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Cataclysm 101: A guide to PvP changes and challenges

There are quite a few changes to PvP in Cataclysm. Let's have a look at how the changes in the past few patches will affect the other aspect of World of Warcraft gameplay ...

Resilience is different

Resilience no longer reduces critical strike chance but instead only reduces damage across the board. As resilience is the premier PvP stat, this impacts gameplay in a major way. First, critical strikes are back on the table. This means that talents contributing to crit are valuable in PvP again. Burst damage from crits will happen more often, and players can opt to stack crit for PvP without it being devalued ... much.

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Breakfast Topic: Tired of Cataclysm

Cataclysm doesn't even have a release date yet (though Blizzard insists it's coming out in 2010), but I'm already getting tired of it. Live servers seem like ghost towns and the blogosphere is Cataclysm-obsessed (ourselves included). It's hard not to get excited about new content, but wherever you turn it's talk of the beta, discussion of changes that may never go live and above all, anticipation. But I just want to be able to play World of Warcraft again. Can't we all just shut up about Cataclysm for long enough to run instances? Do raids? Group quests? Anything? Please?

So sound off, readers -- are you, too, tired of the endless hype around WoW's next expansion? Do you miss being able to play World of Warcraft?

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