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Breakfast Topic: BlizzCon Day 2 -- just wait, there's more

First off, the Cataclysm: Cinematics panel is today. The cinematic for the expansion is awesome and I'm not sure we really need to talk about anything else. Wait, yes we do. There are other panels ... what were they again? Oh, the class Q&A and some other stuff. Let's take a closer look and see what all is going on.

For WoW panels we're just going to be sitting at the main stage for the first half of the day. We have the Cataclysm: Cinematics panel at 10:30 a.m., WoW Class Q&A at 12 p.m., and the WoW Open Q&A at 1:30 p.m. After that, we swap to the development stage for the WoW art panel at 3 p.m. If you keep watching the development stage you'll see -- or rather, hear -- a panel called Blizzard Sound that should touch on the making of the cool sound effects we're going to be hearing in Cataclysm as well as other Blizzard games.

The night will be finished off with a performance by Tenacious D at 6:30 p.m. As Mike Morhaime warned us during the opening ceremonies yesterday, this band isn't not suitable for some audiences ... and possibly all audiences, but they should be a fun act to watch.

Remember that all times and chai are Pacific. No, I wasn't mainlining caffeine when I wrote this last night. Well, maybe just a little.

BlizzCon 2010 is upon us! WoW Insider has all the latest news and information. We're bringing you liveblogging of the WoW panels, interviews with WoW celebrities and attendees and of course, lots of pictures of people in costumes. It's all here at WoW Insider!

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Well Fed Buff: Fizzy Faire Drinks

Every Thursday, Well Fed Buff will be serving up the tastiest dishes to boost your HP and stats, just in time for your weekend gaming.

In honor of the impending Spring season, and the traveling Darkmoon Faire, this week's Well Fed Buff will feature an improved version of [Fizzy Faire Drink "Classic"]. Don't worry, we won't be going anywhere near 'New Fizzy Faire Drinks'.

The Improved Fizzy Faire Drinks can be prepared in a variety of styles and flavors, with fun colors and yummy garnishes. As such, several different combinations will be featured, and their mysterious buffs revealed.

In fact, I wanted to create a purple and green float as a symbol of the Darkmoon Faire, but all my local grocery store offered would have made a grape-mint combination. If any brave souls try this, or can snag lime instead of mint, send us a screenshot!

If you're curious, and itching to start off the ice cream season a little early, hop on through the break.

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ThinkGeek is selling Mana Energy Potion if you want it

Just in case you couldn't wait to get your hands on one of those extremely gross real-life Mana Energy Potions we posted about a while back, now's your chance: ThinkGeek is selling them at a reasonable price (even though actually drinking them probably isn't reasonable at all). As mephron points out on WoW LJ, the nutritional stats are atrocious: B12 is definitely good for you, but putting 6667% of anything's daily allowance in your system just doesn't seem right.

And Robin was right -- these have a ton of caffeine in them. ThinkGeek says there's 160mg of caffeine in each bottle. That's not exactly lethal, of course (the lethal dose is about 150mg per kg of body mass), but finishing off a six pack of these over a weekend of gaming will not be good for us. Still, if you want them after all that, there you go.

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