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Has Blizzard left an opening for the next generation of WoW killers?

wow killers!
As Blizzard has faltered with its recent loss of WoW subscribers and the reset of its yet to be announced next MMO, other developers, hungry to make inroads in the MMO market, have looked on this as an opportunity. So, after countless games have tried to claim the title, are we really about to see a WoW killer come to market? Stephan Frost, Game Design Producer at NCsoft's Carbine Studios, thinks that it gives his game Wildstar a better chance to succeed. "We're coming out at a time when WoW is losing subscribers and we can fill the void for people who want an MMO that's deep, hardcore but also accessible to people." In the meanwhile, Take-Two Interactive has taken the opposing angle, saying that no one -- not even Blizzard -- can succeed because the North American market is a poor one for MMOs.

Analysts agree that Blizzard's delay can only be an opportunity for others, though with WoW's current patch frenzy, it's clear that Blizzard isn't planning on relinquishing its title as top MMO any time soon. So is scifi MMO Wildstar going to be the next big thing? Or will Take-Two's Asian-market MMOs be a smashing success? Only time will tell.

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Will Carbine Studios produce another WoW?

We have often speculated about who will step up to dethrone World of Warcraft in the MMO gaming market, and it appears that we finally may have a contender: Carbine Studios. What makes this particular Aliso Viejo-based development studio so unique isn't what they are working on -- another MMORPG with what appear to be sword-wielding aliens-- but who they are.

The dev team is made up of some of the best and brightest in the industry, including Kevin Beardslee, a lead designer on WoW. In fact, there are now 17 former Blizzard employees working under the Carbine label, and this bodes well for the creation of a game strong enough to rival the WoW powerhouse. NCSoft is very proud to have these guys working for them, and if the concept work is any indication, this might finally be the game that could become the next king of the MMO mountain.

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