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Save your Stage6 raid videos

Many raiders and machinima fans will be disappointed to learn that Stage6, one of the best purveyors of high quality DivX videos, will be shutting down. Moo announced yesterday in her his WoW Moviewatch the shut down will take place this Thursday. This is a big blow to not only the WoW community due to all the superb WoW videos hosted there, but also to the larger DivX community.

If you're like me, you probably have half a dozen boss videos that you either need to watch, or do watch after wipes to learn from them. Stage6 has an option to save these videos to your hard disk, and it looks like after this Thursday, that will be the only way to enjoy them.

In light of the closure of Stage6, what video sites will you use to get high quality boss and strategy videos from?

Edit: A sincere apology to Moo for my gender mistake. Having not met any of my fellow bloggers in real life yet, I mistakenly assumed Moo was a masculine identity. /red-in-the-face. /apologize.

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WoW Moviewatch: The Fat Cow V, and some bad news about Stage6

Chrille just released another Fat Cow to his PvP series. Fat Cow V contains duels against hunters, warlocks, rogues, 2v2 with frostmages, 3v3 with priests and warriors, and world PvP, as well as some artsy scenes. I would link to a high-quality version, but Stage6 ruined Christmas.


Previously on Moviewatch ...

Read on about why Stage6 gets a lump of coal this year ...

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WoW Moviewatch: Vials of Eternity

This raid movie is so well crafted, I don't even know where to begin. Take the excellent "story behind the story" video Legend of Stalvan and mash it up with the elegant, well-edited and highly entertaining Serpentshrine Caverns raid video and throw in moments of bizarre humor plus the most memorable rendition of an 80s emo tune ever to be sung a capella over Teamspeak and you have this machinima masterpiece. Guild Numen of the UK Silvermoon server have unequivocally set the bar for raid videos.

Don't be put off by its twenty minute plus run time. It's worth every moment of your time. Highlights after the jump.

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