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Blizzard weighs in on Diablo 3 launch issues

Bashiok took some time off from being a Diablo III miniboss to hit the forums and provide some insight into recent issues with the servers. (And by "recent issues," I mean "more popular than free drugs in a crackhouse.") The sheer number of players trying to stay logged in has kept Blizzard working overtime to try to keep the servers stable. These problems have largely been ironed out, but we'll see continued maintenance in each region to make sure that stays the case. The North American servers had one such maintenance period for an hour this morning at 5:00 am PST/8:00 am EST, so it probably won't be too long when it does happen.

Two additional points of interest (you'll find the full post past the cut):
  • The launch of the Real-Money Auction House on May 22 has been postponed.
  • They're looking for potential fixes for early achievements that either weren't being recorded or were being lost between logins.
And Blizzard -- this is just throwing suggestions out here or whatever -- did you ever try making a game that sucked?

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