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Patch 5.0.4: Changes to the spellbook

Patch 504 Changes to the spellbook
With patch 5.0.4 dropping today, there are quite a few UI changes you'll need to get used to. Many of those changes are coming to your trusty spellbook. The way you find and use spells has changed slightly, and the spellbook now includes some handy hints to help you grasp your class and spec's role and abilities. Here's the basic rundown:
  • All core class and spec skills are now on one tab under the main Spellbook tab.
  • The Core Abilities tab gives you a rundown of the key abilities you'll use for your class and spec.
  • The What's Changed tab lets you know what's new for your class and spec.
  • The Mounts and Companions tabs are no longer in your main spellbook.
Let's take a deeper look at each of these points now.

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WoW Insider's Weekly Recap, featuring TradeChat's Panser

Welcome back to our weekly recap featuring Panser of TradeChat! In our weekly recap, we look back at the hottest news from the past week and whatever other kickin', rad things may have come our way. This week's topics include: If you enjoyed the show, make sure to subscribe to TradeChat, leave a comment, and come back next week for the next episode!

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Mists of Pandaria Beta: Core abilities tab teaches proper play

I don't really play more than one class at a time. Oh, I have alts, don't get me wrong, alts of nearly every class. I just don't really play them very often at all. Part of this is because my playtime is limited and when I am playing, I want to play on my main.

But the other part is that it's hard to keep up on class changes for classes I don't play. I started raiding in vanilla on a priest, and when I switched to rogue, any and all priest changes that happened did so outside of my gaze. I simply wasn't paying attention to them. And with the sweeping changes to classes across the board with every expansion, I never could really pick up my priest again, not in the same intuitive way I played her in vanilla years.

I'm not the only one who has this issue, and in Mists of Pandaria, there's a new feature to help address that to a degree. The Core Abilities tab doesn't break down every spell in your character's spellbook -- but what it does do is point out the core abilities for the class and spec you happen to be playing.

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