take on the Karazhan chess event

Who out there isn't enjoying some of the Brewfest events right now? In addition to the simple pleasure of free booze, the Brewfest offers some interesting rewards -- one of which, the beer goggles, is showcased above. However, in this case I really feel like the Horde have the short end of the stick. If you play Horde and put on your beer goggles, everyone turns into an Orc. If you play Alliance and put on your beer goggles, everyone turns into a Gnome. And though the above video is amusing, I can only think of how more amusing it would have been with a more Gnomish theme.

Previously, on Moviewatch...

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Brewfest screenshots without that hangover

Haven't made it to all the Brewfest Beer Gardens yet? Can't find the Pink Elekk's and the dreaded Wolpertinger? Woken up in a stranger's capital city with no pants and no recollection of the last 24 hours? Have no fear. The WoW Insider team has done all that for you. And we took pictures!

From Riding Rams to Tauren Beer Maidens, we've got screenshots of all the major attractions of this short-lived seasonal event celebrating, um, imaginary creatures and overindulgence, really. Best part: no Brewfest tickets required!

Gallery: Brewfest

Ram Racing outside Ironforge Beer GardenRam Racing outside Ironforge Beer GardenTauren Brewfest Reveler at Thunder Bluff Beer GardenTroll Brewfest Vendor at Undercity Beer GardenForsaken Brewfest Reveler at Undercity Beer GardenBrewfest Beer Gardens - Undercity

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Brewfest update: Barker quests fixed... mostly

The Barker quests for the Brewfest are fixed for almost everyone at this point. Unfortunately, some people are still unable to get credit when riding near flags and Blizzard is looking into it. Blizzard CM Drysc and Event Developer Kisirani have been giving updates for fixing the Bugfest.

If you are still having trouble with a Barker quest, here is some info for making sure it's not you:
  • You can only do one Barker quest a day. Double check your Daily Quest total in your Quest Log to make sure you haven't already completed it.
  • There are two competitors vying for your barking prowess, but once you work for one brewer, the other won't offer you the quest until the next day.
  • If you failed it, you can abandon the quest and try again.
  • You have to be on your Rental Ram when going past the flags or else you will not get credit. Once you get all four flags, however, you can use your mount to race back to the brewer.
More Brewfest updates after the jump...

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Brewfest is still a bugfest

Brewfest makes me ker-razy!Brewfest bugs continue to infest the live servers. Despite a rolling restart of all the realms this morning, the Barker quest is still bugged on many servers. Blizzard is aware and is currently trying to unravel the latest mystery glitch.

Blizzard was increasing the ticket reward for the Barker quest to make up for disabling the Dark Iron attack quest. If they can't get the Barker quest to work properly, they are going to have to think of another plan. There is only a limited amount of time to gather tickets for players who want the permanent rewards. CM Aeus on the European servers nixed the idea of the event getting extended.

Oceanic realms are also having Brewfest problems of their own. Because the servers are hosted in a different time zone, the Brewfest events didn't go live at midnight, but many hours later. Blizzard is aware of the time discrepancy problem and is looking into ways to avoid it in the future.

For players who intend to do the Barker quest when it is working, Blizzard has pointed out that /waving and /yelling are not necessary. You simply need to get close enough to the flags while on the Riding Ram. The quest updates using waypoint triggers, not emotes.

One bit of good news: the always excellent WoW Wiki has a page up on Brewfest listing quests, rewards, etc. This may help answer many questions players have such as, can I get the Ram quest before L40? (No.)

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More Brewfest brouhaha

Brewfest!While some Brewfest events are hotfixed, others are stubbornly refusing to work without a full server restart. Community Manager Drysc spells it on a late night forum post. The short version, for those whose eyes aren't up to extensive reading after last night's festivities, is this:
  • Dark Iron attacks are disabled for now. The large number of people using the /wave emote during the twice hourly event was causing many to crash repeatedly.
  • Blizzard will reinstate the attacks before Brewfest is over as soon if they figure out a work around to the crashing problem..
  • Ticket rewards for other Brewfest activities have been increased to compensate for the lack of Dark Iron generated tickets. The Barking quest reward increases from 15 to 40 and the Keg Delivery quest increases each keg to 3 tickets (and can be done every 12 hours.)
  • Until the Dark Iron attacks are brought back, "Complimentary Brewfest Samplers" acquired by /waving are disabled (confirming the /wave emote/crashing problem)
  • Brewfest Goggles which were implemented with a temporary duration, will be permanent. A duration timer will show until the next patch, but can be ignored.
  • No /wave or emote is necessary to complete the Barker quest. Just be on the Riding Ram and pass close enough to the flags.
  • In a separate thread, it was confirmed that the Pink Elekk's quest is NOT a daily quest. Some players were able to do it twice due to a one-time reset.
The servers will be getting a rolling restart this morning at 5:00am PST. We'll have to keep an eye on the forums to see what got fixed and what's still bugged.

