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WoW Moviewatch: Pointless Top 10: Skies in World of Warcraft

Today we have another of Wowcrendor's Pointless Top 10 lists -- this time, doing some more looking up at skies, almost a companion piece of sorts to his earlier top 10 list of ceilings. I'm a big fan of looking up and taking in all the sights when I'm running around Azeroth, but Crendor's managed to point out a couple of skyboxes I really just hadn't taken note of before. For some reason, it appears as though I spent the majority of Wrath of the Lich King doing anything but checking out the sky.

While I don't necessarily agree with his number one choice, I've visited the location mentioned quite a few times and admired the sky. I am pretty happy that Winterspring made it on the list, though. Winterspring is one of those kind of underrated zones that people don't really spend a lot of time in, but the skies above all the snowy landscape are honestly some of the prettiest vistas in the game. What do you guys think? Any skies out there that you think should have made the list?

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WoW Moviewatch: Pointless Top 10: Trees in World of Warcraft

It seems we missed a couple of Wowcrendor's Pointless Top 10 lists along the way somewhere, and I really like these lists. So today we're going to take a look at trees, because trees in WoW are pretty cool, and Crendor's put together a pretty comprehensive list that I mostly agree with. I know these lists probably seem silly to some people, but I like them -- they're nice little reminders of those cool little things I like about WoW, but usually forget about in the hustle and bustle of doing quests, raids, and other content-related stuff.

I really like the lists like this one, however, because it's not just a reminder that maybe it's sometimes a cool idea to check out the world around you while you play. It's kind of a tip of the hat of sorts to the environmental artists that took the time to put these things together. And this particular list is a really cool visual reminder just how much the environment and the level of detail in things like trees has changed since the early days of vanilla. Foliage has definitely come a long way.

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WoW Moviewatch: Pointless Top 10: Banks in World of Warcraft

You know what I like? All those little pointless things in WoW that most people don't really think about. That's why I really enjoy Wowcrendor's Pointless Top 10 lists, and he absolutely does not disappoint with his latest list, which highlights a variety of different banks. Most of the time, we don't even think about banks as anything other than a place to go to put the stuff we aren't currently using but, for some reason, really want to squirrel away and keep. They aren't really anything we actively take a moment to look at.

Crendor's top 10 list takes the time to point out all those cool little things about the banks we take for granted. There are a few details he mentioned on the list that I hadn't really given much thought to or taken particular notice of, and I've been playing this game for ten years. But the main reason I love this particular top 10 list is because I hands down, without question absolutely agree with his number one choice, and seeing it again made me wistfully recall far too many hours spent at that particular bank.

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WoW Moviewatch: Pointless Top 10: Fishing pools in World of Warcraft

Wowcrendor's latest Pointless Top 10 highlights the shocking (lack of) diversity in World of Warcraft's fishing pools. Frankly, there isn't much to say -- Crendor's trademark brand of humor does all of the heavy lifting. Personally, in just waiting for the day we can post Top 10 Pointless Top 10 Lists. This is number seven from Crendor, so only three more to go. Don't let me down, man.

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Wowcrendor: The nice guy behind the biting machinima

One might expect a machinimist to be come at you with a rather snarky, biting personality, especially a creator who's known for poking fun at WoW player stereotypes. Not so Wowcrendor. Wowcrednor's a nice guy in the true sense of the word. He also happens to be funny -- funny enough, in fact, that the list of posts of his WoW machinima here at WoW Insider goes on for pages and pages.

So how does a nice guy who has fun making video game machinima end up making a living at it? We wondered, too, so we asked -– and nice guy that he is, Wowcrendor spilled all the beans.

WoW Insider: So you're living the dream, making a living making WoW videos. Congrats! How has that changed the way you play the game? Things must be quite different now.

Wowcrendor: It is really a dream come true. One day you're sitting in a college math class writing scripts about Mankrik's wife, and the next you're making a living off it. I don't think I ever saw it growing to the point it's grown to, but I'm thankful for it nonetheless.

As for how it's changed the way I play the game, I think it's actually impacted me negatively, as odd as that sounds. Before I made videos about the game, my sole focus was just having fun or getting involved in the virtual world of Azeroth. Now that I do this as a living, it really shifts your mindset. If I'm playing the game, I'm constantly thinking if something could be made into a video instead of actually focusing on enjoying the game. For example, before I started making videos, I raided in every expansion. I enjoyed raiding and even got to raid with the guy who inspired me to start making WoW videos, a surreal experience at the time.

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WoW Moviewatch: I Dislike Bloodelf Rap

If you were to ask Wowcrendor how he feels about Belf Rap, I'm pretty sure he'd tell you I Dislike Bloodelf Rap. It's just not his favorite genre. However, he's encountered enough folks who's told him to try it out himself that he finally did so. Really, though, from what I understand, Wowcrendor's mostly challenging other machinimators to try out story-based machinima instead of simply music videos.

Whatever the story behind this video, however, I found it to be a lot of fun. The visuals aren't exactly amazing, but I believe that was part of the point. Wowcrendor pulled out some great lyrical skills, though. It's funny, amusing, keeps time, and carries the same hallmark sense of humor that you see in his other movies.

I'm definitely interested to see if anyone answers this video with another piece of machinima. A lot of art works best when it's in conversation with other creators' pieces, so I think we could see some really fun stuff if someone does answer Wowcrendor's challenge.

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WoW Moviewatch: It's a Hard Gnome Life

Wowcrendor put It's a Hard Gnome Life up over at WarcraftMovies. To sum up, it's a comedy piece about the long, trouble-filled life of a gnome named Gnomeosaurus. The protagonist is the child of Mamagnome and Papagnome, and later goes on to himself parent Gnomejr. Your mileage on this video is going to vary widely.

This is not a movie for dazzling special effects or high end sountracks. All of the graphics are fairly straightforward gameplay footage, including a view of the user's mouse zipping about the screen. But you know what? That's cool for this. Nothing about this movie is intended as anything except an exceedingly tongue-in-cheek joke. The whole thing is obviously not meant for anything but sarcastic fun. C'mon. It's about a character named Gnomeosaurus.

The best joke in it, in my opinion, is the gag about Devilsaur-shaped cookies with a gnome head on top. The MS-Paint jokes, the sloppy cut-overs. . .the whole thing is just about goofy puns and giggles. My only complaint about it, though, is that the piece runs a little long for its style. Clocking in a little over six minutes, I'm not sure its humor can be sustained for the whole length.

[Via Warcraft Movies]

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