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Blood Pact: MoP talent calculator spells out more changes for warlocks

Every week, WoW Insider brings you Blood Pact for affliction, demonology, and destruction warlocks. This Monday, Poneria of Fel Concentration finishes zoning into the Defense Against the Dark Arts post. That must be a mage's name for the coolest class column around, because who needs defense when you can gleefully wield the Dark Arts?

Greetings, my fellow masters of minions! Warlocks continue the trend of small talent calculator changes followed by intriguing snatches of development clarified by community managers. Set your pets to passive for now as I go over what's changed. In the coming weeks, we can delve into more specific topics and theories.

Spells get streamlined for leveling

A level 1 ability called Demonic Tactics allows the Imp, Voidwalker, and Succubus to act more intelligently. I'm tempted to say it's a name for the guardian-like actions of the newly rolled warlock's pet, only to be replaced later by the pet bar with Control Demon. But traditionally, the pet bar comes at level 10 along with group features like Battlegrounds, while the Succubus isn't introduced until level 20. If, instead, Demonic Tactics is meant as a better artificial intelligence for pets overall, why isn't the other baseline pet, the Felhunter, included?

I'll wait for clarification. After Malefic Grasp was first revealed in the November Class Q&A to be not demonology as we all expected but affliction, I've learned to not assume anything anymore.

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Mists of Pandaria talent preview new ability roundup

A few days ago, Blizzard launched its official Mists of Pandaria talent calculator, which also contained a full list of abilities for each class, complete with the level learned and tooltips. Several new abilities were revealed, as well as changes to existing abilities. Some of the highlights:
  • Druid: Symbiosis (level 87) Creates a symbiotic link which grants the druid one ability belonging to the target's class, varying by the druid's specialization. In exchange, grants the target one druid ability based on their class and combat role.
  • Mage: Alter Time (level 87) Instant, 3-minute cooldown. Alter the fabric of time, causing the caster to return to their current location, health, mana, and conditions after 4 seconds. Effect negated if the caster dies within the 4 seconds before the effect occurs.
  • Paladin: Blinding Light (level 87) Instant, 3-minute cooldown. Emits a dazzling light in all directions, blinding enemies within 10 yards, causing them to wander disoriented for 6 seconds.
  • Rogue: Dispatch (level 70, assassination) Instant, 30 energy, melee range. A vicious strike that exploits the vulnerability of foes with less than 35% health remaining, causing 200% weapon damage plus 766 to the target. Requires a dagger in the main hand. Awards 1 combo point.
  • Warlock: Demonic Portal (level 88) 70-yard range, 5-second cast. Create a demonic gateway between two locations. Stepping into the gateway causes any party member to be instantly transported to the other gateway. Limit 5 charges.

Ths possibilities behind Symbiosis are incredible. A moonkin Heroic Leaping to safety in PvP? Bears borrowing pally shields to finally get their ranged silence? Resto shaman begging for an Innervate? (Wait, that happens already.)

Alter Time is also super cool and really increases the Arcane flavor of the class. "Hi, I just hit you with a cooldown-boosted stacked Arcane Blast ... and now, I will do it again." I see mages figuring out just how far they can fall in 4 seconds, in order to troll their raid leaders.

Check out the full list of changes and new abilities at Wowhead News.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is the next expansion, raising the level cap to 90, introducing a brand new talent system, and bringing forth the long-lost pandaren race to both Horde and Alliance. Check out the trailer and follow us for all the latest MoP news!

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