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Warlords of Draenor Beta: New in-game Character Copy

One new feature worth mentioning in the beta is the new in-game character copy option. Enabled currently only in North America (sorry, Europe) this feature allows you to directly copy a character from the live realms to the beta without using the website. Simply click the button to the side maked Copy Character and then a box pops up (like the one in the header image) with a list of your eligible characters and the servers they're on. Then select one and it copies over to the beta server. I've used it twice (on warriors, of course) and while there were some issues with it, it did work.

It's very handy. Perhaps eventually all character services could be available in this manner. Right now you can buy the level 90 character boost, but you can't buy a faction change or server transfer via the in-game client -- this seems like it could lead to that kind of functionality.

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Mists of Pandaria Beta: Character copy maintenance

The character copy service for the Mists of Pandaria is currently undergoing maintenance according to Community Manager Lylirra on the official forums. This maintenance is to address an issue affecting the service, and there's currently no ETA on when the character copies will be back up. For those who were invited in the latest round of 250,000 invites, this means while you may make a new character on the beta servers, copying your character will have to wait for a little while.

The beta character copy is currently undergoing maintenance to a resolve an issue affecting the service. While we don't have an ETA at this time for when character copies will be back up, we'll be providing updates in this thread as they become available.

Thank you for your patience.

It's open warfare between Alliance and Horde in Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft's next expansion. Jump into five new levels with new talents and class mechanics, try the new monk class, and create a pandaren character to ally with either Horde or Alliance. Look for expansion basics in our Mists FAQ, or dig into our spring press event coverage for more details!

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How to prepare your character to copy over to the MoP beta

Beta keys are being unleashed left and right for Mists of Pandaria. While anyone with beta access can create a pandaren and try out the starting zone, that zone is a little clogged right now. Taking a stroll through the Jade Forest might be more up your alley -- it's the first zone we'll encounter as we level from 85 to 90. All you need is a level 85 character, and you can teleport right over to the Jade Forest and begin your journey.

While there are options for premade characters on the beta servers, it may not be the right option for you. After all, most players are far more comfortable with their own characters than they are with a random level 85. Plus you get the added insight of just how far your current gear, enchants and gems will take you when the game goes live. Blizzard has a feature that allows you to copy your characters over to the beta servers for just that purpose -- but before you do it, there are some things you should prepare for.

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PTR character copy service active (Updated)

While we're unsure exactly for what, the Public Test Realm character copy function is currently up and running, but not yet active. Could be for the upcoming Echo Isles and Gnomeregan content, could be for the new Ruby Sanctum raid. We have no idea. It may not even mean anything at all.

Of note: my particular character copies haven't been reset since the last PTR testing phase, giving me a grand total of one possible character copy to the PTR servers. You may be in a similar or worse boat.

As always, when Blizzard provides more information about the status of the PTR, as well as its contents, we'll be sure to let you know. Until then, feel free to hammer the character copy server -- you were going to anyway.

Update: MMO-Champion points out that instead of our normal Anasterian and Broxigar realms on the PTR realm list, we have Broxigar and BlizzCon Event. As Boubouille notes: "When was the last time Blizzard needed a server for BlizzCon?"

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Patch 3.3.3 PTR character copies up

Hot on the heels of the Patch 3.3.3 PTR patch notes, Blizzard has activated character copies for this phase of testing. While the realms aren't up quite yet, and neither is the client, you can definitely copy your live characters over to Broxigar (PVE) or Anasterian (PVP) for impending testing.

A few things to bear in mind: if you're excited to try out the new Ruby Sanctum raid, that content isn't going to be in this particular patch. There might be indications of it, maybe some quests or data, but no instance itself just yet. But, since there's no raid content, this means you can also copy over premade level 80 characters -- the perfect way to test out all those new PVP changes.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go make your evil twin!

