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WoW Moviewatch: Here Without You

Dimoroc created Here Without You a long time ago. This YouTube version has been present since March 2006. That makes Here Without You one of the oldest videos we're revisiting. It also feels appropriate to Valentine's Day, considering its angsty, retrospective consideration of the romantic condition.

"This is the first machinima video I ever watched," Anne Stickney said about Here Without You, "and it completely made me fall in love with the whole machinima thing." It's easy to see why the video would inspire interest in the medium. Despite being filmed mostly in game with rudimentary graphics, Here Without You is focused on a character and his story. The plot's a bit hackneyed nowadays, but it was original when it was contemporary.

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WoW Moviewatch: The last goodbye

This is a hard post to make. I've grown so fond of the commentary and insults that it's difficult for me to tell you that today is my last day at WoW Insider. I've received an opportunity to work in machinima that will allow me to help machinimators in a whole new way. However, my replacement, Natalie Mootz, is an excellent blogger and I'm sure she'll make you proud! I'll miss you guys.

Instead of being overly sappy, I thought I'd do a top five list of my favorite machinimas and scandals:
  1. Here Without You - This love story is three and a half years old, but has stood the test of time.
  2. First of May - This extremely not-safe-for-work video caused a riot on Valentine's Day!
  3. Thaenor Chronicles: Chapter One - The only movie where I've been accused of ruining a PR campaign.
  4. Tunasushi - The time I accidentally blogged a movie with questionable subliminal images.
  5. How to Paladin: Insanity Remix - I honestly have no words to even describe this video ...
  6. 9 Crimes - A bonus video that was blogged before I got to WoW Insider, but touched me nonetheless.
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WoW Moviewatch: Here Without You

This machinima is almost three years old, yet it still holds up today. Here Without You, by Dimoroc, doesn't have special effects, a flashy intro, or even any dialogue. It tells the story of a Forsaken and how they became that way. Using music and powerful scenes, he is able to convey emotion that I did not think possible of World of Warcraft.

The story of Dimoroc himself is a mystery. He showed up at Warcraftmovies, uploaded this one video, and then disappeared shortly after. Almost two years later, he popped up under a different account to thank everyone for their comments, then disappeared again. However, present or not, he has left a lasting impression on the WoW machinima community. If you're out there, Dimoroc, thank you for creating one of the few machinimas that made me cry!

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