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Breakfast Topic: Controllers R us

The Falcon controller just looks silly, doesn't it? Everything we've heard about it so far says it's pretty underwhelming -- the feedback doesn't work quite right, the controls seem a little less intuitive than a keyboard and mouse, and in general, it just looks strange. Fortunately, I'll be able to know for myself next week -- I've already got an appointment to check out the controller (and how it plays WoW) at E3 next week.

But in the meantime, until I can get my firsthand impressions of the Falcon up here, what are some other strange controllers that actually do work with WoW? We've heard a lot about the Zboard, which seems like a pretty good combination of a keyboard and a custom controller for Blizzard's MMO -- anyone used it? A lot of people have posted before that they use the Logitech G15, and that's really just a keyboard, except for the extra display and macros. I've used Switchblade to play with an Xbox 360 controller (and found it not nearly as easy as playing with a mouse and keyboard). And I know some players, multiboxers usually, will even use foot pedals to supplement keyboard and certain macros.

Ever played WoW with a weird controller? Is there something out there that you swear by that's not the standard mouse and keyboard? Me, I'm perfectly happy with an Apple Keyboard and my Logitech gaming mouse -- at least until I try the Falcon next week. You never know, maybe I'll fall in love with it and decide that $190 (!) is worth it.

Update: I couldn't remember the name of this one, but a lot of people in the comments (and a lot of folks before this post) have mentioned the n52 Speedpad as a good controller option.

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Fishing with the Wii remote (and how to do it yourself)

Blogger Chris Heald of has a Wii remote and likes to go fishing in WoW. So when he found out (I didn't know this) that the Wii remote is really just a bluetooth device, he figured he could work out some way to combine the two. First, he got Chrono Trigger (omg great game) working, and then, with the use of a GlovePIE script, he set up a way to actually fish in Azeroth, Wii-style. Pretty freakin' cool.

But the best part is that he's actually posted the script online, so if you've got a Wii controller sitting around, you could very easily do this yourself. Just make sure your computer can receive bluetooth (adapters are cheap if you don't already have one), download and get GlovePIE running (it's free), input Chris' script, and you should be set.

We've seen WoW on the Wii controller before, and our only concern was that the controller was pretty limited in actually playing the game. But fishing is the perfect venue for a motion controller like the Wii-- the controls are simple and don't require text input or complicated sequences. From the video, it looks like Chris' hack works perfectly. Great job, Chris, and very cool.

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