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Patch 3.3 PTR: Character copy is up, but not so fast

A few readers have reported in to say that character copies are currently up for what we presume to be the patch 3.3 PTR (not that surprising, considering that Blizzard has been forthcoming with Icecrown info today), but before you go running over to send your character racing to meet Arthas, don't forget that usually in this situation, character copies get wiped before the PTR goes up anyway. You can try a copy, but don't be surprised if, when the realm finally does go up and Blizzard is ready, you have to do it again.

That said, this is a pretty good sign that the PTR is just around the corner -- Blizzard's got the content in a workable state, and they're just about ready to let us have a look at it and run it through the ringer for them. Icecrown or bust!

Thanks, Low!

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PTR character copy queue shortening

Many people are reporting now that the PTR character copy queue is quickly shortening. Earlier today it was up around a 24 day wait for characters to be copied over, now I've seen it reported that it's down around 7 days (and shrinking). The reports are mainly for the US PTR, and not the EU.

The queue was very high because Blizzard was letting everyone line up to get their characters copied, and not actually doing any of the copying yet. However now that they're copying the actual characters over to the PTR, the queue is diminishing fast.

You can get in line to copy your character over via the "PTR Character Copy" link on your account management page. Please note however, that at this time Blizzard is not allowing any more characters to be queued for copying, but that can change at any minute.

This is a good indication that the PTR will be up very soon. We're fully staffed here at WoW Insider HQ and will be bringing you the latest as soon as the PTR goes up. Hopefully including some juicy patch notes, screenshots and detailed information on Ulduar, and our first glimpse at how exactly dual specs will work.

This post brought to you by the word soon™!

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PTR character copy is back up! Everybody panic!

Okay, everybody. Stock up on tarps, bottled water, and canned beans, because the PTR character copy site is up and running again. We don't know if this means anything, or if this PTR is actually going up soon, or even if these copies will actually work, but it is our duty to make sure you get a steady news trickle of anything and everything related to the 3.1 PTR.

There are currently two realms to which you can copy - Broxigar (PVE) and Anasterian (PVP).

Go copy a character or two, then get in the fallout shelter, because things just might get exciting soon. Alternatively, these copies might go nowhere like the last set. Fingers crossed!

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PTR Download is up, even though you probably don't realize it

For those looking to get on the 3.0.8 PTR you'll notice that the download links for the client at point to a 3.0.1 version of WoW. This version is several months old.

However once you download the version above, run the installer, and then run the game you'll be presented with the requirement to download another patch. This patch will bring you up to the latest 3.0.8 version of PTR client.

To put it another way: the version you get from the official download page will be updated upon installation. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's wrong.

This took Alex Ziebart and I a bit to realize, and we wanted to be sure that we shared this with you right away. Enjoy your PTRing!

We should note that the server names are a bit odd right now, but Alex is on the 3.0.8 PTR with his character he copied over earlier.

Edit: Pukka clears up the situation a bit more for us nicely: "Unless you were in the beta, you will not be able to access any WotLK content (or characters above 70 for that matter). Also, on the copy page, PvE lands you on a Spanish PvP server, and PvP lands you on a US English PvE server."

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PTR character copy is up...for now

If you want to copy your characters over to the 3.0.8 PTR I would do it soon, as in the next few minutes. The copy is currently up and working via the account management page at (go there yourself and navigate to account management as to ensure there's no trickery involved in links, etc...)

The PTR client is not available to be downloaded yet, but we'll let you know when we hear that it is. Expect that to be anytime, probably before the end of the business day on the west coast.

There's a good bit of changes to check out over at the PTR 3.0.8 patch notes. Be sure you do so and stay tuned to WoW Insider for more analysis of specific class changes.

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PTR 3.0.2 client is available for download

You can now begin downloading the PTR (Public Test Realm) client for patch 3.0.2. We reported earlier today that character copies have been made active, and those are going along nicely as far as we can tell (my Warrior copied across with no problem). To download the client and copy your characters over to the PTR, login to your account administration at

We are expecting a lot of out of this patch. From new talent trees, to class and raid mechanics changes, to the removal of the Amani War Bear. We'll have a lot more on this as we get more information in. Patch notes are not available yet – though we expect to get our hands on them soon.

