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Breakfast Topic: W... w.... warlocks?

I'm shivering in my boots as I type this post. I quiver in fear at the very mention of warlocks. My knees are shaking, my nose is dribbling, and my eyes are getting teary at the mere thought of seeing a warlock today, walking around with one of those spooky infernals or... *gulp*... succubi.

Okay not really. But you've got to admit, with sooo many people complaining about how overpowered warlocks are, that's got to amount to a lot of fear! But fortunately for warlocks, fear is what they're all about. Warlocks seem to just soak it up when people cringe at the sight of them or complain about how overpowered they are.

Still, there are plenty of chances to complain in other places. If you'd like to complain about warlocks today, by all means start a warlock of your own so that you can really get the inside scoop on what exactly should be changed! But today, which is Warlock Day, in our very last breakfast topic about class encouragement, let's not complain -- let's tell all those warlocks out there: whether you are a warlock, play with one, or fight against them in PvP, what is it you love and fear about them?

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Breakfast Topic: Yay Druids!

We've congratulated and encouraged every class but two now, so the time has come to tell druids what we love about them! You know druids can do just about anything you might want them to, and very likely are seeing druids in prominent roles now more than ever before. Whether you play as a druid, with a druid, or against a druid, Elune knows there's lots to love -- but have you told your druid friend how much you love their druidic skills? Today's the day to say it! It's Druid Day and it's time for an encouragement innervate!

What do you appreciate most about the druids in your midst?

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Breakfast Topic: Hunters are for the win

There are so many hunters out there that really there's no excuse for this post to not get at least 5 thousand comments from all the people who love being hunters so much. Obviously I exaggerate, but seriously, almost everyone who plays WoW will at least try out a hunter at some point, perhaps because they want to choose a nifty pet, or because they want to know what all this much ado about hunters is for.

Lots of us feel more at home in this class than in any other... but why? What is it about playing this class that people love so much? Do we love playing with hunters as much as we love being them? Doesn't fighting a hunter fill you with that joy of challenge that makes you want to come back and fight them again?

So today let's encourage all those hunters out there with a volley of positive comments -- and if you haven't noticed the class encouragement for other classes, be sure to leave them a note too!

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Breakfast Topic: Priests, we love you and fear you too!

To follow right on the heels of the warriors, today is Priest Day! Our healing friends make adventures possible for us, always encouraging and supporting their friends -- although priests can just as easily send us running away in fear too! Do you play a priest? You probably have a friend who does. Remember fighting a great priest that really did make you scared?

Today is the day to speak loving power words for priests: yourself, your friends and even your enemies!

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Breakfast Topic: Three cheers for warriors!

Someone's gotta tank, and it's often warriors. The class most famous for standing under the nose of the most dangerous enemies in the World of Warcraft and taking everything such monsters can dish out on them sometimes just want a break, to sit back and just kill things like rogues get to do -- and they do that well too! Today is Warrior Day in this breakfast topic, and it's time to show all our warrior friends out there what we love about what they do for us.

So if you play as a warrior, with a warrior, or against warriors (and good ones!), shout it out how much you love it!

[gorgeous art by Pulyx!]

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Breakfast Topic: Thank the Light it's a Paladin!

Mark it on your calendars! Our class encouragement continues today with Paladin Day, the special day when we give thanks to the Holy Light for the Divine Intervention that paladins can bring about. So many things make the Paladin class (and the people who play them) welcome on a team, that today we count our Blessings and talk about what it is we really love about our Paladin friends... or... perhaps enemies too! What do you love about playing as a paladin, playing with a paladin, or playing against a paladin anywhere in Azeroth or Outland?

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