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Brewfest tips, tricks and total tickets

Brewfest tips and tricks!As Blizzard hotfixes the broken Brewfest quests (Pink Elekks is hotfixed already), Community Manager Drysc has been posting with helpful information for holiday participants. Player Rizz wanted to know how many tickets she could acquire in one day. Drysc's estimate:

15 tickets from "Bark for the Barleybrews!"
Twice a day (every twelve hours) you can do the "There and Back again" repeatable quest, 2 tickets each barrel, you might average 20 tickets? I'm not sure if there's an actual maximum but I do know you can't go forever.
Then every hour on the half hour you can get up to 25 tickets with the Dark Iron attacks.

So theoretically if you do everything you possibly could in a day and got the ticket amounts listed above: 355

This of course doesn't count any of the one-off quests.

Then Drysc responded in a separate thread with some helpful tips on finishing certain Brewfest quests:

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Brewfest hangover starts early for Blizzard

Players hailed Brewfest with great anticipation, but all is not well in the land of pints and pretzels. Many bugs slipped through the very short Public Testing phase and onto the live servers. From QA Hortus:

We are aware of the following issues:
  • Some players can not get the Pink Elekks quest. This is caused by a mismatch with another quest, we are working on a hotfix for this issue.
  • Corben Barleybrew is not spawning in Black Rock Depths This appears to be due to a misconfiguration on the servers and is being investigated.
  • Unable to loot Brewfest Samplers We are aware of this issue a working on a fix.
I heard a lot of people complain how long Patch 2.2 was on the PTR. These Brewfest bugs are what happens when new content isn't given enough time in the testing phase.

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Brewfest: The Movie

Official Brewfest VideoBlizzard has beat independent Machinimists to the punch with their very own video commemorating Brewfest. I can't embed it here but you can go to WoW's European Movie page. Once there you can watch it directly from the site or download it to your desktop. It's short and I recommend watching it through to the end.

While you're at it, head over to You Tube and check out a short video of what happens when you put on the new Beer Goggles you can buy at Brewfest

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Breakfast Topic: What are your Brewfest goals?

Brewfest begins!At midnight last night the goblins and dwarves finished setting up the Brewfest tents outside Ironforge and Ogrimmar. Also the beer gardens outside Stormwind, Darnassus, the Exodar, Undercity, Thunder Bluff and even Shattrath.

You now have 13 days to collect enough tickets to walk away with a souvenir from your fortnight of drunken revelry. Is it going to be the Brewfest Pony Keg? The Riding Ram? Or the authentic Brewfest Regalia?

What quests interest you the most? Hitting every location in search of the elusive Pink Elekks? Racing Rams through Ironforge and/or Ogrimmar? Fighting off invading Dark Iron Dwarves with nothing but a decorative stein and a fresh-from-the-oven schnitzel? Let us know!

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Brewfest Issues [Updated]

Brewfest is currently live in Oceania and the U.S. and so far there have been some issues:

Brewfest didn't start on time.

The setup crew appeared when patch 2.2.2 went live, but the event didn't go live until midnight. Unfortunately for some servers, it didn't go live then as well. It seems that if your realm time is different from the timezone where the server resides, your Brewfest will go live according to the server location time and not the realm time. For example, U.S. East Coast servers that are located on the West Coast had their Brewfests begin at 3am.

The ticket rewards were too high.

Drysc explains:

It appears that quite a few of the hotfixes originally intended to go out with 2.2.2 were not applied properly as the patch went out with the maintenance today. Many of these hotfixes are now being pushed out.

You should now get 2 tickets for each keg you return for the keg delivery quest.
"Bark for the Barleybrews!" quest reward should be 15 tickets.
"There and Back Again" quest reward should be 10 tickets.
"Pink Elekks on Parade" quest reward should be 40 tickets.
You should be limited to 25 "keg protector" buffs.

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Brewfest starts at midnight server time!

Trouble is brewing in the forums. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Apparently there has been some miscommunication about the in-game Brewfest event. Even the oft-infallible WoW Insider team has been an accessory to this crime, and for that we humbly apologize. There's been more than a little bit of chatter about it on the forums as well, and Drysc dutifully stepped to the plate and addressed the angry alcohol-deprived mob. (Thankfully, he survived a lynching. This time.)

In my opinion Drysc took more of the blame on Blizzard's behalf than he needed to. The misunderstanding, from my perspective, has all been about verbage. The promotional material I've seen indicated that Brewfest would "go live" today, it didn't say the festival would actually start today. Like the Darkmoon Faire, Blizzard has opted to put a day of setup and teardown at each end of the event to add to roleplay realism. Personally, I think it's a nice touch.

The good news is that the festival actually starts tonight at midnight server time. Be sure to check out Dan's guide to Brewfest festivities and make your way to your faction's Brewfest location!

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Brewfest information from Blizzard

While our own Dan O'Halloran has given us a sneak peak at this new holiday as it exists on the test realm, and now Blizzard jumped in and provide us with an overview of the holiday. Blizzard tells us that this event, celebrated by Alliance and Horde alike, is a time in which the World of Warcraft's three competing breweries show off their wares in front of the major cities. Everyone will be able enjoy plenty of booze as well as ram racing (remember, everyone, don't drink and ride!), mystery hunts, and even fighting off Dark Iron Dwarves. You get tickets for participating in events and turn them in for fabulous prizes. Brewfest officially scheduled to begin on October 2nd and run through October 16th, so we can expect the 2.2.2 holiday mini-patch to hit the live realms soon.

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