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PTR character copy is back up! Everybody panic!

Okay, everybody. Stock up on tarps, bottled water, and canned beans, because the PTR character copy site is up and running again. We don't know if this means anything, or if this PTR is actually going up soon, or even if these copies will actually work, but it is our duty to make sure you get a steady news trickle of anything and everything related to the 3.1 PTR.

There are currently two realms to which you can copy - Broxigar (PVE) and Anasterian (PVP).

Go copy a character or two, then get in the fallout shelter, because things just might get exciting soon. Alternatively, these copies might go nowhere like the last set. Fingers crossed!

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PTR Download is up, even though you probably don't realize it

For those looking to get on the 3.0.8 PTR you'll notice that the download links for the client at point to a 3.0.1 version of WoW. This version is several months old.

However once you download the version above, run the installer, and then run the game you'll be presented with the requirement to download another patch. This patch will bring you up to the latest 3.0.8 version of PTR client.

To put it another way: the version you get from the official download page will be updated upon installation. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's wrong.

This took Alex Ziebart and I a bit to realize, and we wanted to be sure that we shared this with you right away. Enjoy your PTRing!

We should note that the server names are a bit odd right now, but Alex is on the 3.0.8 PTR with his character he copied over earlier.

Edit: Pukka clears up the situation a bit more for us nicely: "Unless you were in the beta, you will not be able to access any WotLK content (or characters above 70 for that matter). Also, on the copy page, PvE lands you on a Spanish PvP server, and PvP lands you on a US English PvE server."

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Chinese MMO accused of stealing art from World of Warcraft, others

A Chinese browser-based MMO named Aurora Blade has been accused of lifting art and design work from a few other MMOs, including Ragnarok Online, Maple Story, and yes, even World of Warcraft. You can judge for yourself in the comparison above (the little Rogue is Aurora Blade, obviously), put together by ShackNews, but that definitely looks alike to us. The game is hosted in the West by a company called IGG, and they've responded by saying that they only host the game and aren't responsible for the game's artwork.

They give no indication, however, who is responsible for the artwork of the game, and there's nothing on the page or in the FAQ that gives a company name out either. Granted, Aurora Blade is hardly competition for World of Warcraft, but at this point it appears to be up to Blizzard whether they'll bother taking further action to get to the bottom of this.

Of course, there is a flaw in their plan. If they really wanted to rip off some cool Rogue armor, wouldn't it be Bloodfang? Why bother with Shadowcraft?

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PTR 3.0.2 client is available for download

You can now begin downloading the PTR (Public Test Realm) client for patch 3.0.2. We reported earlier today that character copies have been made active, and those are going along nicely as far as we can tell (my Warrior copied across with no problem). To download the client and copy your characters over to the PTR, login to your account administration at

We are expecting a lot of out of this patch. From new talent trees, to class and raid mechanics changes, to the removal of the Amani War Bear. We'll have a lot more on this as we get more information in. Patch notes are not available yet – though we expect to get our hands on them soon.

Stay tuned!

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PTR copy enabled, Rocket Boots changed

Update: Tigole is now saying 2.4 will be on the PTR "very soon."

MMO-Champion reports that yesterday the PTR Character Copy functionality was switched on, potentially implying that a patch 2.4 PTR is imminent. Or it could be nothing. Either way, might as well copy a toon or two over: US link, EU link. I got a "server busy" error, but hopefully that'll go away sooner or later. This is the same patch that Blizzard hoped was going to get to PTR by the end of 2007, though, so I wouldn't necessarily hold your breath.

One more piece of 2.4 news: Rocket Boots Extreme are having their stamina bonus removed, which will make them somewhat less valuable in PvP. Also, a new cloth version called Xtreme Light Rocket Boots (?) will appear with the following stats:
Bind on Equip
Cloth - 196 Armor
Engineering (330) required
Equip: increases damage and healing by up to 35
Use: Engage the rocket boots to greatly increase your speed. You probably won't be still standing when you get there though... (5 Min Cooldown)
Update 2: The boots will now also cause the wearer to drop a WSG, Zangarmarsh, or EotS flag, if they're holding one.

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