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WoW gets the Google Maps treatment

WoW gets the Google Maps treatment
Being a fantasy world set in a vaguely medieval technology level (the odd gnome or goblin invention or steam tank aside), one does not generally expect all the perks of modern life to invade the World of Warcraft. Today, that's changed a little as Google Maps comes to Azeroth. World of Mapcraft features all of the current lands of WoW (minus Pandaria) from a bird's-eye view using Google technology. You can zoom in and try to find your favorite landmark or city (I looked for the twin pillars of Feralas and the Ruins of Southshore) or finally figure just how Dun Morogh's snow transitions into the green of Wetlands. You can even take a look at your favorite raid, dungeon, or Battleground.

Alas, there's no street view, but who knows? Maybe someone out there's just crazy enough to take that task on. It's definitely a fun new way to look at the world. Check it out.

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The geography of WoW space

World of Warcraft has seen the rise of a massive community of diverse players. Most of us do not simply log into WoW, but visit a number of news sources, fan sites, and web-bases resources to stay on top of new developments in the game. Tim Howgego has created a map of the virtual WoW community. In this image he has categorized some of the most popular spaces that players visit outside of Azeroth.

His map is divided into several areas:

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New expansion, new map

In Wrath of the Lich King, we'll get a new continent, new talents, a new class, a new profession, and probably lots of things we don't even know about yet. However, it looks like some of the old is also changing. Inspired by a post over at Casual WoW, the above image shows the WotLK map with outlines from the current live map superimposed in blue. So what's changed?
  • Kalimdor changed in shape significantly. No longer looking quite so much like a penguin, it now has a more crescent-shaped profile.
  • Two new islands off the southwest coast of the Eastern Kingdoms.
  • New bit of land north of Westfall, west of Stormwind on the west coast of EK.
  • Islands Northwest of Tirisfal removed, and two small ones added north of Scarlet Monestary [thanks, Captain Tonga]
Why do you think these changes were made? Theorize away. It looks like mostly unreachable areas that were removed, but I can't imagine what they're going to do with that new chunk of land near Stormwind. Of course, this is just artwork, and may not correspond that closely to actual in-game geography, but I bet something is going on there.

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Adding to the Azeroth map

Currently our map of Azeroth has two continents, but anyone who's played the original RTS games knows more is out there. Blizzplanet has some interesting information that leads me to hazard a guess that we may be seeing more added to the cartography of Azeroth in the future.

They start with the information, lore and such that were added to the World of Warcraft RPG: Lands of Mystery tabletop rulebook. Should you own a copy (I, alas, do not) you will find it contains new info on Northrend and the South Seas. The maps that we saw on the WoW Collector's Edition behind the scenes DVD of Azeroth show that they have been planning such an expansion since 2004. On the map, it shows Northrend at the top of the world, with the Maelstrom and Nazajatar in the middle and the Isle of Kezen/Undermine at the bottom.

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