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15 Minutes of Fame: Cutting up with WoW Insider regular Brian Cutaia

From Hollywood celebrities to the guy next door, millions of people have made World of Warcraft a part of their lives. How do you play WoW? We're giving each approach its own 15 Minutes of Fame.

Time flies when you're having fun -- and somehow it's been two whole years since we last profiled a reader favorite from the hallowed halls of the WoW Insider comments. Time to remedy that!

So who's the latest man of the hour? Why, commenter extraordinaire Brian Cutaia, of course! He's already a prolific commenter, and he's well on his way to becoming a prolific guest writer, too. Cutaia (rhymes with "papaya") is also a vocal member of <It came from the Blog>. The only point in the WoW Insider landscape that his acerbic commentary and wry witticisms seem to be absent is Twitter. (A new frontier for Cutaia? Stranger things have happened ...) Join us today in discovering why this WoW Insider community regular is so soundly appreciated by both readers and staffers alike.

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[1. Local]: What do Thrall, iPhones, and a Cowbell have in common?

Reader comments – ahh, yes, the juicy goodness following a meaty post. [1.Local] ducks past the swinging doors to see what readers have been chatting about in the back room over the past week. Be sure to dive into the comments area of each thread (not this one!) and add your own thoughts – unlike your mama, we like us some hot, fresh backtalk.

What do Thrall, iPhones, and a Cowbell all have in common? They're part of the comments all you readers left this week.

Thrall missing from Orgrimmar
That dirty Orc Thrall went missing from Orgrimmar this week. He ended up coming back, spontaneously respawning across all the servers. But while he was gone there was rampant speculation as to where he went. Reader Roflpanda suggested that "He went to congratulate Obama on his victory of the presidency." Right on. Crazyfool retorts back that Thrall actually "...moved to [the] Undermine to escape the new socialist Azerothian order."

Anderone hinted that there might be something going on between Thrall and Jania Proudmoor again: "Has anyone checked with Jania? He's probably snuck over to Theramore for a few hours..." Scionic chimes in: "Boom chickie lok tar."
More of the best reader comments this week after the break!

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Site updates around WoW Insider

There have been a few tweaks and updates the past few days around here at WoW Insider. First of all, you've probably noticed that our comments system has been upgraded a bit, and now in addition to signing in with your standard Weblogs, Inc. name and password (more information about how to do that here), you can choose to sign in with with your AOL or AIM screenname. Unfortunately, there is no way to link your Weblogs, Inc. profile (which you can see by clicking on your name in any of your comments) with your AIM screenname, so you'll have to recreate your profile (or just keep using your old signin). But if you're new to the comments section, you can now use your AOL SN to leave a comment. This is a fairly new system, so there are still a few glitches floating around -- if you have a problem with anything, let us know, and we'll try to fix it and/or get back to you.

Since we're talking about profiles, now might also be a good time to point out that you can change that default picture that goes with your profile. We've got lots of icons to choose from (and even more here), so if you're still using that boring gray question mark face (what are you, a low level questgiver?) spice it up a little bit by clicking on your profile page and putting a picture in there. The more colorful our comments section can get, the better.

And finally, some good news for iPhone and iPod touch users -- while you can always see the full version of our site on those devices by using MobileSafari to go to, you can now see an iPhone-formatted page at And if we may say so, our designers did a really great job on it. They continue to work hard to make our site better all the time, so stay tuned for more updates to WoW Insider and the other sites in the Joystiq network.

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Weblogs, Inc profiles live on WoW Insider (and more to come)

As reader Addie noticed in a tip to us (thanks!), commenter profiles are now live on WoW Insider. You can now click on your name (or any other commenter's name) after you've posted a comment, and see a list of all the comments you've ever made on any of our Weblogs, Inc. sites. You can also edit your profile-- there's not much there at the moment, but you can put in a URL if you'd like, or upload a picture.

Eventually (and like Blizzard, we probably won't be giving out a release date on this), we're aiming to put together a system much like the one our flagship site Joystiq has, with user pictures, moderated comments, pretty pink ponies, and rainbow sugar drops. I can't tell you much (mostly because I don't know much), but I can tell you to expect changes, hopefully coming sooner rather than later. And if you've got suggestions, feel free to share them, now or anytime. We can't promise we'll do exactly what you ask, but we do promise to listen to everything you say to us.

And no matter what else we implement here, we'll continue to provide you with great daily content about the World of Warcraft. Thanks very much for reading, and stay tuned-- we're doing everything we can to make the site better every day.

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Grats to the winner of our Spectral Tiger Mount

We have to give a big shout out of "Grats!" to Keane, commenter #2329 and random winner of our ginormous Spectral Tiger Mount contest. We sincerely thank all 5920 of you who entered (!), but we only had one mount to give away, and Keane (above) got it. He says he can't run through Ironforge now without getting bombarded by "OMG WHERE U GET THAT" whispers. I have to say: even I'm jealous. Looks awesome.

Thanks again to all the folks at Upper Deck for helping us out with the mount-- don't forget that the actual STM card is a loot card in the new Fires of Outland booster packs, which release on August 22nd, but which you'll be able to get your hands on at the sneak preview tourneys, held all over the country August 11-12th. And of course we'll have more contests coming soon, so keep watching.

Grats to Keane, you lucky, lucky, Spectral Tiger-riding commenter, you.

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