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Choose My Adventure: Polls for Christian Belt

Choose the adventures of the staff as we level our characters in <It came from the Blog> on US Zangarmarsh-H.

Foxlight is now even more aptly named, now that you have chosen holy for his talent tree. You also voted for jewelcrafting/mining, so he will be making pretty, sparkly things. But, while most of you find Fox Van Allen's shirtless pally fabulous, you're really here to vote on the class and race of's prom queen, Christian Belt. You'll also get to vote on the questing zone for next week, if you so choose. But first, the schedule:
  • Matthew Rossi as Andrenorton, his new troll mage: Some time Saturday
  • Fox Van Allen as Foxlight, the blood elf paladin: Saturday, 8 p.m. EDT
  • Amy Schley as Patent, the troll rogue, Adam Holisky as Adammentat, the tauren druid, and Gregg Reece, the orc warlock, will be making appearances as they can.
The polls are after the break.

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WoW's 5th anniversary: Our writers' memories

We at are a sentimental bunch. I always privately thought that, but now I've got the sort of ironclad proof beloved by canny blackmailers everywhere. In the weeks before WoW's 5th anniversary, a backchannel team discussion sprang up on our memories of the game and the players with whom we've had the great privilege of playing, and we decided to collect them here in honor of WoW's birthday.

Some of us are hardcore gamers with lots of experience with other games. For others, WoW was their first (and in some cases, only). Most of us raid, and some of us PvP or theorycraft. A few of us are nuts for hardware arguments, but others are surprised to discover that WoW does not actually play on our toasters. Many of us are pretty easygoing in our approach to the content; others would sell their grandmothers up the river for a server-first. One among us hates warlocks, and everyone else just hates rogues (unless you're Chase).

But we do share one thing in common, and that's that we love the game no matter what we're doing while playing it -- and we hope you do too. From all of us at, happy birthday, World of Warcraft!

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WoW Insider Show Episode 115: Use your i-mage-ination

I am pretty flabbergasted by all of the pictures you listeners have sent in to our podcast -- it seems we've got listeners all over the globe who do all kinds of different things while listening to the show. In other words, we've got eyes everywhere, including Gormal, an 80 hunter from the Villiage Idiots on Quel'dorei. He found this boat on the way to work, and suggests to us it might actually be Ghostcrawler's famous yacht. Why is it dry-docked? GC's working hard on Cataclysm, of course -- who has time for sailing when paladins need nerfing? Lots more reader pictures in our gallery below.

And oh yeah, there's a show, too. Christian Belt was kind enough to join us this weekend -- along with Chase Christian, Turpster, and I, he talked with us about mages and how they're doing, Blizzard's new pets-for-cash scheme, and what's been showing up on the patch 3.3 PTR lately. Enjoy the show -- we'll be back next week as usual.

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Listen here on the page:

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[1.Local]: Belting it out

Reader comments -- ahh, yes, the juicy goodness following a meaty post. [1.Local] ducks past the swinging doors to see what readers have been chatting about in the back room over the past week.

In last week's [1.Local], we snarked around a bit about the most common "mistaken identity" emails we receive on the news and comments lines -- issues for a video game company, a cable company, an ISP and even a gym. "Looks like we just keep diversifying," observed Eddie Carrington. "I think the next business should we should get into is event planning."

Readers joshed good-naturedly about the idea -- and brought up a popular ongoing request. "Oh man, you guys are starting event planning now?" asked paul. "Finally, been looking for some guys good enough to help with my upcoming 18th. Does the package include Belt giving a speech? 'Cos that would be awesome. xD"

"Anything that includes Mr. Belt giving a speech is bound to be awesome," agreed MusedMoose with a *grin*.

Gentlemen, your wish has been granted: the rare spawn, Archmage Pants himself, made his WoW Insider Show debut this very weekend. If you missed Mr. Belt live on Saturday, keep an eye on tomorrow and listen up.

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Listen to the WoW Insider Show live this afternoon

Our podcast returns to the virtual airwaves this afternoon and if you were watching our Twitter feed this week, you'd know the big news: Christian Belt has decided to come and join us. Not that we're not fans of all of our bloggers, but he's been one of the most requested voices on the show for a while, and he's finally decided to make the jump and meet all of you through the magic of Ustream. Better not disappoint him!

And that's not all -- Chase Christian will be on (that's right, twice the Christian on the 'cast) with Turpster and I, and we'll be talking of course about Blizzard's jump into selling fake items for real money, "Icecrown Radiance" and what it means, and all the fun stuff we've been seeing come out of the PTR. And as usual, we'll chat live with everybody in the chatroom, as well as answer your questions via email -- I see already that we've been getting lots and lots of pictures of where people are listening in, so we'll be talking about those and you'll see them in the gallery next week as well. Should be a great time -- come and join us on Ustream or right after the break on this post when the show kicks off at 3:30pm Eastern this afternoon.

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[1.Local]: Thank you, thank you

Reader comments – ahh, yes, the juicy goodness following a meaty post. [1.Local] ducks past the swinging doors to see what readers have been chatting about in the back room over the past week.

In this last installment of [1.Local] for 2008, we'd like to thank a few people – you, our readers – with some of your own words. Here is a quick sampling of some of the more recent thank-you's we've received. For this [1.Local] only, we included notes that came in via e-mail and other methods, as well. We think these messages of appreciation point to good writing, good material, good reader perspectives ... a good deal all the way around.

Be sure to dive into the comments area of each thread (not this one!) and add your own thoughts – unlike your mama, we like us some hot, fresh backtalk.

Who's the tank?
Readers thought this Moviewatch was a job well done – and its creator was surprised and flattered for the recognition. "I'd just like to give a big thank you to Michael Gray for posting my "Who's the Tank?" video on WoW Moviewatch," wrote Michael Schroeder of BroncoTV. "It's really hard to get a lot of recognition on YouTube, especially because our comedy sketches don't really fit the requirements for a good viral video (e.g., someone getting hit in the nuts). So I am ever so grateful that you gave the video such a boost. Again, thank you very much for showcasing my video and I'm really glad you enjoyed it!"

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About the Bloggers: Christian Belt

My daughter and I, doing what we do best.

Twice a week, our writers will tell you more about themselves, and let you get to know them and the characters they play a little better. Click here to read more About the Bloggers.

What do you do for WoW Insider?

I write the weekly Mage column, Arcane Brilliance, and feel incredibly humbled to do it. I don't feel like I'm anywhere close to being the best, or most knowledgeable Mage out there, and am extremely grateful that the Mage community here welcomes me into their lives each week and allows me to spout off about our wonderful class. I love to write, and I love playing a Mage, so getting to write this column is like some kind of huge nerd fantasy for me, and I feel incredibly lucky to do it.

What's your main right now?

Having said that, it should shock nobody that my main is a Mage. He's level 70, he's Undead, and he enjoys long walks on the beach while plotting ways to destroy the living. He's a PoM-Pyro build, specced specifically for Arena PvP. His current ambitions include gearing up for Arena Season 4 (and crossing his bony fingers for a rating high enough to actually qualify for some of the new ugly, ugly gear), and saving up enough honor to finally get some of the sweet new Guardian's gear. I also have a level 70 Blood Elf Holy Paladin who gets almost as much playtime as the Mage. He's the main healer for a very casual guild that's farming Karazhan right now and about ready to move on to Zul'Aman. I also have a flock of mid-level alts spread across both factions and multiple servers.

For the Horde or Glory to the Alliance?

Oh, for the bias runs deep. I have a hard time playing my low level Alliance toons, simply because I feel like a traitor when I do so. Also, I like to kill Gnomes. I like to kill them so much.

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