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Blizzard announces automated account recovery form for hacked accounts

World of Warcraft accounts have been under siege for years, with hackers and gold-selling outlets stealing passwords, items and more to fill their coffers, selling that gold to unwitting buyers. Blizzard has fought back incessantly over the years to stem the tide of gold farming and account hacking, and as you can imagine, the scale at which this happens is very tasking on its customer support department.

Blizzard has just announced a new, speedier way to get help and answered about your hacked account, stolen items, authenticator issues and more! Now, under the new system, you will not have to email or call Blizzard to get these matters into its queue -- simply use the Account Recovery Form.

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Breakfast Topic: Close encounters of the GM kind

Gave you ever had a close encounter of the GM kind? Ever have to page a GM to ask about a bug or report a spammer? If you have, chances are you've had some amusing conversations. In my experience (and from conversations, as above, that I've seen reposted on the forums), Blizzard's GMs are not only polite and usually helpful, but also have a sense of humor (and some of them will roleplay with you). So I'm asking -- what has your experience been with Blizzard's in-game support staff? Have you gotten any laughs from them -- or just frustration?

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