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The WoW Player's Guide to Star Trek Online

Our sister site Massively has been producing some great content the last few months on Cryptic Studios' latest MMORPG - Star Trek Online. The game puts the player 30 years after the events in Star Trek: Nemesis, pitting Federation against the Klingons, and everyone against the Borg. The universe is on the brink of a massive war, and your job is to trek amongst the stars carrying out missions and battling the enemy at ever turn.

The SciFi MMO is a great opportunity for players who are burnt out on WoW or are looking for a distraction from the daily/weekly WoW grind. In order to help all of you WoW player's out there, we've penned The WoW Player's Guide to Star Trek Online, which gives you the basic concepts of the game as they related to WoW.

There's also a ton of other content over at Massively about the game. All of which is listed in Massively's Star Trek Online page.

But for those of you looking to jump right in and (if I may be so corney) set your phasers to fun, head over there and read the WoW Player's Guide. You and your tribble shan't be disappointed.

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Champions Online launch day round-up

Today is the official launch day for Champions Online and judging by the positive responses we've received from Twitter, we know many of you are excited to at least try out this new superhero MMO. Below is a round-up of helpful posts for your first days in Millenium City, courtesy of our sister site, Massively. If you're feeling a bit lost in the new surroundings, they have you covered with a special in-game meet-up event happening all day.
Glean info in this video walkthrough of Champions Online's tutorial
If you've been wondering what the starting area for Champions Online was like in moving pictures, you'll be happy to know that a two-part video has surfaced online for your viewing pleasure. The video is new gameplay footage blended a little bit with older trailers. Overall, if you're looking to see what the game actually looks like while being played, this video is a decent place to start.
Ten things to know when starting Champions Online
Every time a new MMO launches, there's always a good list of things that wouldn't hurt for a new player to know, and Champions Online is no different. We're all about making your first steps into an unknown game as grief free as possible, so check out Syp's list if you're interested in such a proposal. He's got a very good rundown on things you need to know when entering the tutorial zone.
Travel powers trailer for Champions Online
Yeah, we know the Champions Online open beta is out and many of you have probably been messing around with all these travel powers already, but it's always nice to get a preview of all your options in one nicely packaged trailer. Plus, trailers are a great way to kill a minute or five, depending on the game in question.
The Digital Continuum: Five reasons to play Champions Online
It's been a long wait since the announcement of Cryptic's next project, so long that some of us began to run around our houses wearing towels around our necks. Thankfully, September 1st is now less than a month away. Open beta? That's even sooner. Before we know it the game will be sitting on our desks and shelves.

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