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Community Blog Topic Results: Making professions better

Gesticulating gnome
In our last Community Blog Topic, we asked how to make professions better. As usual, we got many verbose answers and I've excerpted just a few of them.

JC_Sway from LOL Survival has a few suggestions for improving professions.

Every profession should be able to make a mount, and they should all require that trade skill. The current situation is inconsistent and convoluted.

New armor and weapons should have unique models. There should be exactly ONE way to get some awesome looking models, wether it's for transmog or not, and that is a craftsperson.

Multiple recipes on a shared daily cooldown. Right now, my alchemist makesLiving Steel every day regardless. That isn't exactly interesting.

Maybe make those cooldowns weekly so we don't feel compelled to log in every day. Want to make 7 Living Steel on Tuesday and be done with it for the week? No problem.

The ability to repair things you can craft at a nice discount. Maybe put it on a 2-5 hour cooldown.

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Community Blog Topic Results: Your new WoW holidays

Art Panel
The current Community Blog Topic asked you to design your own World of Warcraft holiday. We got many detailed responses, but I've only taken excerpts from them. If you like the general idea of the holiday, click through the link to the original.

Astalnar from Cogitationes Astalnaris gives a very detailed description of the Rites of Passage holiday.

Rites of Passage, as I would call this holiday would take place between 8th and 22nd of March. Thus it is right between Love is in the Air, and Noblegarden. During this holiday daring adventurers would embark on epic journey across Azeroth to obtain the items that would prove their worthiness, and let them pass the Rites. Such items would be a Dry Cloth from Ocean's Bottom, Lie of Many Colours, and Horn of Hornless Old Hag.

The search would take them across all the continents of Azeroth, both known and unknown. Most of the items would be located on still undiscovered continents. There would be number of clues pointing to Outland, and they would need to fish for hours in the backest of the backwaters Azeroth can offer. Searching for the next clue. It would be fun, if the clues for every player would be randomly generated, thus the Holiday stays actual even years after it would first appear.

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Community Blog Topic Results: New WoW classes

Dwarf in the wild
Our latest Community Blog Topic asked you to pitch a new World of Warcraft class. Many commenters suggested that WoW did not need another class, but that misses the point. Several classes with very detailed designs were blogged and commented about. I've only excerpted a few here, so follow the links to see the full descriptions.

AedanBlounsø at SnobGoblin describes the bard class in full detail, including specs like the Heartmender:
Primary Abilities

Song of Hope - Restores an allys health and increase their damage done

Unearthly Affection - Convinces an enemy to redirect their attack to another ally.

Pure of Heart - Melee attacks against the Heartmender causes an aura of protection to slow the attacking enemy while healing the Heartmender.

Hymn of Heresy - Waves of mystical energy emerge from the Heartmender, causing allies to increase their critical strike rating while damaging enemies.

Arrows of the Soul - Heartmenders convert agility to intellect.

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Community Blog Topic Results: Your WoW resolutions

For last week's Community Blog Topic, we asked what your World of Warcraft resolutions are. We got a few humorous monitor resolutions, but we got some sincere responses as well.

Nativebrown at The White Pine Journal wants to PvP more.
I don't have a lot of interest in the raiding at the moment and since I've just finished leveling a Human rogue to 90 I'm resolving to spend the rest of this expansion pack on PvP. I've always liked PvP and make sure to take the time when I'm leveling to hit each bracket at least a few times. That being said I never really put in enough time at max level to gear up well and feel truly competitive. There's an awful lot of battlegrounds now that provide nice variety and while I'm not sure yet if I'm going to jump into Rated Battlegrounds or Arenas I'm looking forward to buckling down, picking PvP as my in-game job and doing it well.

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Community Blog Topic Results: World of Warcraft expansion ideas

The current Community Blog Topic is "Pitch your World of Warcraft expansion." There were so many wonderful ideas -- too many to spotlight in this column. I have just excerpted one small piece of some of the expansion ideas, so if you see something that interests you, click through the link. It will be well worth it.

Astalnar at Cogitationes Astalnaris

Fury of the Lich Queen
Jaina goes berserk, for every injustice and fault that she suffered in all those years. We start the expansion with clensing the water sources that Jaina poisoned with her arcane magic. After that we have to deal with random portal shifts that release vast amounts of Mana Wraiths and demons on us.

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Community Blog Topic Results: What are you doing while you wait for Warlords of Draenor?

Concept Art for Warlords of Draenor
How are WoW bloggers keeping busy until Warlords of Draenor? That's the answer to this week's Community Blog Topic.

JC_Sway at LOL Survival:
I don't rush through content the way a lot of people do. I have only seen the first 8 bosses in Siege. This is the raid we have for quite some time, so I have been kind of saving the last bosses. I hope to do flex 3 this week and possibly 4 as well. I'd also love to clear the place on normal and maybe get a few heroic kills when I'm geared enough. MoP isn't over for me at all. At least not the raiding.

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Community Blog Topic Results: Biggest disappointment with Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor Art Panel Orc
Previously on Community Blog Topic, we asked what your favorite announcement was for Warlords of Draenor. So this time we asked the opposite. What WoD announcement was your biggest disappointment? Many, many people weighed in.

shaarpy010 posits
Despite the issues at the start of MOP when we had to grind through GL to get to the other reps, i actually found the amount of dailies on offer to be great.

I could spend my time waiting for LFR or LFD queues by hitting up some dailies for a whole host of factions, i could then take part in the Karsarang Dailies which progressed the story arch, i then headed off to isle of thunder for more dailies which were by no means a chore.

It felt like i had choices of which dailies to do each day, i didn't feel forced to do all of them every day, i had no issues being VP capped, i dunno i just found it fun.

