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WoW is a Work of Art, part 3: All the world's a stage

We have discussed ways in which World of Warcraft is not only full of audio-visual art, but presents in itself a gaming experience that can reward players the same way that art forms like music or film can. For some, however, WoW is not only a game, but a stage. For them, the gaming element may sometimes fade into the background, when it becomes only a means to an end; they use WoW as a combination of acting and creative writing, telling stories and making performances all their own. They call it roleplaying.

One kind of roleplaying that is getting a great deal of new attention these days is "machinima." For those who don't know, machinima is basically a kind of film in which people use the game's existing 3D models and environments to make their own movies, and then share these movies with everyone on the internet (or very rarely on TV). As we have seen here at WoW Insider and elsewhere, these movies are especially powerful as comedies and music videos, especially for viewers who are already familiar with the game that they're made with.

But for most people who roleplay, it is not a scripted performance, but an improvised one; it is not carefully lip-synced, edited recorded and for all to see, but imagined, written out, and remembered only among those who played the parts. Someone not familiar with roleplaying might wonder why people bother with it.

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WoW Moviewatch: University of Stormwind

Loyal reader SirCasey took the trouble of leafing through all our Moviewatches to make sure we hadn't posted this vid already, and then tipped us off to it -- thanks! I like this piece quite a bit, even if it is a bit old (July '06). I'm pretty sure my school would be Darnassus, out of the options presented here. To update it a bit, what do you guys think Exodar College would be like (Exodar Institute of Technology?), or the University of Outland at Shattrath? Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go raid my kitchen...

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WoW Moviewatch: World of Warcraft stand-up comedy routine

Yeah, I couldn't believe it myself. Rosacrutian, who apparently plays an Undead Warlock on the Moonrunner Realm, promised a buddy of his that he'd do an entire 5-minute stand-up routine on World of Warcraft.

This is one of those things that gets funnier as it goes on, because it's so painfully unfunny. I hope this guy got a ton of free beer afterwards from his buddy.

Cheers to you, Rosacrutian, for swallowing pride and dignity and doing that routine. You are now legendary.

And that's what you get on a Saturday night.

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