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WoW Rookie: Guilds

New around here? We've got your back! See all our collected tips, tricks and how-to's for new players in the WoW Rookie Guide.

Guilds are in the news a lot recently. Not only are we talking about upcoming changes in Cataclysm, we're also talking about all the guild hopping and dissolving that goes on just before an expansion. So, this week, we're going to cover everything about guilds.

How to create a guild

If you want to create your own guild, you'll need some cash and friends (whom you may have to pay for). Here are the minimum steps you need to take to create a guild:
  1. Go to a Guild Master. They are located in all capital cities. Just ask a guard for directions.
  2. Purchase a Guild Charter. Ask about creating a guild and then choose the purchase option. You need 10 silver and a name.
  3. Get 9 signatures. They can't be a bunch of alts from a couple of people. The signatures are by account. If you don't have 9 other people to help you form your guild, then you can recruit strangers. But strangers often expect around 10 gold for a signature.
  4. Tip: Ask before throwing a Guild Charter in someone's face. Just because people are unguilded, does not mean they want to sign your charter. Ask politely in a whisper and wait for them to be ready. If they are at the mailbox or auction house, your slapping a charter in their face will kick them out of whatever they are doing. Someone who may have been willing to sign your charter for free, may refuse to sign if you don't ask first.
  5. Register your Guild Charter. Return to the Guild Master and register your charter. Poof! You now have a guildname under your name.

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