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Could it be? A corgi for me?

Corgi corgi corgi
Corgis, why corgis? asks forum poster Pikkuhukka, after stumbling across the above image from MMO Champion. Well, why not? the rest of us impatiently reply. Oh, and there's the corgi meme, in case you're not familiar with it. A corgi pet has been on the wish list of many WoW players for a good long time now, months at least! If this image truly reflects a new pet to come in 5.4 or another future patch, then I am certain there will indeed be much rejoicing. I mean, the Winter Veil corgi was a good start, but it's just not the same!

What would you do for a corgi pet, if anything? Would you buy it on the Blizzard store? Would you run dungeons with another 100 random players like you did for the Perky Pug? Would you camp its spawn point? Would you just not care? And hey, Blizzard, since you've clearly got a model for adorable dogs with stubby legs, may I suggest the Swedish Vallhund for your next offering, pretty please?

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Tuesday Morning Post: Good night, sweet corgi edition

Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. This week has had its share of silence, for sure. I'm not sure if the folks at Blizzard's just enjoying the last bit of the holidays or secretly playing that other game, but either way, they didn't have much to say this week. That's not say there wasn't activity and stuff to discuss, not at all. The Darkmoon Faire's back in town, for one, and we've all been looking back at some of the best and worst stuff to come out of 2011. This is also the week we had to say goodbye to that freaking sweet corgi in the picture above. We can only pray Blizzard gives him back to us a pet some time in the future. If they do not, it shall surely go down in the annals of history as one of the greatest MMO tragedies of all time.

Downtime this morning is a series of rolling restarts starting at 10 a.m. PST, so you should have time to dig in to all the retrospectives and guides we have ready for you. Read on for the usual roundup.

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