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What needs to change in the 90 boost process

We're all starting to get used to the level 90 boost process. Information is flying around the web and people are wrapping their heads around the quirks and tricks in the system. We've spoken already about a few issues, as well as some gearing tips, but let's think forward. In a few (or several) months, the target market for these boosts will not be the currently-subscribed seasoned WoW player. Instead, they'll be looking toward players who are returning after long breaks, players who might be interested in re-subbing to get a free 90 and level to 100 with their friends. So, the question is, what needs to change between now and then?

Something missing

We talked previously about the problems with boosting a level 60 or above character, getting the professions leveled, but then having to spend 1300+ gold on all the recipes. While this is not a huge deal for a practiced, current player, 1300 gold was a small fortune back in the Burning Crusade. While boosted 90s get a 150 gold stipend, if you have more than that in your bag you seem not to get that small chunk of gold. And the assumption would be, surely, that if you boost professions you'll actually be able to use them without having to pay a large amount of gold.

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Character boosts available for $60 in-game

The level 90 character boost is now available in-game for $60. The in-game UI is up and running and the price is correct. The 90 boost allows you to take any character from 1-90, and if you're leveling a character that is level 60 or above, you'll get the Veteran Bonus that allows you to max two professions along with the level 90 boost.

The video above shows the full process, with instructions.

One thing it doesn't note that WoW Insider has discovered on boosting their own characters is that the professions issued to level 60 and above characters need to be learned in-game prior to boosting. If the character has no professions learned, the boosted professions will be randomly allocated by the boost UI, and cannot be changed from within it.

Lastly, if you're on a PvP server, there may well be players camping the boosted level 90 spawn point, either for world PvP, or, more likely, with the Censer of Eternal Agony. The guards have been buffed, but still cause no issues for a larger group. Fortunately your hearthstone takes you to the Shrine, so if you're encountering these issues you can use that to escape.

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Breakfast Topic: How much would you pay for a boost to level 90?

There has been a bit of discussion around the web lately about a survey which apparently came from Blizzard asking about price points for the purchase of level 90 boosts. WoW Insider hasn't received a survey of that nature since the one that went out shortly after BlizzCon. And the ideas it raises about the idea of buying your way to level 90 are nothing new. Alex Ziebart both introduced the possibility and wrote an editorial about it just after BlizzCon; and what's more it came up in the fansite Q&A at BlizzCon itself.

But while this is nothing new, the idea of price point hasn't really been addressed. That's what the survey was apparently asking, and it's certainly food for thought. Establishing price points for these sorts of things is tricky, especially in a subscription-based game such as World of Warcraft. In my opinion at least, Blizzard missed the mark with the transmog helms on the store, which were way too expensive at $15 a piece. So how do you go about establishing a price point for a level 90 boost?

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