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5 tips for surviving scenarios

5 tips for surviving scenarios
Scenarios are like the palate-cleansing sorbet that comes in between courses at a fancy restaurant. They're not as involved as questing through zones, and they don't offer upgrades on a per-boss basis like heroic dungeons. But they also don't require a five man group to complete. Because there is no need for a tank or a healer, this means that the queue times for scenarios are usually ultra-fast.

And maybe it's because they don't have the loot tables or span of a heroic dungeon, but scenarios come across as a little more lighthearted and fun. It's not quite fluff content, because you do get valor points and a chance at some gear as well as gold. But it's not really something you need to farm for that one piece of gear you need for raiding, either. Scenarios fall somewhere in between, and because of this, sometimes people just don't quite know what to do once they're in one.

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Mists of Pandaria Beta: Brewmoon Festival

Mists of Pandaria Beta Brewmoon Festival
Those pandaren sure know how to party. One of the scenarios available for previewing and testing on the beta realms is the Brewmoon Festival. This party is hosted up in Kun-Lai Summit. Right away, you'll run into Brewmaster Boof. It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to host a large celebration, and the Brewmaster has dispatched his assistants to gather ingredients for the famous Kun-Lai Kicker. Naturally, good help is hard to find, and the assistants have not checked in lately. You'll be asked to track them down and retrieve their precious cargo.

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