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BlizzCon 2009: What we're bringing

We're spending our day traveling to BlizzCon, so we figured while we were still in the air, we'd let you in on a little trade industry secret: what we're bringing to the show. The gallery below offers you a look at just what it takes to turn out the kind of BlizzCon coverage we'll be bringing you this weekend -- the tech, the gear, and the, er, beverages.

We're just hoping security lets us through with all of this stuff. Especially Alex -- oh sure, the hammer's fine, but that JCVD-endorsed caffeinated gum is the kind of thing that will get you pulled out of line. If he's not there in time for the meetup tonight, you'll know why.

BlizzCon 2009 is here! has continuing coverage, bringing you the latest in Cataclysm news, live blogs, galleries, and reports right from the convention floor. Check out's Guide to BlizzCon for the latest!

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WoW Insider's BlizzCon coverage this Saturday

BlizzCon tickets will be going on sale tomorrow, Saturday May 16th. While no specific time has been announced when they go on sale, there has been some conjecture. But it should be taken with a very small grain of salt.

WoW Insider will be up and running from 8am EDT onwards tomorrow, bringing you everything as it happens. This includes posting and twittering the moment the ticket sales go up.

For additional BlizzCon information, check out our recently released Guide to BlizzCon 2009. All the latest information will be kept there, and of course, right here on the main site when the news breaks.

And if there are any ticketing problems... well, we'll be covering that too. Here's hoping for the best.

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WoW Ladies in the spotlight

Just a quick word of congrats tonight to our friends the moderators of the WoW Ladies Livejournal group -- their community has been spotlighted over on the Livejournal front page. Definitely some well-deserved recognition for one of the best sub-communities in World of Warcraft.

The mods over there are ready to deal with the exposure, too -- though you can see over in this thread that they're a little "dazzled" by all of the new traffic, they've (as usual) got things well in hand. They've created a series of "Master Posts" to keep overflow on the channel to a minimum, and as you can see from their main page, they're taking the growth right in stride, still showing all kinds of interesting viewpoints on the game from their various posters.

The WoW community is a gigantic one, but it's all of the little interrelated communities within it (from us here at WoW Insider to the theorycrafters on Elitist Jerks to all of the hundreds of WoW player blogs, each with their own little voice and insight) that really make it such a diverse and creative group. Good to see one of the best WoW communities out there spotlighted on a major mainstream site.

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Forum post of the day: Live(ish) Feeds

I was kind of surprised when I found out how much of the World Wide Invitational was going to be broadcast live. I was bummed that I couldn't make it to Paris, but I'm grateful for all the coverage we've seen of the event. The production and distribution value of the live feeds have left a lot to be desired. The spotty video has frustrated many viewers.

Zoff of EU-Twilight's Hammer took some time to vent about the specific issues with the streaming coverage. He feels that the stage is too large , and the camera angle makes it difficult to see much the event. The intense blue background doesn't help much either. One gripe I've heard over and over that the announcers are loud and annoying, with little grasp of the content they're discussing. Much of the rest of that thread debates the merits of using both English and French at the conference.

Read more →

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WoW Insider's coverage of the Worldwide Invitational 2008

WoW Insider rocked it during BlizzCon last year, and we're prepared to bring you the same kind of coverage during the Worldwide Invitational in Paris this weekend. We've got folks on the ground blogging live (that's the view from the hotel room to the right there), we've got folks back here at WoW Insider HQ to keep an eye on the rumors and speculation, and we've got a whole host of information for you to browse through up already, so that you can know what's happening in Paris even before it happens.

Our coverage of the opening ceremony will begin tomorrow, Saturday morning, at 5:45am Eastern (that's when it starts in Paris at 11:45am CEST). We'll bring you liveblogs of as many presentations and developer panels as we can, and all weekend, we'll be posting video of the event. Our correspondents have their eyes peeled for all of the Blizzard luminaries (Chris Metzen, Samwise, and of course that Warlock guy -- he's always at these things), so you'll see what we see. And what would an event be without swag?! We'll have lots of it, so even if you are in Paris, keep an eye out for us, and if you're not there, stay tuned afterwards -- you never know when we'll turn some con swag into a contest.

It's going to be a terrific event. Look for some on-the-ground information later today, and be ready tomorrow morning to experience the WWI on WoW Insider, whether you're in Paris or anywhere else in the world. It's going to be a terrific event -- we can't wait!
WoW Insider is on the ground in Paris at the Blizzard Invitational bringing you the big announcements and latest Wrath news as it happens. Check out our latest coverage!

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Xfire has chats up from BlizzCon

Yes, even though we've been extremely busy here at BlizzCon, the guys from Xfire (who stopped by our party on Thursday, as did a few folks from Upper Deck and Blizzard), haven't been slacking off, either. They've posted quite a few live chats over the weekend, and here's a roundup for you to browse through.
  • Their biggest event was probably a chat with Jeff "Tigole" Kaplan-- I actually was standing right next to him when they did this one. If you're an Engineer, check it out for sure-- he says they'll be able to craft flying machines!
  • They also chatted it up with a few high profile players: The1Crow and Beraa from MYM (and here's part 2), The Hukhukhukhukhuks from Team EG (parts 1 and 2), and even Jonas from Nihilum.
  • And we have no idea why they wanted to do this, but before the Con, they even sat down to chat with us-- here's part 1, part 2, and the Lightning Round! (guess which is my favorite part) Amanda, Elizabeth and I all made predictions about what would happen, and we got a lot of stuff right (and, ok, some stuff wrong).
Plus, Xfire has lots more from the floor, including pictures, updates, stories, news, and tons of other stuff. Thanks to them for all their help this weekend, and go check out their coverage!

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BlizzCon: Welcome to Anaheim

Looks like the gray weather followed me all the way here from Chicago, doesn't it? But no worries-- even as I post this, the sun is breaking through the clouds and haze here in Anaheim, CA, home (in the next few days) of the second BlizzCon.

I still haven't quite gotten my bearings-- I'm pretty sure the convention center is north of here, and this picture from my hotel room looks east, so you can't see it there. But later today I'll head over there and see what there is to see, and of course tomorrow all the festivities start with something pretty boring: the picking up of the convention badges, and end with something pretty amazing: our first official WoW Insider meetup.

Stay tuned to WoW Insider-- we are here, live in Anaheim, ready to bring you every single second of this show.

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Xfire and WoW Insider, live from the BlizzCon floor

Our BlizzCon coverage continues all this week-- we're sending our staff out to Anaheim (I'll be out there on Tuesday laying all the groundwork), culminating in the second BlizzCon event on Friday and Saturday. So whether you're going or not, stay tuned to WoW Insider all week for breaking news, liveblogging events, and pictures, video, and tons of coverage from Blizzard's big get-together.

And don't forget that all of our coverage is being co-presented with Xfire. In addition to their BlizzCon info page, they've also set up a special "blizzcon2007" account, and both Xfire and WoW Insider staff members will be blogging there during the event. Also, if you have an Xfire account, be sure to add "blizzcon2007" to your Friends-- that way, you'll be able to get invites to Xfire chats later this week coming directly from the BlizzCon exhibit hall. And if you don't have an Xfire account, then get one for free!

So this is it. It's time to hear about Zul'Aman and the next expansion. It's time to see Starcraft II playable and in action. And maybe it's time to hear about that third game Blizzard is working on? At BlizzCon, you never know. Stay tuned to both WoW Insider and Xfire to find out.

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