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2009 Petopia Calendar on sale now

Mania has released the 2009 Petopia calendar, featuring 12 beautiful images of some of the best pets in the game -- pretty much the perfect gift for the Hunter in your life. The pictures were put together by Aaron Perez, and each one was commissioned by Mania herself, so the calendar features all pets picked by her, including many of the new pet types: there's my current pet, a Rhino, in there for December and of course the Spirit Beast makes an appearance as well. It's available right now over on her Cafepress page for $19.99.

Which may seem a little expensive, but Mania breaks the price down on her site: of the $20, a full $15 goes right back to Cafepress for printing costs and their profit. And of the $5 she gets, Mania sends it back to the artist for his work, so she doesn't even really expect to break even. Which is too bad -- there's certainly interest in these, I think, and it would be nice if we could set it up so the money goes somewhere besides Cafepress (but of course, then Mania would have to find a different printer and a different way to sell it, and who knows how much that all costs).

At any rate, it'll definitely turn out to be a nice calendar, so if you know any pet tamers who need help keeping track of the date, there's your holiday gift.

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Wearing gamer pride on your sleeve

Looking for a new way to show your WoW gamer pride? How about a t-shirt! Lfnotter of Beasthold graphics wrote in telling WoW Insider about their CafePress store featuring WoW themed t-shirts after reading Krystalle's recent post on WoW-themed crafts and toys. My personal favorite is the one pictured. How could you not like a Murloc stew shirt?

Currently there are only a few graphics available, but they promise more are coming, and no doubt they will be as cute as these. I know I am considering picking up one or two for BlizzCon gear. Have a Warcraft-related project you'd like to let people know about? Let us know!

[via lfnotter]

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For sale: WoW day planners and Adventure Logs

Jeni over on livejournal has a cafepress shop where she sells-- you're not going to believe this-- WoW day planners. This is amazing-- not only do these books have the normal holidays in them, but they also come with preprinted WoW holidays! Never miss a Feast of Nobelgarden or a Children's Week festival again! And it looks like on every page, Jeni's printed a quote from a character ingame. You could be writing your dentist appointment above a quote from Herod that says "Blades of Light!" I'm way too excited about these.

But if you think that's cool, check this out: she's also got Adventure Logs. Yes, if the built-in quest log isn't enough for you, you can get your very own notebook devoted specifically to recording WoW quest information. There's even a place to keep printed screenshots of your characters, track profession recipes, and even create instance gear templates. All right, so that's a little much even for me, but if you happen to be really obsessive, maybe the Adventure Log is your thing.

But I love that day planner idea-- the coloring book was good, but this is definitely WoW merchandising at its best (so much so that the legal status of these might be a little iffy, actually). The only qualm I have about picking one up is the covers-- they're a bit cute for a rugged Orc Shaman like myself. I know Jeni probably made them herself, so I don't want to be too harsh-- they're OK, they just don't work for me. But I'd be all over one of these books if they had a cover, say, drawn by the talented and extremely nice folks over at MMOArt. Get me a WoW day planner with something like this on the cover of it, and my credit card will be jumping out of my wallet.

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