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What's wrong with Hearthstone

What's wrong with Hearthstone right now
While my colleagues have been busy writing deck building guides and articles on synergy, as well as detailing the reasoning behind spending $150 on cards in a beta, I've been having a bit less of a fun time. Don't get me wrong, there are aspects of the game that I enjoy, but larger aspects which I find frustrating.

In the interest of utter clarity, a lot of my problems definitely stem from my novice status. I have played one CCG before, Order and Chaos Duels, on Android, and I really enjoy it. I have never played Magic, online or otherwise, nor anything similar. So yes, I am a noob. But guess what? Blizzard isn't making this game to catch exclusively the hardcore Magic crowd. Nor is it pointed entirely at CCG experts of any other flavor. Blizzard has specifically said on many, many occasions that their general motto is "easy to learn, hard to master" and a lot of my Hearthstone gripes relate to what I perceive to be a failing on the first half of that idea. Hearthstone should be fun for everyone, whether they've played a CCG before or not.

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Cryptozoic announces new WoW card game Clash of Champions

Cryptozoic Entertainment, which puts out the WoW Trading Card Game, has announced a new way for you to enjoy the Warcraft universe with Clash of Champions, a new deck-building card game. This game allows you to take on the role of a major hero of the Warcraft universe such as Thrall, Jaina, King Magni, Garrosh, or Varian Wrynn and fight monsters and epic bosses. As you fight, you level up, and you can add new abilities and loot to your card deck.

As you may expect from the basic outline of the rules, this will be a separate game from the TCG, with new rules and new ways to play, but it sounds like an epic playing experience and a fun way to battle with your favorite characters from the Warcraft mythos.

The new game is expected in spring 2012.

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