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Is Project Fiona a miss for WoW?

At this week's Consumer Electronics Show, Razer unveiled its sexy new tablet/PC hybrid called Project Fiona. The title alone is newsworthy, since Project Fiona's name doesn't really fit in with Razer's usual names like Switchblade, Anansi, Naga, and so on. Much like everything else about Project Fiona, its name is a departure from the norm.

While the Razer website still cautions that Project Fiona is a conceptual device and thus the final product specs may vary, the hybrid will run Windows 8, boast Intel Core i7, and communicate with Bluetooth 3.0. That means the tablet could, theoretically, run WoW just fine, maybe pairing with a wireless keyboard to enable typing and social interaction.

Right now, Project Fiona is expected to work with game delivery systems like Steam and GameFly, but the tablet seems like a natural fit to take WoW with you on the road. The hybrid uses side-mounted controllers for many game actions, and if the tablet is configurable, you should be able to fit most in-game actions on the buttons fairly easily.

Of course, the question is whether Project Fiona makes sense as a WoW gaming system. If the hybrid does come in under $1,000, then it would be a very attractive alternative, mobile platform. The form factor feels a little weird for an MMO, but the 10" screen definitely lends itself to a casual, on-the-go experience. It probably wouldn't replace a full-featured PC as a raiding computer, but Project Fiona is definitely tempting as a second, mobile gaming computer.

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Razer Switchblade mobile PC gaming concept unveiled

Not paying attention to the Consumer Electronics Show this year? You should be. Today, Razer revealed the Switchblade, its concept for a mobile PC gaming platform -- a PC gaming and multimedia device that fits in your hand.

Though this product is but a concept at the moment, Razer's vision for the Switchblade includes a 7-inch screen and a dynamic LCD keyboard. That is, the keys are clear, tactile buttons laid atop a dynamic LCD screen that will change depending on what game you're playing or what you're doing in the game. Imagine questing in World of Warcraft and jumping into a vehicle. Rather than your in-game UI changing, the keyboard's display itself would change to represent the vehicle's controls and abilities.

It's unlikely that a device like this could be used for long sessions of hardcore gaming -- even if the keyboard works perfectly, that's some serious eye strain -- but it could make PC gaming on the go a reality rather than the clunky kludges it's been thus far. Here's hoping this product actually hits the market.

[via Engadget]

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Mia Rose interview with Allakhazam

Mia Rose chatted it up with Andrew Beegle, aka Tamat, from Allakhazam at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Mia is known around the World of Warcraft community for her work in WoW related adult entertainment. However she also is a known Warlock with a penchant for raiding.

Mia talked about her opinions on Wrath and how excited she was to get it initially, but is now kind of so-so about it. In the interview Mia laments about how easy the current raiding content is, especially compared to how hard you had to work to get into the Black Temple back in Burning Crusade raiding.

Head over to Allakhazam and take a watch. This video is completely safe for work, as well.

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Seen at CES: Warlock vehicle security is overpowered

We knew there wouldn't be much of anything Warcraft-related at CES 2008 worthy of coverage here on WoW Insider, but we kept our eyes open as we scoured the show floor and had a chuckle to stumble upon the Warlock vehicle security systems booth. We don't even want to know what it does to any intruders it detects. If more gratuitous gadgetry is your thing, hit up our sister site Engadget for a literal metric ton of CES news (including the best of the worst).

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