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Dirt Dog Gaming's Sunwell daily chart

So, by now I'm sure many of you have made your way to the Sunwell and started figuring out the daily quests. You've probably checked out our walkthroughs of the new dailies for Shattrath and the 1st phase of the offensive, and gotten your bearings pretty well. Still, there's a lot of quests to deal with, and it can understandably get a bit boggling sorting through them all.

That's where Infamy of Dirt Dog Gaming steps in, with a very handy chart that breaks down all the various phases of the offensive with handy color coding indicating which quests are progressive towards unlocking content. It's definitely a very nicely done resource, and one which should help you plan out your daily runs as you work towards exalted SSO reputation, epic flying mount money, or just unlocking the island completely. Check it out!

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Kalgan confirms the Life Tap and Flametongue rollbacks, offers up some Arena numbers

Sweet, back to taking over the world. Warlocks rejoice, Kalgan has just officially confirmed that previously mentioned removal of the Lifetap nerf was intentional. While they were originally concerned that Warlocks were still too overly represented in the arenas, he said, a recent downtrend in their numbers convinced them to withdraw the nerfs, at least until the numbers settle down again. He also shared a chart that revealed Blizzard's analysis of the number of a class in each arena type vs. their desired numbers for the 2200+ and 1850 score ranges. The numbers are shown as a percentage by class and team type. A Percentage of 100% means they're at Blizzard's expected representation level. Above that means they outpace it, below means they're below it.

We'll show you the charts here after the break.

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Breakfast Topic: So how are those keys coming?

So the expansion's been out for over a month, you've gotten all your raid keys done, right? RIGHT? The overwhelming looking raid attunement chart hosted by WoWWiki seems intimidating, but a lot of things turned out to be easier than I'd anticipated. For example, you don't need to complete Shadow Labyrinth, The Steam Vaults, or Arcatraz for your Karazhan key. The Shadow Labyrinth key is at the end-boss, Murmur, but the fragment in The Steam Vaults can be reached without actually killing any bosses, and the one in Arcatraz can as well. The reputation buildup just from doing the usual instances and quests was enough to provide me with almost all the reputation I needed for heroic mode keys, but I haven't started any heroics yet.

How are those keys coming folks? Horror stories with that pickup group in Steamvaults got you down?

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MMO Account Statistics

Though this site isn't specific to World of Warcraft, MMOGCHART.COM provides some interesting information on the subscriber levels of various MMO's currently on the market as well as the number of people actively playing MMO's.  The site has recently gotten its first update of the year, with promises of more updates to come.  It doesn't tell us more than we already know - that World of Warcraft is immensely popular - but it does help to put it in perspective.  With the next two MMO's below WoW catering to more of the Asian market (NCSoft's Lineage and Lineage 2), it looks like North American competition in the MMO market is pretty scarce.

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