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Letter from the Editor: Of contests, comments and columnists

Hello. Your friendly neighborhood editor-in-chief here to fill you in on what is happening on various parts of WoW Insider. We get a lot of emails on our tip line, and often they are asking the same question: Where's Mankrik's wife? No, I kid. Kind of. Instead of spam answering those emails every day or cluttering up The Queue, I thought I'd clear up a few things by using the magic of posting on the site.


Notification emails to the 12 Days of Winter Veil winners are still going out, and if we don't hear back, we have to pick new ones and start the process over again. With over 100 prizes given away last month, it's taking some time. We will be posting the names of the winners when all those winners have been confirmed.

Commenting and profile system

We have have received quite a few complaints about readers not being able to comment or change their profile password, etc. Unfortunately, the current commenting system has some well-known, long-standing bugs. The good news is that we will be migrating to an entirely new commenting system soon and that will solve many of those problems. Your current profile information will be transferred over into the new system. We will post new information when we get closer to that transition.

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Enter to win a Creative WoW headset of your own

Yes, it's time once again to award one of you with the soon-to-be coolest gaming headset around just for performing the not-so-arduous task of... leaving a comment on this post. Commenting on a blog probably isn't your job (though most of you probably do it at your job -- no comment about that), but it could score you some nice swag anyway today, in the form of the beautiful Creative World of Warcraft wireless gaming headset.

As usual, the contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and Canada (excluding Quebec), and everyone who enters must be 13 or older. To enter, leave a comment on this post before Wednesday, November 11th, at midnight eastern, and please be sure to use a real email that you check often to enter, so we can contact the winners when we choose them. One winner will be chosen. You may enter only once, and each winner will get a Creative World of Warcraft Wireless Gaming Headset, with a retail value of $150. Please note: winners will not receive the headset until it is released later this year. Click here to read the official contest rules.

Good luck as always! And don't forget, whatever you do, to stay tuned, as next week we'll be giving away yet another headset. So even if you don't win this week, you've still got a few chances left.

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How to comment on WoW Insider

A lot of readers have been asking lately about the new commenting system, and so here's a short guide to setting yourself up in our comments section here on WoW Insider.

Our new comments section will not only remember all of your personal information, but they'll also let you use an avatar of your choosing, and even reply to and moderate others' comments. First things first, you've got to get set up with a password. To get one, you simply leave a comment as a new user, putting your name and email in the comments form (under "New Users" below). Then, you'll get sent a message to that email address, with a password (usually random letters and numbers) to sign back in. Come back to the site, and now leave another comment with your email, and the new password (under the "Current Users" title in the comments section), and you're good to go.

The next thing you'll want to do is set up your profile, and you can do that by clicking on your name in the comment that you posted.

Update: Hopefully this is working for everybody. Lots of people are asking why we do it this way, and I've got a short answer and a long answer. Short answer is "because this is how Blogsmith does it, and we're run with Blogsmith." Longer answer is that the system was designed, I believe, to be quick and easy-- enter your info as a new user, and you get your password and account set up for you. Enter your info as a "current user," and you never have to click another email again. We are listening to your feedback, so if you have ideas, we're all ears (and of course whatever we come up with has to be implemented by our coders, so thanks for being patient). But for now, this is how it works, and hopefully everyone has their situation figured out. Thanks again for reading!

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