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Character copy up, for now [Updated]

Many of our readers will be happy to know that several people are reporting that the character transfer to the PTR is up and running. Our thanks to WoW Insider reader Jason for pointing this out to us.

You can get on the PTR and learn to love patch 2.4 by heading over to the Account Management page on the main World of Warcraft site. When there, click on the "Test Realm Character Copy" button, and then on "Copy a Character". After you've asked Blizzard to copy your character over, come back and check about every hour to see if they've done it yet. Even though the wait time says four days, in my experience it has been substantially less.

One last tip: if the button comes up gray, just hit refresh a few times.

Good luck!

Updated 1:15 p.m. EST: Screams of frustration can be heard around Azeroth as Blizzard plays dirty tricks with their character copy process. People are now having mixed results in getting their characters copied across. It might be that the queue is full again.

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Character copy is up!

After a wild night of server issues, I decided to log onto my account page and try to copy my warrior over to the PvE test server. Lo-and-behold, after a few tries, the copy request went through! Horray!

Of course, it says that the queue is 4 days long. I seriously doubt this, as this is often wrong. Hopefully later today many more of us will be happy little World of Warcraft campers with shiny new Sunwell toys.

While you're waiting for your character to be copied over, you can check out all our patch 2.4 coverage. From our picture galleries of Sunwell Isle and goodies found while combing through the patch files, to the latest about the many new recipes and all that new loot, WoW Insider has got you covered!

Update 12:22 p.m. EST: My character was copied over, in less than 12 hours. Some players are still reporting that they cannot get the copy screen to work, so it looks like Blizzard might have taken it down again. However if you're really itching to get on the PTR, it might be a good idea to check back every 15 minutes or so.

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The character copy queue is currently full

With the US PTR featuring patch 2.4 up and running, there is some news to report!
  • You cannot copy your characters over right now. A message is up saying "The character copy queue is currently full."
  • There is an average wait time of 4 days for a copy. In my experience this has been right about 50% of the time.
  • If your character was previously copied, there's a chance you can play it now. There are level 70's on the Isle of Quel'Danas.
  • The PvE server appears to be buggy. Sometimes it is letting me in, sometimes it isn't. Also, character creation is not always working.
Enjoy the PTR's today! And don't forget to send us in any juicy tidbits you come across! More news at WoW Insider throughout the day.

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Sunwell Isle map and PTR news

Thanks to Michael for alerting us to a post over at the WoW LiveJournal. He has managed to piece together a map of Sunwell Isle and the new Azeroth world map from the beta files currently available for patch 2.4. Of course, this is just beta information and may change at any time.

As far as the PTR goes, you can now download the patch files. However, when you try to copy a character you get the error message "You have no characters on Anvilmar," or what ever server you live on. This is because while the patch files are available, the server is not up yet.

Stay tuned to WoW Insider all this weekend for the latest patch news!

See the new maps after the break.

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PTR character copier appears broken

During a spirited conversation with someone over the number of public test realms (that was rather reminiscent of the "I See Four Lights!" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation), I decided to download the newest PTR client and take a look. At first I made a (new) gnome rogue and then quickly decided "to hell with this level one crap" and ran off to the character copy page to copy one of my Gnomeregan characters or maybe copy a premade character. My hopes were dashed as I discovered that somehow the character copier was broken. The video just handed to me (and linked above) by a trusted Blizzard source may provide illumination on what has transpired. (Humor intended.)

Blizzard poster Hortus informs us that they are aware of character copying issues and that the problem is being investigated. We have also received private assurances from our anonymous source that the platen glass in the PTR character copier will be reinforced to accommodate Taurens and other more "rubenesque" characters.

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