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Vanish "change" coming in patch 3.3

Ghostcrawler (who decided to back off the forums, and then decided to back off that decision slightly) is now back on the forums with word of a change that Rogues will probably be intrigued by: he promises, in patch 3.3, a "change" to Vanish. That's about all we get, unfortunately -- some players assume that it's the Vanish fix they've been seeking for so long, but it sounds more to me like a reworking than a straight-out fix, considering that he points out that if Blizzard finds it's too much of a buff to Rogues (is he actually saying that Vanish working as intended is OP?) then they'll nerf it down.

Anyway, as for when we'll get to try it out, GC gives an official "soon (tm)," so look for a fix on a 3.3 PTR near you coming up quick. Hopefully they've come up with a solution that both keeps Rogues happy in terms of using Vanish the way it's intended, and also keeps the ability in line with other classes in the game.

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Alex Afrasiabi on Cataclysm and the origin of phasing

Gamasutra has a nice interview with someone on Blizzard's team that we haven't heard from very much before -- Alex "Furor" Afrasiabi is currently a lead world designer for Cataclysm, and while we have definitely seen him at BlizzCon a few times, he hasn't done as much press as, say, Tom Chilton or J. Allen Brack. But here he is on Gamasutra, talking about what Blizzard is doing to the World of Warcraft in the next expansion.

And boy are they doing it. As we knew, Desolace and Azshara are getting revamped completely, while Feralas is in for some questing changes and zones like Loch Modan are seeing some "light" modification. Blizzard apparently looked at each zone and determined where it lay on the list of todos: Azshara is becoming the 10-20 Horde zone and so will get reworked extensively, but Silithus, while it may need work, probably won't get more than a few tweaks.

Afrasiabi also talks about the surprising origin of phasing and Blizzard's philosophy. More after the break.

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Mining Toughness bug beefs up twinks

This is an interesting bug (a bug that twinks might not be so happy we're shedding light on it, but it is a bug nonetheless): apparently Toughness, which is the bonus that comes from the mining profession, is giving a much bigger buff than designed at tier 3 of the ability. Instead of giving a bonus to health (as it's supposed to, and as it does for miners not within the 225-299 range), it's actually giving a bonus to Stamina. So level 19s with mining between 225-299 are actually picking up about 700 health, instead of the designed 70.

Apparently has been waiting on a hotfix for this one for a while, but apparently it's not fixed yet, and twinks who have leveled past 300 are a little angry that the lower-leveled miners are picking up a couple hundred more HP (not to mention, you know, the people being killed by the overpowered twinks). Hopefully Blizzard will get this fixed soon -- it seems like an obvious bug and a fairly easy hotfix.

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Patch Notes: 2.1.1

Not *quite* as short as last time, but 2.1.1 is not a major patch by anyone's reckoning (unless, you know, you're all about "The Fel and the Furious"). Clocking in at 1.84MB on the PC and 3.45 MB on the Mac, here's what you'll be getting:

World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.1.1

  • Players will now be able to properly destory the infernals in the quest, "The Fel and the Furious"
  • Gladiator's Plate Legguards: Fixed a graphical display error.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some systems to see terrain holes appear in the distance.
  • Stackable items retrieved from mail will no longer automatically stack in your inventory. This has been disabled pending a future patch fix.
  • Players will no longer see the flickering terrain issues that were introduced with 2.1.0 when the LOD system is enabled.
[Thanks to Kompost for the tip!]

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Today's Patch Notes

The patch notes for today's bug fix patch are available for your reading pleasure.  Rogues especially will applaud the bug fixes and other than that, nothing seems particularly surprising.  The patch should be live on all US servers, which seem to be happily back online.  Log on and enjoy!

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Extended US Maintenance Tuesday

This week's maintenance has been extended by two hours to apply a bug fix patch, so be prepared for maintenance to run between 3am and 11am (PST).  No information on what this patch may be fixing - but I suppose we'll all find out together, tomorrow.

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Maintenance, Patches, and Migration

Today's maintenance will be extended by two hours (to 11:00 AM PDT) to apply a minor bug fix patch.  Of course, what all of us are wondering is which bugs are getting fixed... I guess we'll see when the servers come back up.

Also during (and beyond) this maintenance window, realms Doomhammer, Icecrown, Deathwing, and Kel'Thuzad will be migrated to new hardware.  This migration may take as long as 24 hours, so users on those realms should plan for extended downtime.  All active players with characters on those realms will receive an extra day's credit on their account to compensate for the downtime.

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Bug Fix Tuesday

ChromaggusUS servers are expecting several bug fixes during tomorrow's maintenance (and I would assume European servers will see them during Wednesday maintenance).  Among them are fixes to the time lapse ability used by Chromaggus, the invisible vortexes in the Ossirian encounter, and raid resets (which will hopefully be back on their regular schedule).  All good fixes and I'm glad to see them coming - though I honestly wonder how they managed to make it beyond QA in the first place.

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