Stay tuned!

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3.0 PTR Character Copy open

In a sign that the 3.0 patch may be nearly upon us, the US PTR Character Copy utility is now up and running. There are no sign of premade characters yet, but it does allow you to transfer 4 of your existing characters to the US PvE or PvP Test realms. As usual, you must have an active Burning Crusade enabled account to participate.

The 3.0 patch, as you may recall, is the harbinger of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and will include many of Wrath's new features, including the new class talents and spells, barber shops, and even the Inscription trade skill. This is a huge step toward the release of the expansion itself, and we'll keep you updated on any further news we receive on the 3.0 PTR and everything beyond it.

[Thanks to Shawn for the heads up!]

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Premade beta toons available again -- for real

After the false alarm a few days ago, premade characters are available for copy to the US Wrath beta PvP realm Murmur. (Apparently, the realm was called "Murmer" up until a few hours ago. I guess Blizzard decided on a last minute spell check.) I have firsthand knowledge that the character copy now works because I copied three toons this morning and less than two hours later they are now playable. If you have a beta key and you want to play on the PvP server, keep in mind a few things:
  • You can only choose all Horde or all Alliance toons because it's a PvP server.
  • You can copy up to three level 80 characters, stacked with top-notch PvP gear.
  • This server is designed to test Wintergrasp. Other PvE areas like Azeroth and Outland may not be available for play on this server.
  • If you like Night Elves, you're stuck playing a Druid. Dwarves, on the other hand, get a choice of three classes (Hunter, Priest, or Warrior). Every other race gets two classes each.
  • Right now the wait time is only a couple of hours. It will get longer as more people copy toons. So go over there ASAP.
Commenters have (sad to say, rightly) accused me of a US bias in my posts so I did some extra research on the this topic for our EU readers. The EU servers do not have premade templates available because -- at the moment, at least -- there is no Murmur-equivalent beta realm available to them. Sorry, folks. We'll keep you posted if that changes.

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Premade characters now available for copy on the PTR

Blizzard forum poster Hortus has announced that premade characters are now available for copy to the PTR for patch 2.4.3. The Character Copy page says that the average wait time for copying is five days, but I've never waited as long as the estimates for my copied toons. I copied mine to the PTR tonight and will let you know how long the transfer takes.

The eighteen premades are all Level 70s, two of each class (one Horde, one Alliance). Undead comprise the largest race (5), followed by Dwarves (4), Gnomes (3), and Orcs (2). There is one character each for Tauren (Druid), Night Elves (Druid), Blood Elves (Paladin), and Draenei (Shaman). They are all specced with gear made for PvP, judging by the character names. So what are you waiting for? Maintenance starts soon! Get out there and copy a premade character -- or four -- for yourself.

[Thanks, Josh and Philip Stetson.]

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Official PTR boards and character copy are up, but no PTRs are active

Late last night, without fanfare or blue announcement, the official PTR forum went up, and the PTR character copy function became operational.

Unfortunately, nobody is sure quite what to make of this, as there are no PTRs up, no patch announced, and no post from Hortus or any other blue on the PTR Forums themselves. It's certainly possible that someone threw the wrong switch, although for now, people are holding out hope for an announcement later this morning. It's certainly a bit late now to do some last minute testing on Season 4 gear or the Midsummer Fire Festival, likely, and it's far too early to expect any of the WoTLK stat adjustments or other mechanics changes to see the light of day on live, so it's likely that this will a minor bug fix patch. Perhaps the fix to all those Hunter growl bugs is finally incoming, or maybe they'll add the Brewfest Kodo to the live servers.

We'll keep you updated as we hear more, but it looks like it's a safe bet that we'll have a PTR patch 2.4.3 coming soon enough.

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