Certainly more fun than the timeless isle.

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Community Blog Topic Results: Favorite announcement for Warlords of Draenor

Gnome Expressions
The current Community Blog Topic is "What's your favorite Warlords of Draenor announcement?" I used the word "announcement" because these features are announced, but not guaranteed. See Dance Studio for reference. Still, we can hope for the best and there is a lot to be excited about.

RobVoila from This Old Garrison gives several reasons for liking garrisons the most, including:
Follower game play. There are other games I've played where I've gotten burned out on core game play. For a few of those games, what keeps me coming back is the follower game play. It may not be as exciting as running a dungeon with your main character, but it's kind of interesting to see if the people you've assigned a task have the ability to complete it. Also, depending on how the system works, it can be hilarious when the group screws up (on a Sims "How did you set fire to the house trying to make a salad?" level).

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Community Blog Topic Results: Continuing to mix PvP with PvE

Silvershard Mine
For our last Community Blog Topic, we asked about continuing to mix PvP with PvE.

bengstra would like PvE and PvP completely separated.
I have long held they need to keep their PvP out of my PvE. It is simply impossible to balance and one side or the other is constantly being impacted by the side they want, and have, no part in. This makes for constant ping ponging and frustration (think Stampede for a text book example of ping ponging).

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Community Blog Topic Results: Scaling characters down to low-level content

Our latest Community Blog Topic is about whether or not WoW should offer the scaling of characters to low-level content.

mrfusticle explains the many negative reactions to this and other features.
Blizz: Hey, we're bringing out strawberry ice cream!
Player1: Whaa! I hate strawberry ice cream.. You're gonna waste time making that and not the vanilla I like?!? screw you!
Player2: Whaa! You better not get rid of chocolate ice cream!.. I like chocolate ice cream! Man, I'll be so furious!
Player3: Whaa! You don't even know how to make strawberry ice cream! This game is dying! I'm going to Frozen-yoghurt-star.. At least you get tough ice cream that gives you brain freeze!!!eleven!

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Community Blog Topic Results: What's your endgame?

In last week's Community Blog Topic, we asked, "What's your endgame?" We got a wide variety of answers -- not just raiding.

In a nostalgic look back at endgames throughout the life of the game, Alstanar at Cogitationes Astalnaris says
My endgame these days consists of a heroic dungeon runs, and scenarios. I do a wing or two of Siege in LFR in course of the week. Depends on my patience. Every now and then, I go and do a quick level or three on my various warrior and paladin alts. I work on my old reputations that I neglected for years. Wrap up the quests in old zones I missed while I leveled up. I stay away from PvP and pet battles. Not my cup of tea.

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Community Blog Topic Results: Account-wide professions

Community Blog Topic Results Accountwide professions
Last week we asked "Should professions be account-wide?" We got quite a few blog posts and comments on the subject, ranging from no to secondary professions only to yes, please.

JeffLaBowski at Sportsbard suggests a couple of methods.
  1. As a guild perk. There would be a an NPC to interact with, you open up a window, select the profession, put your mats in. The recipe would have to be unlocked by someone who has that profession in the guild.
  2. As GH mentioned in his tweet, they could be account bound. Either using the NPC method, like with example 1. or you would simply be able to cycle through professions from a drop down menu on your profession UI.

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Community Blog Topic Results: How long have you been playing WoW?

Community Blog Topic Results How long have you been playing WoW
This Community Blog Topic asked a very personal question: "How long have you been playing World of Warcraft and what life changes have you gone through?" And we got some very personal answers. In fact, this week's results post looks like a testimonial to playing WoW while still leading or building a productive life.

Omegahty at Ruhka's Demonic Palace
I am not a social person – I like calm and quiet surroundings and I tend to not talk to people much – however, I am nowhere near as anti-social as I used to be, mostly because through the social aspect of WoW and raiding with my guild I have created a lot of my social skills. Without the friendly chatting and banter during raids and the casual conversations in guild chat, I don't know what I would be like today. Having that environment inWoW where there were people I could chat with and hang out with really helped my issues with socializing.

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Community Blog Topic Results: Most and least favorite expansions

Community Blog Topic Results Most and least favorite expansions
Last week, we asked "What are your most and least favorite expansions?" We got a lot of responses as well as a request for polls. The reason why we don't put polls in the Community Blog Topics is that we are trying to encourage long form blog posts that we can spotlight the next week. Polls are just a button click. That having been said, I've put polls at the end of this results post so that we can see what the otherwise silent readers have to say about their most and least favorite expansions.

Wrath of the Lich King was by far the most favorite and Cataclysm was by far the least. Both Burning Crusade and Mists of Pandaria took turns being most and least favorites.

Astalnar over at Cogitationes Astalnaris likes Wrath of the Lich King best and Cataclysm least.
A great expansion is one that is aesthetically pleasing, bright, with a story that makes us feel involved and in some sort of control. An expansion where gear is obtained with ease, yet you have to invest a bit of effort. Where reputation is gained with the faction by actually representing the faction. And where the villain is a known and established figure. I enjoy a good story of a fallen hero. I like the tragedy. Tragedy is cure for soul. As long as my Blood Knight is not a protagonist.

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Community Blog Topic Results: Persistent changes in Azeroth

Last week, we asked, "What do you think of persistent changes to Azeroth?" We talked of player driven changes, phasing, and permanent changes that come with expansions or patches.

Player driven change

SparkysShocker at Blood Sweat and Honor suggests
As far as PvE player driven persistent change I always thought it would be cool if the world changed based on your guilds PvE progress. Lets say you conquered the Black Temple would could go to it in the world and see that it had been razed or maybe that the Broken had taken over, small changes like that would be neat.

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