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EU Connected Realms and FCMs for January 15th

realm list
Blizzard EU Community Manager Takralus has updated the Connected Realms info with the mixed successes of the last set of connections, as well as informing the EU community of the next gaggle of realms being grouped together. For whatever reason, the connection of Bloodfeather with Kor'gall/Burning Steppes/Executus has been delayed until a later date, but the new connections coming in are as follows:
  • (PvP) Balnazzar and Shattered Halls/Ahn'Qiraj/Trollbane/Talnivarr/Chromaggus/
  • (RP PvP) Ravenholdt and Scarshield Legion/The Venture Co/Sporeggar
  • (PvE) Shattrath and Garrosh/Nozdormu
Takralus' post has a good Q&A in which she clarifies that all low and some medium-population realms will be connected in order to ensure that all realms have a healthy population when they're done. As she also mentions, the order in which realms are connected depends on several technical factors, so don't panic if, for whatever reason, your realms aren't appearing on the list. All in good time.

What's more, there are several Free Character Migrations in place until January 21:
  • Draenor and Silvermoon (PvE) to Magtheridon, Wildhammer and Kilrogg.
  • Kazzak, Outland, Ragnaros, Stormscale, Sylvanas and Twisting Nether (all PvP) to The Maelstrom and Grim Batol.
All of these FCMs are open to both factions.

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EU Connected Realms update released

An update to the EU realm connections has been released with the successful completion of patch 5.4.2. Several new realms are now slated for connection, and although no official date has been released for the connections, they should begin next week according to the post. Players on the realms listed should expect a little downtime in the near future, and a bunch of new players to hit the scene shortly after for raiding, guilds, and a heftier auction house.

While the list is somewhat short, it includes English, French, Spanish and German realms. Read on for the full list -- and if you have any questions regarding the Connected Realms process, Blizzard has an official blog post that explains the process in full.

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More EU Connected Realms coming soon

Realm List
Still waiting for your low population EU realm to be connected? Blizzard has just announced a new batch of realm connections coming soon. There have been 10 successful connections to date in the EU, with another dozen on the way. If you see your realm on this list, and don't know what a connected realm is, it essentially connects two or more realms together so they behave as one. You can join guilds, enjoy a fuller auction house, and run raids with each other.

The below realms will be connected shortly, but Blizzard has not provided an exact time:
  • Uldum and Shen'dralar/Zul'jin
  • Boulderfist and Chromaggus/Shattered Halls
  • Rajaxx and Anetheron
  • Agamaggan and Emeriss/Hakkar/Crushridge
  • Terrodar and Dethecus/Mug'thol/Theradras
  • Alexstrasza and Nethersturm

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More Connected Realms announced for EU

realm list
The rollout of connected realms has been a little slower in the EU with only 3 connections made so far, but Blizzard has just announced a new batch of 13 connections. If you see your realm on this list and don't know what a connected realm is, it essentially connects two or more realms together so they behave as one. You can join guilds, enjoy a fuller auction house, and run raids with each other. If you have the same character name or guild name as someone from your connected realm, you will both be able to keep using your names.

I recently went through a realm connection myself and it completed without a hiccup. The problems some players on US realms Nesingway and Vek'nilash have experienced seem to be isolated incidents.

View the full list of realms after the break. Keep in mind there is currently no ETA for these connections.

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Connected realms arrive in the EU

Connected realms arrive in the EU
Connected Realms have been slowly creeping across the NA servers, linking communities as they went, and now Blizzard has begun to cautiously extend their reach into the EU. Following the latest announcement of US Connected Realms, Blizzard Community Manager Takralus has posted the following update for the EU:
We're kicking off the Connected Realms implementation here in Europe, and below you can see a list of the first realms to be connected. We don't yet have a specific date for when these connections will occur, but we'll provide another update once we do.

Realm Connections:
  • Hakkar and Emeriss
  • Taerar and Echsenkessel
  • Burning Steppes and Kor'gall
  • Theradras and Dethecus

We'll provide updates on the next batch of realm connections as they're available. For more information on Connected Realms, please read the preview blog post here.

If you don't see your realm on that list, fear not, it could still be coming. As Blizzard has said in the past, they are being extremely cautious with this new feature, rolling it out in small chunks, trying to cause a minimum of disruption. But we're doubling the links every time, one server to two to four, so who knows how fast it might ramp up.

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