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Breakfast Topic: How much grind can a grind hound grind?

First we grind the levels. Then we grind the faction. Then we grind the gold. Then we grind the instances for high end loot drops. We also grind out Arena points, crafting levels, bandages for the war (remember those!), potions for the raid, ogres for the Talbulk mount and the daily quests for the flying space ray manta aether thingie from space.

Where does one draw the line? I usually don't run an instance more than 2 or 3 times. Nor do I kill the same thing continuously for faction. I was enjoying daily quests, but they really are just the same thing every day.

A little grind is ok, but too much makes the game not fun and are we not here to be entertained? Where do you draw the line in the grind that is the base mechanic of most MMORPGs out there?

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You shall not evade me, Kaliri!

Monsrous KaliriAfter taking a summer break from WoW, I returned to discover the joys of Daily Quests. I have limited play time and these daily quests go a long way in helping me towards that mythical 5,000 gold that will grant me epic druid Flight Form. Well, 5kg and some quest or something.

Taking to the skies of Skettis, I went out to bomb those wriggling bird eggs with glee. Until a monstrous Kaliri bird swooped in to knock me off my perch, so to speak. Landing on a platform, I shifted into cat form, ready to show that overgrown parakeet why it shouldn't mess with its feline superior. I powered up my +atk trinket and let loose with a flurry of combos designed to bring any solo mob to a quick, bloody end.

Imagine my surprise when I realized the Kaliri's health remained at full as a stream of EVADE EVADE EVADE messages floated across my screen. Some bug in the game mechanics allowed these birds to evade attacks. Since then, I've learned to out fly them (upwards), but I have the advantage of not being dismounted in druid flight form by their Swoop attack.

Revenge, however, is arriving shortly in the next patch. Today, Community Manager Drysc confirmed the Kaliri evasion bug will be fixed in Patch 2.2. After that, it will be easy to spot me on the platforms of Skettis. I'll be the Night Elf with orange feathers in his mouth.

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More WotLK and future content info from Leipzig

Wyrmskull Village
Monde Persistants, a French Warcraft site, has released their full interview with Lead Designer Jeff Kaplan and Art Director Chris Robinson from last week's Leipzig Games Convention. Some of this information we already know, but there's quite a bit that was new to us. You can read the entire interview (in English!) and see the video at MP. Here's the summary of the new items:
  • Part of the lore behind the Wrath of the Lich King expansion has Arthas trying to seduce players to the dark side, both Alliance and Horde.
  • Part of the Death Knight lore will have them "break away" from the Lich King influence to be free agents, the way the Forsaken have broken away from being mindless undead.
  • Death Knights will "probably" be able to inscribe any weapon with their Runes that give them power.
  • Ulduar is going to be a new raid instance. It's controlled by storm giants and is a fortress of the Titans like Uldaman and Maruadon according to WoW lore.
  • The Nerubians (spider guys) will host a few instances at the underground Azjol'Nerub.
  • The Nexus will have a L70 5-man instance.
  • The main boss in the CoT: Stratholme instance will be Mal'ganis.
  • Possibly new daily quests introduced with the Sunwell Plateau patch (2.4?)
Previous information gathered from Leipzig can be found here.

Via World of Raids

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Blizzard posts their own Netherwing faction guide

Netherdrake Mount
In Patch 2.1, Blizzard introduced daily quests, the Netherwing faction and nether drake mounts. Through a combination of solo and group daily and one-time quests, players can grind their faction from Hatred to Exalted in as little as 14 days. At Exalted, players can then buy an epic flying mount, the nether drake.

This has been well documented since the patch, but now Blizzard has added their own guide to grinding out the Netherwing faction. Their guide gives a nice overview of the quests involved without too much extra detail. It also links to their Burning Crusade page that covers the origins of the nether drake as well as a trailer.

If you're new to flying mounts, check out Blizzard's guide first. If you like what you see, try WoW Wiki's guide (linked in the paragraph above) for a more detailed look at the quests involved as well as a list of bugs. As for me, I'll stick with druid flight form. And trying to scrape together that 5000 for the riding skill.

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The origin of daily questlines

When isobelle over at Not Addicted wrote in tipping us to a story she had written about the daily questlines, I was curious. It wasn't until I actually read the thing that I saw the pure genius of it. I ended up reading the piece aloud, although several times this devolved into a fit of giggles, so I'm not sure what rating my performance would have been given.

Many people have lauded the daily questlines, as a source of income, a great way to slow down the rep grinding fast-trackers, an innovation in the quest design genre. I haven't been able to get to the point of completing the daily quests yet, the Spellstrike set still has me in its clutches (so close!)

So take a few minutes and read isobelle's work, but beware some acerbic wit, more than a little sarcasm, and some very blue, yet hilarious, language.

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What you need to know about daily quests

I'm a man of many distractions. Between a full time career, a growing family and a new writing gig at WoWInsider, I don't have as much time as I used to when it comes to my video games. When I do log on to WoW, I often look for objectives I can complete in a short amount of time, but still give me some sense of progress. Enter my new obsession: daily quests.

New factions were introduced with the The Black Temple 2.1 Patch and with it came the specter of the dreaded rep grind. But this time Blizzard has added quests that reward players with hefty reputation gains in exchange for limiting their completion to once a day. Since these appeal to me greatly, I did some digging around and found a few helpful facts that may aid you in your Outland adventures.
  • Daily quests count against your total quest count in your quest log
  • You can have a maximum of 10 daily quests in your log at any given time
  • The timer on redoing a daily quest is not reset every 24 hours from when you complete it, but at 2am PST
  • Many daily quests that work in one reputation level (i.e. Neutral) continue to work in when you've achieved higher rep levels
  • Currently you must be L70 to get these quests so they give no experience
The biggest change here from previous rep grinds is being able to do lower level rep grinds while at a higher rep level. Other than that, dive in. You can try out daily quests with the Sha'tari Skyguards, Ogri'la and Netherwing factions. For a starter guide on these quest chains, check out our "Where to start with 2.1 content."

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