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Cataclysm beta patch notes build #12479, new 31-point talents

The new 31-point talent trees are now in the beta! More information incoming tonight as we get it in ...

Update: The patch is now available to download for beta testers. Just fire up the client and wait for 300 megs of new talent goodness.

A first pass on new talent trees has been implemented.

  • Each specialization has been reduced to a 31-point talent tree.
  • Players will now get a total of 41 talent points to spend.
  • 31 points must be spent in the primary specialization tree before any points can be placed in additional trees.
  • Players will be asked to choose a specialization at level 10. Doing so will result in the unlocking of a spell or ability unique to that specialization, as well as one or more passive bonuses.
  • While this is a first pass on all of the talent trees, death knight, druid, paladin, warlock, Arcane mage, and Assassination rogue trees are not as far along as other specializations.
  • More information regarding our plans for talent trees can be found on our Cataclysm forum.

The full notes after the break.

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